What would happen if President Obama starred in the Jim Carrey Movie “Liar, Liar”.

Did you ever see Liar Liar?  In it, Jim Carrey (before he got pompous) plays an attorney who lies compulsively but, because of a spell his son places on him, is unable to tell a lie for 24 hours.  It’s a rather amusing movie especially the courtroom scenes.

Sultan Knish clearly had a dream that President Obama suddenly had the starring role in Liar Liar, because he has published a State of the Union speech that contemplates the president actually telling the truth.

When it comes to the Obama administration, Sultan Knish is not the only one trying his hand at satire.  The Anchoress although threw her satirical hat into the ring, taking on the administration’s food police.

What’s kind of weird about all the Anchoress’ effort is that its hard to tell its satire.  The Obama administration has done so many extreme and peculiar things that there is no longer a clear line separating reality from good political satire.

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