Stuff, all of which is depressing, about Democrat government and Democrat party-line media

In no particular order:

Listen to Richard Epstein and John Yoo explain why ObamaCare is a more heinous government policy than any ever before imposed on the American people.  Pay special attention to Richard Epstein’s point about the dangers lurking in rule by waiver, which is antithetical to rule by law.  (This is in the last video.)  (Hat tip:  JKB)

Don’t let the cheerful numbers about GDP, etc., mislead you.  Everything that’s improving in the economy (and things are improving) is being sucked up by government spending and debt.  Oh, joy!

Tom Elia caught the PBS Newshour in something that can politely be called deceit by omission.

I think I need to have some quiet time with my dog.  This all depresses me.

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  • Wolf Howling

    The one constant as to all that you mention above – time with the dog makes all things a bit better.

  • Mike Devx

    When you think about it, you become depressed?  Welcome to my world!  I refuse to let it depress me though: There really is nothing new under the sun that hasn’t been seen before.  We are not the first country to face this, and we won’t be the last.  On the surface our situation may appear unique, but pull back the inconsequentials of the surface and it is the same old, same old.

    We institute government over ourselves so we can be civilized.  That grants government automatically “the power of the gun”.  Government IS force.  Now, government officials don’t point guns at us.  They institute police forces for that, and jails to deprive you of freedom when you break the laws by which we are governed.  But it is still the point of the gun.  It is force.

    Government is not your friend.  There are friendly people in government!  But that’s because they’re friendly people, period.  Get someone in there the slightest bit disposed to being unfriendly, and you’ll have a problem.

    Now add people into government who are constantly seeking vast expansion of their power.  Now add immense sums of money that flow through the government due to redistributionist schemes similar to Obama’s schemes.  Our national government has immense power and control over immense flows of money.  That is an irresistible magnet to corruption.

    And if you look specifically at ObamaCare, with its planned control of an even vaster amount of money.  Critically, the waivers translate to POWER.  I can grant you a waiver if you do what I want you to do.  Else, no waiver.  That’s power, and it leads to more corruption.

    Add the tsunami of debt coming our way…

    Money. Power. Control.  Out of control debt.  Politicians who seem to be merely interested in MORE power, more money, and more control.

    Look out below!  Here we come!  The nature of collapses has been true throughout history, and it remains true now.  This is not new.