Israel and a nuclear Iran

The choice before the Cambridge Debating Society was whether one should choose war to stop Iran from going nuclear, or simply accept a nuclear Iran.  Douglas Murray offers a devastating rebuttal to those who say, “Who cares if Iran goes nuclear?”  The 11 minute video starts out good and, halfway through, gets great:

Hat tip:  Seraphic Secret

As a companion piece, please watch a different video that Robert Avrech posted about challenging Muslim ideology vis a vis the Jews and Israel.


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  1. Danny Lemieux says

    What is it about the Brits that gives them such soaring eloquence in rhetorical debate?

    Listening to this, I felt a profound disquiet that this will be the year that Israel is attacked, because its enemies know that Obama will not lift a finger to help them and they also know that Obama may not be in power next year. 

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