Enthusiastic support for gay rights

I mentioned in an earlier post the interesting fact that, on my Facebook page, it is my straight friends, not my gay friends, who are the most enthusiastic supporters of gay marriage.  This is not to say that my gay friends are slacking in their support.  They just lack the enthusiasm.  For every one pro-gay marriage Facebook post from a gay friend, there seem to be two from a straight friend.  As I said, I find this enthusiasm a little surprising.  Usually, when people don’t have a dog in the fight, while they may be passively interested in the outcome, they don’t normally become actively engaged in promoting the fight.

While I was mulling this curiosity over in my mind, one of my Facebook friends (a straight one, of course) posted this image:


That sentiment is true, of course, but it also obscures the difference between supporting gay rights and animals rights.  Animals can’t speak for themselves.  If we don’t act as their spokesmen, no one will speak on their behalf.  The same is not true for members of the LGBT community.

Help me out here, please.  I am not seeking comments about the validity of the various causes within the gay rights movement.  Instead, I’m just wondering (a) why members of the LGBT movement are now being analogized to mute animals and (b) why the fever is higher in the audience (so to speak) than amongst the players themselves.

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  • Charles Martel

    This is another occasion for cheap grace, which liberals fall on and consume the same way that Edmund gorged himself on Turkish Delight in “The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”
    Is there anything more enlightened, more compassionate, more cool than a straight who supports gay whatever?

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      It is “cheap grace,” isn’t it? If you keep putting compassionate things up on Facebook, you’ll change the world (says the gal whose contribution to conservativism is to write).

  • Mike Devx

    If I were liberal (and in California), my evening would probably have gone like this:
    I walk in the door from work, flip on the TV, catch the news.

    “Oh boy, our Courts have overturned Proposition 8! Time to celebrate!” I rush to my record, er, CD collection.
    “Celebration time with some music!  Yay, Barbra!  People who need people, dum did dee dum dum, are the luckiest people, in, the, world.  What… I don’t have any Barbra!”

    I stand there for a moment in some consternation. “OK, Judy Garland! Judy, judy, judy.” Rifling through my CDs.  “Dang!  No Judy Garland either!  Crap.”  Now I’m standing there in total consternation.  Like the Grinch staring at his dog Max, looking for inspiration.  “Ah well, there’s always the Village People.”  Rifle, rifle, rifle.  “No Village People either!  What will the neighbors think?”  I pull out a CD single and look at it bemusedly.  ” ‘My Heart Will Go On.’  Well, it’ll have to do.”

    Now for the food.  Open the fridge, check the shelves.  Hmmm.  No tofu.  No bean sprouts.  No arugula.  Not even any chicken breast.  Nothing!” I dig deeper, to the back of the shelves.  “My God!  What’s this behind the cobwebs?  It’s … a can of spam.  And a dusty jar of Cheese Whiz.  Urgh.  Well, if that’s all there is, that’s all there is.  This is one poor celebration, though!”

    Spam out of the can, onto a plate.  Cheez Whiz in the microwave… ready to go.  Plate and jar, on the table.  Then the doorbell rings.  I slap my forehead.

    “I completely forgot!  Tonight’s the dinner date I won with Ryan Gosling.  Yay!  Celebration back on!”  Open the front door wide, prepare to say Hello to…

    “Who are you?” I ask.  “You’re not Ryan Gosling.  You look more like Carrot Top.”

    “Well, I am Carrot Top,” he says.  “Ryan couldn’t make it tonight, he sent me instead.  Sorry about the stench.  My feet are really acting up today.”  Carrot steps into the living room, and he glances around.  His eyes light up.  “Spam!  Cheese Whiz!  My favorites!  And my favorite song too. I hope you’ve got it on repeat!”

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      That you’re not writing social and political satire, Mike, is a great loss to the world.

  • Gringo

    Cheap grace- good one. I think that at least half of libs’ political positions  are made with the motive of showing the world how enlightened they are. And to point to a wingnut and  shout, “I’m enlightened- and you’re not!” The Chevy Chase approach to life.
    I have worked a number of years on HOA affairs with someone who is gay. He neither hides it – his partner also owns here- but neither does he make it an issue. He has done a lot of work for the HOA, for which I are grateful.  I have no idea what his position on gay marriage is. Nor have I volunteered to him what my position is. [Which is: given the interference that the State has had in the affairs of homosexuals, I would think it foolhardy for them to request more State regulation of their lives.]

