For the red meat crowd — Andrew Breitbart at CPAC

Andrew Breitbart is a dynamo.  He’s also a happy warrior, as you can see during his 16 minute speech at CPAC.  In addition to his promise that he has videos of Obama during those missing college years, Breitbart does something more important — he frames the upcoming election properly.  It’s not about the candidates, it’s about the opposition.  We are at war, not just with Islamists, but with the radical Left at home, a Left that lives in our media, our schools, and on our streets.  Breitbart understands this:

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  • Michael Adams

    I suppose a lot of the Bookworm types have met David Horowitz; he’ll go and speak just about anywhere.  Under that incredibly (ahem) brusque exterior, he is really quite warm and nice. With Andrew B., however, there appears to be nothing to peel away. I think he’d be welcome at our Saturday breakfast any time. I really enjoy hearing his speeches, and his guerrilla theater, stunts are as funny as they are instructive.  
    Thanks for posting the video.  The whole family has enjoyed it.

  • Charles Martel

    I enjoyed watching it, too.
    I think the October Surprise this year is going to come from us. Somebody out there has a video, or an audio, or something in writing that will expose NBOTUS for the fraud he is. It would be really swell if somebody were to leak his college transcripts. How could the MSM plausibly defend crappy grades and out-of-control affirmative action? (I know, I know—it would be racist to expose the smartest president evuh as a dunce.)

  • Mike Devx

    Add me to the list.  That video was great fun.  Andrew can fire you up and give you hope.

    We’re going to need many truth-tellers such as Andrew out there this year, trying to break through the media stonewall surrounding Obama.  Andrew is ready to take the fight to them.  I hope those videos that he has – that he’s promoting cannily towards a large media event that won’t be ignored later this summer – prove to be worthy.  I hope Andrew creates a decisive media event.

    I hope it’s just one of many.  Breaking the MSM propaganda stonewall won’t be easy.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Well, we conservatives will have Andrew Breitbart on the front lines, the Obamatrons will have…the kids.

    Associated Press reports that the Obama girls, Sasha and Malia, will be playing a role in the election campaign.

    Of course, we just know that the MSM and Lefty entertainosphere will treat them just the same way they treated Trig Palin, right?

    This coming campaign will be digging deep to find new lows.



    “This coming campaign will be digging deep to find new lows.”

    It’s the only ‘shovel ready’ project they ever had in mind.   

  • Ymarsakar

    Andrew Breitbart is one of the few people who truly know the hidden nature of our enemies. His ability to tap into both high and low sources for intel and propaganda levers, is also an uncommon talent for our side, irregardless of which faction you call your own.

     Of course, I recognized this a long time ago. When people were still trying to figure out if ACORN was just a misguided and faulty Leftist Non profit organization or not, I already knew the truth. It took Breitbart’s allies, however, to really pound that truth into the American psyche, to the point where even the Left’s meticulous anti-propaganda defenses fell apart. Most Republican propaganda, challenges, and legal torts don’t get past the front door against the Left. Farthest they got was a do nothing impeachment against Clinton. They should have used those resources to kill Kennedy or steal Soros’ blood cash stash instead.


  • Michael Adams

    Leave it up to Andrew.  He’ll put it out in stages, each one refuting the last spin/excuse. 
    And, while we’re on the topic, which we weren’t, but this is as good a place as any to start the rant:
    Who the Hell is racist, any more? There were ads on some cable channel all week about a program against racism.  (to come, perhaps, this weekend?)  How do we “fight racism?”  Does it help to get in someone’s face and yell, “Stop being racist?”  I realize that there are people who do just that, but, they are kids, who never met an actual racist, anyway.
    We find sociological explanations for armed robbery, which is very much an individual choice. Still, no one thinks of what might be the sociological seed bed of actual racism, poverty and ignorance, ignorance often fostered by politicians who tell the have-nots that the reason for their poverty is that group over there. No, no one is saying that to poor white people, not any more.  Other groups?  Maybe so.
    How much real racism is out there?  Most of the studies and surveys reveal very few Caucasians who think much about race, much less think negatively about a particular group.  Sure,it’s useful to Democrats to say that they are fighting racism, but where do they find it, to be fought? Is it just a bogey man to scare minorities into the Democrat corral? 
    We are two and a half years away from the fiftieth anniversary of the most sweeping civil rights legislation in the history of the world, and there are still racists under our bed?  Or just our bedsheets? How much longer should this be allowed to continue?

  • Michael Adams

    At least it rhymed.

  • Ymarsakar

    “Sure,it’s useful to Democrats to say that they are fighting racism, but where do they find it, to be fought?”

