Just Because Music — Jackson Browne “Lawyers in Love”

This song hit big not long before I went to law school.  Unsurprisingly, it was very popular with the student body:

One of the things that impresses me is that Browne’s live version is as good as the studio version.  Most singers aren’t that good.

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  • jj

    That’s part of his schtick.  I think it’s a good thing sometimes, too.  He was Glenn Frey’s roommate, and a good friend of Don Henley, Bernie Leadon, and JD Souther.  They wrote together, played backup for Linda Ronstadt, and then Frey, Henley, and Leadon added Randy Meisner and became the Eagles.  Browne and Souther are about half-Eagles, both playing all over Eagle albums, writing songs, backing up the band on stage, and checking in and out between their solo careers.  Browne and Souther wrote the Doolin-Dalton cycle with Henley and Frey; also James Dean; Browne wrote Take It Easy with Frey; Souther and Henley wrote The Best of My Love; Souther wrote New Kid In Town and Last Good Night in Town with Joe Walsh. There’s no particular reason why Browne and Souther aren’t Eagles.  But it was Jackson Browne and Don Henley who made it a policy that the performance should sound as close as possible to the record, so people coming to the concert would know what to expect, and would recognize it when they heard it.  Unlike, for example, Keith Richards, who’s played Satisfaction 25,000 times, never the same way twice.  Different approach.