All harassment is not created equal

Would anyone care to explain to Mr. Bookworm the difference between an extremist sect breaking its country’s laws by discriminating against women, and a country that has as an integral part of its law and culture murderous attacks on women, “witches,” children and gays?

He professes to be bewildered.

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  • JKB

    Ah, you see in the first case, the action is illegal.  As Israel has a culture that doesn’t support this behavior it is therefore bad. 

    In the second case, it is legal, an integral feature of the culture, often encouraged by society and to say anything negative would be oppressive.  

    Basically, it is like slavery in Great Britain and America before the 19th century, legal, a feature of the culture and encouraged by society.  Now, if Islam were have an awakening and decide this treatment is wrong, then the behavior will be bad, but until then it is perfectly acceptable as it is their culture, which is just as legitimate as ours.  Who are we to judge?

  • Earl

    KISS, BW…..Keep it Simple, Smilingly.   :-)
    Just say that you’ll be happy to accept the two situations as equivalent….on the day that Saudi Arabia prosecutes men who attack women who are not dressing or acting “properly”.

  • MacG

    Mr Bookworms self demonstrated ability to know a lesbian by the way she walks shows he has more in common with Iran than Israel nevertheless the difference is this:
    Both the Torah and the Koran advocate the stoning of adulterous* women**.  Which society would Mr. Book prefer his little girl to be married into?
    *I believe that one culture has a more sweeping definition as well
    * Though for the Torah BOTH the man and the woman are to be brought before the priests, IIRC.

  • MacG

    My above comment: “Mr Bookworms self demonstrated ability to know a lesbian by the way she walks shows he has more in common with Iran than Israel” Upon further review it is off the mark, my apologies.  My thoughts were trained on judging a book by it’s cover (maybe pun intended?).  We all do this by making assumptions vis a vie impressions.  The picture in my head was that when a zealous government makes those types of observations to justify ostricization up through and including sanctioned stoning is what you get with an Iran. Those in the Israeli Government may make those same observations and not only live and live but do their best to squelch efforts of persecution – which is what I believe Mr Book would actually have more in common with.
    PS did you know Iran has no homosexuals?