    The Democrats solve this by creating racists amongst every Leftist they make.

    Ever hear about about engineered crisis


  • Ymarsakar

    When he says “institutional Left”, it’s the same as “Leftist alliance”. A mob.
    United by money, money laundering, and shake down operations.
    Btw, I’m not like Breitbart. I have personal views concerning what the “best” solution to the totalitarian Left is. They’re just my personal views, of course. And many people would benefit by maintaining that state of affairs and never allowing my “personal views” to become policy. So, I don’t think I can be like Breitbart and have a relatively relaxing dinner with Ayers and Dohr. When I see evil, I wish to crush it with my own hands. It’s as simple as that. It’s something very atavistic, and people better know what’s good for them if they think they can control that kind of hatred in OWS for their own purposes.
    This is not something that can be controlled. It can only be avoided.
    Andrew also understands something fundamental. The Left must be destroyed. Which candidate the Republican party nominates is pretty much inconsequential, because the only thing that matters is whether the conservative Americans can destroy the Left. That is it. In that light, the only thing the “candidate” can do is 1. turn traitor and buddy up with the Left or 2. interfere with American business and politics in support of radical agents. So long as the candidate abstains from the two, most of the work has to be done by Americans. What the Left took a century to destroy, Americans must spend even more time rebuilding. That’s just how it is.
    It’s also inconsequential because politics in DC ensures that the Republican candidate does not feel what normal Americans, without political power, feel. Thus the “King” ruling from the capital does not really understand what the peasants at the bottom are seeing  the tax thieves and what the corrupt bureacrats running around are doing. It’s precisely because the street level is “invisible to DC” that we can have any freedom to begin with. The solution is thus not to “empower” the “Republican King” hoping he’ll fix us some paradise that does not have the Left. That is NEVER going to happen .If you want to get rid of the Left and live your own life, you’d better take up arms in this war against the Left yourself.
    Wars are not fought by generals without armies, statesmen without generals and armies. You know. FDR didn’t fight the war nor did he win WWII, you know. Truman didn’t make or invent the atom bomb, you know.

  • bizcor

    “Who the Hell is racist, any more?”

    The left…they bring it up every chance they can use it to their advantage. It was the left who kept slavery until the Republicans and Lincoln rose to the occassion to rid the ccountry of slavery. It took a civil war to do it. Once the left was forced to allow blacks to live amoung them they found other ways to lord over them. The plantations have been replaced with urban ghettos. The left uses racism to defend Barack Obama for obviously the only reason anyone could be opposed to this man is because he is black. The left created quotas in order to feel good about themselves. The left has no morals and will use social issues to win elections. As is evident in the cycle’s Presidential election. Because they can’t defend the current administration’s policies on any level racism and class warfare has become the issue. My favorite bumper sticker Du Jour is..If you voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist this time vote for someone else to prove you are not stupid… we can only hope the great unwashed will heed the message.

    On Breitbart he is a champion…I heard him speak a couple of years ago and he was fantastic…he out and out declared “war” on the MSM…He urged everyone in the audience to use modern technology… smart phones etc… to out the left. He promised to post it on his website.

  • Ymarsakar

    I don’t think there was a Leftist alliance in the US back in 1862. There were eugenicists, certainly, and European aristocrats and socialists, certainly. But they weren’t wedded into alliance. The Democrat party in the South and the North was purely a local American power clique. It wasn’t until later, during FDR’s reign, that things solidified into what can be called the Left. They were making progress under Wilson, as well, the “Progressives”, but their ban on alcohol didn’t work out as well. Or perhaps you could say that it worked out “too well”. They created too much crime and discredited Prog ideals, even though they were always planning on creating some criminal organizations to launder their money with Prohibition. And if the Progressives didn’t have this idea, Leftist and Communist infiltrators did.

     So while the actual organization wasn’t the same back in 1862, you had pretty much the same ideals. Socialism is fascism is communism. That kind of incestuous relationship. The Democrats of the North were essentially trying to help the Democrats of the South, which made little sense if secession was just about local politics and independence. Why would Northern Democrats want to aid the Southern Democrats to declare independence and lesson the power of Northern senators? There was already an ideological network, but I don’t think it was a fullblown Leftist alliance yet. They just had similar goals and methods, such as keeping slaves. When you keep slaves, you tend to have a certain ideological outlook on life.


  • beefrank

    I enjoyed watching Andrew yelling at the OWS nuts outside of the CPAC convention.  It appeared as if the cop separating him from the ‘protesters’ was equally amused judging from his smile.