We here at Bookworm Room have friends in high places

We here at Bookworm Room have known Navy One for a long time.  He starting commenting here even before he branched off on his own to start a blog called The Mellow Jihadi.  He’s also a fellow member of the Watcher’s Council. I can confidently say that Navy One ranks very high, not just on the list of blog friends, but of friend-friends.

It’s therefore with a great deal of pleasure that I tell you, albeit somewhat after the fact, that The Mellow Jihadi was one of the very short list of nominees for best new blog in the CPAC Red Carpet Blogger Awards that The Tea Party.net sponsored.  How’s that for cool?

Many, many congratulations, Navy One.  An ever-expanding group of people hungry for intellectual food is getting the chance to find and enjoy your blog.

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  • http://themellowjihadi.com/ Mellow Jihadi

    Thanks Book! You are exceedingly kind, but I am afraid I don’t put out intellectual food. Okay, perhaps an appetizer or something to snack on. But definitely not an entree.

    You are a great friend-friend too. . . I love the medium of blogging and I thank you for helping me get my start.