Open warfare between the Left and America might be a good and clarifying thing

We are now at the point of open warfare between the Left and the traditional Judeo-Christian faiths in America.  We all know that there’s long been a covert war, but it’s finally out in the open now.  As I’ve pointed out on my blog, this week alone, the open war has played out in the Susan G. Komen versus Planned Parenthood fight, the ObamaCare versus Catholic Church fight, and the gay activists versus any religion fight.  Now, we can add one (or maybe two) more to the list:  the Leftists and Muslims versus Christians at West Point attack, with, as a companion piece, the silencing of military chaplains.

West Point Chapel

A flurry of very high profile attacks might actually be a good thing.  Covert attacks are very difficult to defend against.  There are a lot of Cassandras in covert wars, people who realize what’s happen, but whose are disregarded on the ground that their confused or paranoid.  It’s only when war is well and truly declared that people get energized and are willing to man the barricades.

Cassandra prophesying

America is a religious nation.  Ordinary Joe and Josephine might be willing to sit in their recliners in the face of one or two of these attacks, showing the same inertia seen in Martin Niemöller’s famous “First they came. . . .” poem. These sustained attacks against all aspects of religion in public life, however, might make Joe and Josephine worry that they’re the next ones the government and its cohorts will come for.

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  • Mike Devx

    … and Obama is extremely vulnerable on this front.

    But Mitt Romney will not touch this issue with a ten foot pole.  Maybe the other GOP candidates wouldn’t either.

    Just as with McCain in 2008, Obama will skate on many vulnerable fronts, solely due to GOP tepidness.

  • Wolf Howling

    1.  Mike:  Newt embraced this issue long before the HHS decision.  Just as he embraced the religious genocide going on in the Middle East, where the Muslims are trying to drive out the last vestiges of any religion other than Mo’s.

    2.  Book, in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, I recall reading of a wargames exercise at the joint staff level, where they found that a low level campaign with no direct attacks on American soil would virtually always win out if sustained because the U.S. public would tire of the war after a decade.  But when there were significant attacks on American soil, all bets were off.  Indeed, the stupidest thing bin-Laden ever did was to attack the U.S.  He thought the U.S.’s inaction equaled weakness.  A real mistake.  Iran may be on the verge of making that same mistake, as an aside.  

    At any rate, I think it a similar thing with the lefties.  This is a center right nation, and the percentage of hard left is not all that much over 10%.  Taking on not just the Catholic, but the Christian religion as a whole to force funding of contraceptives and Plan B is about as close to a frontal assault as the left is going to make.  This takes the war out of the Courts – where the left has had unparalleled succeess because the right respects the rule of law – and into a government policy to elevate secular values and drive Christianity almost completely from the public square.  The war is now out in the open – and subject to the ballot box.  I think the left has been reading their own press clippings.  Their mistake was the mistake of bin Laden.

  • Ymarsakar

    Wolf, except Bin Laden wasn’t in charge of US high command, both militarily, politically, and economically. The Left is.

    • Bookworm

      Mike: Obama is vulnerable on this front, but you’re absolutely right that Mitt, who has the momentum now, will never touch this, or any truly hot, issue. He’s too inculcated with PC think. He can’t seem to grasp that one of the reason’s for Newt’s rise was his willingness to abandon PC talk. Even though he says he’s pro-Life, he still sees abortion as a “do not touch” PC issue.

      Wolf Howling: I hope we’re right, but I worry that we’re not.

      Ymarsakar: I hope you’re wrong, but I fear that you’re not.

  • Ymarsakar

    People often wonder, even if they refuse to say it in the open, why it is that I hate the Left so.

    I often wonder why anyone who knew the truth of reality and human events, would NOT hate the Left so.