  • TommyC

    Tom Lehrer, the satirical songwriter, wrote a song back in the 60’s call “The Folk Song Army”.  In his patter, he said regarding (protest) folk singers: “It takes a certain amount of courage to get up in front of an audience and come out in favor of things that everyone else is against – things like peace, justice, brotherhood and so forth”. Lehrer was a liberal, but he obviously saw in liberalism a great deal to make fun of.
    I suppose one of my greatest gripes about liberalism (among many) is the tendency to take a position that all your friends agree with and act as if it some how takes great courage to do so. 
    Straights come out so strongly for things such as gay rights, middle class people for ‘the poor’, etc. in order to establish their credentials as bona fide caring people.  I think it is as simple as that.  It costs nothing and you can feel totally superior to those rubes in flyover country.

  • Gringo

    Tommy C
    I suppose one of my greatest gripes about liberalism (among many) is the tendency to take a position that all your friends agree with and act as if it some how takes great courage to do so.
    Your line about “courage” reminds me of a meeting of Sandalistas I attended after Violeta Chamarro defeated Daniel Ortega in the 1990  presidential election. The meeting leader stated that those who had come to this meeting in support of the Sandinistas had exhibited a lot of “courage.”  This in a blue town where rads were a dime a dozen, which may well would have  voted for Daniel Ortega if given the chance.
    Someone recited a poem with a lot of imagery about blood.
    At some point in the meeting I pointed out that Pinochet had a better record on reducing infant mortality than did Fidel Castro, the lefties’ poster child for reducing infant mortality.  This was not exactly what the Sandalistas wanted to hear.
    Soon after, someone told me that if I said anything more, I would get beat up. Guess it took a lot of courage to say that.
    I did not have the courage to risk getting beaten up.

  • TommyC

    I don’t think that most liberals know what courage means.  Look at the movie stars who are given a forum that few have in order to express their views, and then scream that their first amendment rights are being violated simply because others express their disagreement.
    It takes courage to get up in front of a bunch of people and actually disagree with them and challenge them.  It takes no courage at all to get up in front and agree with everyone.  Liberals tend to flock together.  I suppose conservatives do too, but we don’t call it being courageous.

  • http://www.aconservativelesbian.com/ Cynthia

    Straight people take their equality for granted and many squander the opportunities that it provides them. However, lesbians and gays born before this landmark decision grew up with no hope whatsoever of equality. The effect of this is life-damaging, even for people who appear to thrive, because it denies gays socializing support from an early age, causes us to miss developmental milestones (because you only really mature when you are allowed to be yourself rather than faking being straight) and denies us the dream of marriage. 

    Children who can dream of marriage because they can legally marry the spouse they love begin to plan their lives and set their goals toward that end very early. This is why children in high school start thinking about getting the education they will need for a career that will allow them to marry, support a family and buy a house and cars. Denying lesbians and gays this dream denies them the motivation for making the wise choices that would make their dream come true.

    The lesbians and gays who are not celebrating the Prop 8 reversal are now contemplating what their lives could have been if they had always had the dream of marriage — some are numb, some are bitter, some are grieving. Others settled for the only life they were allowed — meaningless encounters, or many very short relationships. They don’t know how to be married. So it is not surprising that to protect their egos from being destroyed by the realization of what they’ve been cheated of that they say either nothing or, “Those grapes that I couldn’t reach aren’t worth having — they’re sour.” 

  • Charles Martel

    Cynthia, what’s the old saying? You’re entitled to your own opinions, but you are not entitled to your own facts.
    Here’s the fact, that no amount of hand- wringing or pontificating from a judge’s bench can ever change: Marriage is between a man and a woman. Always has been and always will be. Do gays and lesbians want to marry? Great. Nobody has ever, ever stopped them from doing so.
    Oh, I see: They want to marry a member of the same sex. An interesting proposition, that, but it’s not marriage. We may reach the point where it is politically correct, under penalty of some sort of government retaliation, where we have to pretend that a husband can have a husband, or a wife can have a wife, but most of us gave up pretend tea parties when we were 5. 
    As for the duress of not being able to warp an ages-old institution to your liking, I’m sorry that it has forced so many homosexuals into “meaningless encounters, or many very short relationships.” Aside from making homosexuals sound like the denizens of a typical college dorm, you really strain credulity when you put the onus for homosexuals’ inability to form long -lasting relationships on all the rest of us who don’t give gays and lesbians more than two seconds worth of thought on a slow day.

  • http://callanprimer.com kali

    I wonder how much real support there is for marriage among wealthy gays and lesbians, or if they secretly are glad they have a reason to tell their love du jour, so sorry, I would love to share my life and half my property with you, if it weren’t for those darn Mormons!

  • Cheesestick

    Buried under the enthusiastic support for supposed “gay rights” is a desire to attack God and traditional religion.  That’s why this so called injustice has been made so much bigger than the number of people actually affected.  Plus leftists never tire of patting themselves on the back about how compassionate & courageous they are.  

