Best Laid Plans, open thread

But, Mousie, thou art no thy lane,
In proving foresight may be vain;
The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men
Gang aft agley,
An’lea’e us nought but grief an’ pain,
For promis’d joy!

— Robert Burns

I had the day well-planned.  Then I got a call from the retirement home telling me that my Mom has a toothache; I learned that the red bumps all over my son’s back and legs are probably bed bugs he picked up on a trip; and my husband announced a rush project that needed to be done yesterday.

So far, I’ve completed my husband’s project, and I’ve washed (and dried, very hot) two loads of bedding and sleeping bag stuff.  Next stop, the retirement home, in order to get my Mom to the dentist. More laundry will await me upon my return, plus some carpo

This was not how I planned to spend my day.

I think that, somewhere along the line, I’m going to be drowning my sorrows in Haagen Daaz.  It’s the only way to deal with these things, you know.

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  • MacG

    Book here’s to a better tomorrow!
    In the mean time as one thing leads to another I was reading some Communist leader is saying that the Republicans welcomed all of the Dixiecrats with open arms and how the R’s are the scourge of the earth.  So I Googled where did the Dixiecrats go.  The bastion of truth Wikipedia says that all but three went back to the Democrat party.  As I continued to look I, not having scored a commendable average history GPA, was astonished to find out the the KKK not only lynched black people but whites as well.  Specific whites mind you – Republicans.  The Republican answer was to pony up the 15th amendment, the right of blacks to vote (well men anyway).  It seems it was the Northern Democrat states that would not ratify the right to vote.  The Southern states that wanted into the Union would have to ratify to be reinstated.  Like sending an alcoholic to AA as part of a plea the Democrat Southerners found ways to circumvent the 15th amendment.   Wow.  I know there’s way more to this but as I looked around for supporting evidence as the original source I was reading has been labeled a whack job christian conservative I found none other than PBS backed him up.  I love it when their authoritative sources are truthful. Then there was that whole messy first ever impeachment of Democrat Andrew Johnson who claimed that this was a white man’s nation and he would keep it that way…Where did it change?  Why are the Republicans seen as the roadblock to race equality when they were lynched side-by-side and that road is paved with their blood too?

  • Jose

    MacG, If the KKK was hanging Republicans, I wonder if there was any tie-in to abolitionist John Brown’s activities in Kansas?  John Brown was, in fact, a staunch Republican.
    BW, I hope you get the bed bugs under control.  Many years ago, my grandmother wiped them out with a single application of DDT.  Now the US is being over run with them.  Is there any doubt that the greenies, if given free rein, will turn us into a third world nation? 

  • Ymarsakar

    MacG, because propaganda worked. Treason is no longer treason when it prospers. They controlled how history was written and they control blacks today. So it no longer mattered who was with whom back in the day. The Environmentalists and Leftist alliance members will not be third world status. You will live in third world status, full of disease, starvation, and prostitution. They, the Left, will live in palaces and watch in great entertainment the suffering of the inferior classes.

  • Ymarsakar

    During the Civil War, Southerners voted for Democrats for much the same reason as blacks vote for Demoncrats today. Racial fear and unity. But at the time of Reagan, Southerners had already broken past the chains of Democrat culture and brainwashing. Now the South is reliably Republican and conservative, meaning sane, with the exceptions of cancer spots like Atlanta metropolitan region or New Orleans.

     Most people don’t believe me when I say that propaganda is more powerful a weapon than nuclear bombs. That’s because they have no idea of what went on historically in this country or what the Left has done in the past. Propaganda worked on them, and in ignorance, they have allowed it to work on everyone else living in the 21st century.

  • MacG

    Jose, that’s possible and fits the pattern today.  John Brown, a fight fire with fire kind of guy and not typical of Northern abolitionists was used as the broad brush to paint the Republican’s much like the ONE guy that bombed AN abortion clinic is used as a broad brush to paint the largely pacifistic Pro-innocent-Lifers as radicals taking away the rights of women.  Well yeah just like the abolitionist wanted to take away the right of slave owners to routinely treat other humans as something less than human. 
    Brown’s massacre though seems to be in retaliation for the Lawrence Sacking which emanated from oppression and the taking of liberty from the left.
    As an aside read about one pro-life families choice to save an ‘unwanted’ life even from beyond circumstance from which I would not oppose.

  • Ymarsakar

    Lincoln wasn’t elected to free slaves, nor was he the kind of person that really believed in the abolitionist cause. Many people, Southerners included, attempt to use that to mean the Civil War was just a Northern Aggression thing, and didn’t really concern slaves at all. But slavery was the key point of difference behind the US Civil War. The Radical Republicans believed in abolition very much, even if Lincoln did not. That is why they had to be suppressed and killed in the South after the war was over.

    If Southerners suppressed black votes and got rid of Republican whites at the same time, the Republican elected governors that were put into power by decision or black votes, would be gone. So even though a Southern state had enough black votes to vote for a Republican, when Grant became President, every single Republican administration in the South fell. And you can thank the Democrat KKK for that “coincidental, non conspiracy” coincidence. The South acted much as blacks do today. If you told them to change and that there was something wrong with them, rather than the war being because of Northern Aggression, they’d just call you a race traitor and close ranks around you.

    But, that never stopped Northern Democrats. And it never stopped the Left. People always want to distance themselves from the past and say the Democrat of now aren’t the same as back then. They try, but they fail on the merits of the case. There’s too much evidence to overlook, even if you factor in their propaganda.