President Allen West?

I believe I’ve mentioned on several occasions here that the more I hear from Allen West, the more I like him.  Is he ready to be President?  Is there time for him to step into the fray?

Allen West (Photo by Gage Skidmore)

I don’t know the answer to those questions, but I do know that Zombie is not sanguine about the prospects for 2012 with the current Republican roster.

What do you think?

As for me, I’m trying to remind myself that, back in 2008, before ObamaCare made RomneyCare an issue, I liked Romney.

UPDATE:  Meanwhile, on the Left, speculation continues about Hillary in 2012.

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  • leftcoastconservative

    I think that there is still time for a better candidate to enter the field and win the nomination.  I would give Allen West a serious look, and Jeb Bush too.  Although I cringe to think about what the left would do to smear a conservative black candidate like Mr. West.

    Lefties hate it when the narrative is violated.

    But time’s a wasting! 

  • Michael Adams

    l.c.c., you’ve just dated  yourself, as someone who’s read Snuffy Smith, or perhaps, heard your parents’ allusion?

  • MacG

    Seems like he could take the heat of the forewarned Obama Hell’s Kitchen better than any of them.  It wouldbe interesting to see which MSM throws the first racist card.

  • MacG

    Seems like he could take the heat of the forewarned Obama Hell’s Kitchen better than any of them.  It would be interesting to see which MSM throws the first racist card.

  • jj

    I would think that people consider her as big a joke as they do Ding-Dong, but then again, we are talking about the American people here, a nation whose stupidity knoweth no bounds.  Her experience amounts to just about what Obama’s did, with the added disadvantage that the 5/8s of the world that doesn’t take women in power positions seriously will just laugh at her – which is not what the nation needs right now.  And she is laughable.  (And why does the wretched woman’s hair always look like it needs to be washed???)  Thanks to the great work done on behalf of America by the current dynamic duo of Jug-ears and Fat-ass, whoever comes next at State (following Fat-ass, that would be) will be facing the Augean stable with a toothbrush.  While we go on to have President Fat-ass?  Vice-President Fat-ass?  Not even in America – please!  It makes my teeth itch to think so.
    It’s interesting, isn’t it, that both of them went to hot-shit law schools, but neither of them came out the door with an offer from a white-shoe firm.  He goes and becomes a community whatever – would he have done that if a job commensurate with the editor of the Harvard Law Review were waiting?  Where was Sullivan & Cromwell, or Rogers & Wells, or any of the firms that usually take Ivy editors?  Same for her.  When she graduated from Yale Law the only thing waiting for her was a job as assistant prosecutor in New Haven.  Maybe.  Nobody was knocking down her door any more than they were his.  Whatever you may think of Yale and Harvard – and I am mostly unimpressed with both, having known entirely too many specimens of each, (and after my own acceptance having given serious thought to being a basic blue myself) – neither one of them is Pumpkin Patch University.  They generally represent a pipeline more or less straight to wherever you want to go.  I can’t believe neither of these two didn’t want (especially in her case) to make eight tons of money by the time they were thirty-five, which is the goal of most Ivy law grads.  But these two didn’t even come close.  Nobody came knocking.  We all should have looked at that simple little fact somewhat more closely three years back.  Editor of the Harvard law review – and nobody wants him.  The only thing available to her after graduation from Yale law was a move to Arkansas.  That should have told us something about her.  This should have told us something about both of them.  Our eyes should have been a little more open.
    I don’t see her running for much of anything any more.  Bill is looking damned fragile these days, and, for the sake of their “legacies” she has to pretend she cares about the son-of-a-bitch.  And I’m not sure being locked up in the white house with him again is what she wants: he was unbearable enough when he had the top spot himself, as a 24-7 old sage, unignorable, un-shut-uppable, unstoppable font of wisdom, first cousin of Polonius, I could see where she’d have to shove a kitchen knife into him.  I might even sympathize.

  • Alix

    Book —
    It is funny — I didn’t like Romney at all in 2008 and now this time around I really have warmed up to him.  I am actually enthusiastic.  I think he will win and be a very good, maybe great, president.