How not to train the next generation of warriors in Obama’s stripped down military

Obama has consistently handed out cash to the unions and his cronies, but he’s planning on stripping the military to its bare bones.  This is not the same as trimming the fat and increasing efficiency.  Instead, he envisions the American military in say, circa 1917 or 1941.  Yes, we won both those wars, but at a terrible cost.  Had we been stronger and more pro-active, each might have ended more quickly and with less bloodshed.

Because my brain works in mysterious ways, I have visions of Obama saying that all the kids playing Call of Duty are pretty much pre-trained, making much of boot camp unnecessary.  That’s so not true.

Doesn’t Obama’s oration remind you of that old commercial “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.”  This SOTU has a soundtrack:  “I’m not an executive, but I play one on TV.  I’m not a statesman, but I play one on TV.  I’m not a Commander in Chief, but I play one on TV.”

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  • CI-Roller Dude

    (OK, I figured out how to sign into this wordpress thing.) 
    If we don’t study history, we’re doomed to repeat it.  For example, before WWII, the USMC only had about 9,000 Marines to cover the entire world.  At the time, politicians thought a few big ships would save the world.  Today, those who don’t know better, think a few high tech weapons and video games will take care of any problem.  We’re more likely to have a crisis in a third world country where a modern military will only be so effective….and we’ll still have to put grunts on the ground.     

  • Mike Devx

    Well, the Mongols were awfully effective at conquering and then “pacifying” territory.  We’d call their pacification tactics against civilian areas “terror” these days.  And as for Rules Of Engagement?  Ha, ha, ha…

    I was also thinking about the opening Normany scenes of ‘Saving Private Ryan’.  Once going over the bluffs and taking the cliff-tops, we cleared the German bunkers by pointing flamethrowers into the openings and firing off a steady gout of flame into the interiors for four or five seconds.  At least, that’s what we did according to the movie.  My (liberal) reaction while watching that was to cringe in horror: We’re burning them alive!  Oh my God!  I fought against that reaction, but still I cringed.

    However, when you think about it, the interiors of the bunkers could be constructed or arranged such that if you threw grenades in, soldiers inside could dive for cover and some of them would be likely to survive with fighting capability intact.  Put the entire interior under five seconds of immersion in burning flame and fluids, and anyone inside is going be significantly impaired for fighting, even if they survive.  It makes perfect sense.  Our soldiers and their leaders didn’t shy away from what was effective, fast, far safer for our own men, and needed to be done.

    Real war is hell.