    This is very similar to another thing people do which usually just makes me chuckle.  I watch a lot of programs in the “true crime” genre on TV.  (The documentary type, not the dramas.)  Whenever the crime victim is a prostitute, someone will always proclaim something like this:  “I’m going to stick to this case for her regardless of her lifestyle.  People/society do not care about a prostitute being murdered, but I care & will bring the killer to justice.”  I’m sure you have all heard this as it is a common claim.  Seriously though, who do you know that doesn’t care if prostitutes are murdered or actually wishes prostitutes be murdered?  No one I know.  

    So why do people make this claim?  Because it allows them to prop themselves up & pat themselves on the back.  Because who else is it that leftists always claim likes prostitutes?  Jesus.  That’s right, the person making the claim, in my opinion, is trying to subtly compare his or herself to Jesus while simultaneously tearing down the “religious” for hypocrisy and smearing them by claiming they don’t care about the lowly prostitute.

    So it is the same w/ the gay rights supporters.  They seek a cause which will prove them to be above & better than others, especially Christians and by extension, Christ.  If you ever wonder why leftists’ perceptions of the motives of other people in society seem so far from reality, this is why.  It’s not really about the other people so much as it is about themselves and their need to destroy Christ by proving they are equal to or better than Him.  


  • http://sjrefugee.blogspot.com DWBudd

    Setting to the side the arguments about same-sex marriage, don’t you think this observation about the ratio of gay/straight commentors on FaceBook might suffer from selection bias?  What percentage of the world is gay?  Would you expect a random sample of a population where one of fifty people meet a certain criterion to be roughly balanced?

    I wouldn’t.

    If the split is, say, 2-1, that is still a tremendous deviation from what would occur at random.


  • Ron19

    Dear Cynthia:

    The lesbians and gays who are not celebrating the Prop 8 reversal are now contemplating what their lives could have been if they had always had the dream of marriage — some are numb, some are bitter, some are grieving. Others settled for the only life they were allowed — meaningless encounters, or many very short relationships. They don’t know how to be married.

    Of the gays and lesbians I’ve known, and known enough to know this, more have been in long term committed relationships than have been cruisers in gay and lesbian bars.  The long term relationship types have known just as much about being married as many/most married or long term relationship heterosexuals.  I even know a lot of single straights in no relationship at all who know just as much. 

    Blaming your woes on people who really don’t care that much whether you come out or not is not going to solve your problems.

  • excathedra

    Blaming gay or lesbian problems on not being able to marry –an idea that gays and lesbians only thought of about ten minutes ago– is like blaming Ronald Reagan for the spread of HIV because he wouldn’t talk about it.

    I have been quite solidly “out” for decades and although the character of my erotic nature has proved very inconvenient sometimes, I cannot imagine myself any other way, and would not wish to be.

    To me, altering marriage any further –it is in enough trouble already, both from changes in law and changes in culture– makes my conservative bones ache.

    Certain things have reality, and wishing them otherwise does not make them so. A man cannot be a mother…even an adoptive mother. And marriage is always about the joining of opposite sexes. At least one husband and at least one wife (speaking anthropologically).

    And de-gendering it so that two men or two women can marry holds no appeal for me. Masculinity and femininity –also realities– have been messed with far too much already (one of the many baleful results of feminism.) Besides, once you make the gender of the spouses irrelevant, how can you argue that the number two is sacred? Mohammedans will be in the wings, wanting to know why your narrow Eurocentric bigotry keeps them from having their plural wives legitimated…

    Plus, I do not want to be any man’s husband. Or him to be mine. (Of being a wife, I will say nothing. It’s too creepy.)

    Speaking as a man, I will say that male/male bondings being turned into marriages is putting gay men in straight drag.

    I’d be happy with an alternate kind of civil union, but gay marriage holds no appeal for me.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Excathedra:”Besides, once you make the gender of the spouses irrelevant, how can you argue that the number two is sacred? Mohammedans will be in the wings, wanting to know why your narrow Eurocentric bigotry keeps them from having their plural wives legitimated…”

    And that’s the rub, isn’t it. Marriage is an evolving concept in societies whereby man and woman are brought into union whereby to create and nurture new life. Gay marriage can’t change that. However, what legalizing gay marriage can do is remove the legal protections and  structures that have evolved over thousands of years to protect the species by protecting new life. If you redefine this concept of marriage away, you make it irrelevant, as it can be redefined in any way that is convenient to temporal societal or individual mores. Man – woman, man-man, woman-woman, man-many women, woman – many men, man – family pet, woman – favorite horse….

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Has anyone realized the Left are allied with Islamic fundamentalists? Allies help each other out.