Your tax dollars at work: Planned Parenthood video from San Francisco *UPDATED*

Given the current kerfuffle about Planned Parenthood, it seemed worthwhile to remind people that Planned Parenthood isn’t just about abortions. It’s also about advancing an agenda antithetical, not only to Christians, whom it attacks very directly, but to any parents who worry about their children’s safety and morality.

Also, as you watch this circa 2005 video from a San Francisco Planned Parenthood Chapter (i.e., a pre-Obama video), please keep in mind that you, the taxpayer, heavily subsidize Planned Parenthood. This video’s crude propaganda is still shocking — and is a reminder about where your tax dollars go:

(I have to admit, watching this video, that I really wonder whether it isn’t a head fake. It’s hard to believe that, even in the San Francisco chapter, someone would come out with propaganda this crude. Does anyone know more about this video’s provenance?)

Hat tip:  shirleyelizabeth

UPDATE: The inestimable Zombie, bless his (or her) heart, did the leg work for me and discovered that this video is the real deal. Here are the links Zombie sent me establishing that fact:

The Religious Affiliation of Comic Book Character

Dionysus, God of Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood’s Most Recent Gaffe

Inside Planned Parenthood Golden Gate’s Building Design

Double Standard : There’s The Left, And Then There’s The Rest Of Us

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  • kmkare

    Vid not there and link broken?

    • Bookworm

      Good catch. I think I’ve fixed the problem now.

  • kmkare

    Wow! Excuse me while I go get sick! It may be off their website but their thinking is still EXACTLY the same.

    • Bookworm

      kmkare: It is so revolting, I thought it might be a fake. But even if it’s a fake, in the immortal words of some Leftist during the 2004 elections (could it have been Dan Rather?), the video would fall into the “fake but accurate category. That is precisely how they think.

      MacG: You honed in on exactly what struck me. Nobody plans to get and STD, just the way no one expects the Spanish Inquisition. The statement is precisely as banal as a Monty Python sketch, although with potentially much more harmful results.

      Michael Adams: We live in a Wizard of Oz world, insofar as we are constantly being urged to ignore the man behind the curtain. The MSM hides or obfuscates any harmful stories. I think, though, that the internet, slowly, slowly, is working to draw back that curtain.

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  • MacG

    What an odd way to deal with the abstinence ‘villain’.  Fill a trash can with water and drown him?  Let’s see a sealed container filled with water that contains something undesirable…was it a metaphor for a womb or drowning of witches?
    The girl says “I don’t plan on getting an STD”.  The writers left out that abstinence is the surest way to avoid STD’s but the heroine tosses a safe sex kit to the kids which in reality only provides for safer sex due to failure rates.  We would not want to tell the little hornies that these things fail because they might forgo them all together now that we’ve encouraged them to ‘just do it’.
    Once I saw the ‘zombies’ in the next scene I stopped watching.  Maybe I’ll get back to it later.

  • Michael Adams

    There are millions of people in this country who firmly believe that young girls have babies because they don’t know whence those babies come. Anyone who has actually worked with unwed mothers, as I have, knows that they are quite aware, and certainly by the second or third, have figured it out. The factors in the societal sub groups who have these unplanned pregnancies have  nothing to do with an artificially maintained Victorian innocence. 
    However, the Left’s best lie is confusion. The League for Birth Control was founded by a woman who saw encouraging promiscuity as a method for the destruction of the bourgeoisie. Follow the unraveling skein back, to the eighteenth century, and what did de Sade call himself?  A libertine. De Sade, like Marx and Sanger, sought to solve Rousseau’s problem:  The destruction of the bourgeoisie. There probably are some young girls who are seeking wider sexual freedom.  They are, I know now, in the minority. Federal funds and private contributions are sought, to the end of promoting the myth that young girls are horny. Mix it up!  Mix us up! Let us wander down rabbit trails in search of solutions to the problem of early pregnancy and sexual ignorance. Tell parents that they are inhibiting their adolescents in the natural function of their reproductive systems. We can wander about in confusion, like those hens in Chicken Run, while they accomplish our destruction, with our help.

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