Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the 2012 election? *UPDATED*

As everyone will remind us, in politics, even a day can be a lifetime.  With a little more than eight months to go before the elections, so much can change.  But right now, this minute, today, are you optimistic or pessimistic when you think about November 2012.

I have to confess to being pessimistic this week.  I think Obama is playing Republicans magnificently, and he’s being helped by the fact that the Republican candidates are self-destructing with tremendous rapidity.  I know that, once the party coalesces behind the not-Obama candidate, things will calm down as the focus moves from us to them, but the damage now may be irremediable.  Obama and his media allies are also doing a magnificent job of turning the Republican v. Democrat divide into a single issue:  contraception.  Listening to Rush today, I learned that the Democrats are now telling people that the administration’s attack on religious freedom is really about the fact that Republicans want to make birth control illegal.  You and I know this is a farce.  Those who watch the Grammys and Jon Stewart do not.

Ignorance is so pervasive.  I recorded the musical 1776, which recently appeared on TCM.  The movie, which was made in 1972, is based upon the Broadway play that premiered in 1969.  In other words, it is a product of the Vietnam era.

In many ways, it’s quite a charming movie, which is what I remember from having seen it about twenty years ago.  A lot of it is historically accurate, which is enjoyable.  Some of the songs are delightful romps.  The actors do a good job.

What I hadn’t remembered, and didn’t realize, was that, despite celebrating America’s creation, the musical is both anti-War and anti-Left.  The anti-Left reveals itself in the song Cool, cool, considerate men, which sees the bad slave holding states insisting that the Congress go to the “right,” never to the “left”:

Mr. Bookworm paused the song midway through to point out excitedly to my Little Bookworm that even in 1776, the right was the bad side politically.  Fortunately, I was there to explain that the terms “left” and “right” didn’t exist at the time, having emerged only during the French Revolution.  I also explained that these were not the First Congress’ words but, in fact, were written during the height of the Vietnam War for an anti-War audience.  Later, I explained to Little Bookworm that the more accurate terms are statist versus individualist, rather than geographic descriptions of the seating in the French Parliament.  I think she got it.

But think about it:  Mr. Bookworm is the product of one of the best high schools in the country, two of the oldest, most esteemed universities in the country, and some other fine educational institutions as well.  Despite that, he thinks that 1776, the Musical accurately expresses modern political positions and that Jon Stewart is a political prophet.

And that’s why I’m pessimistic.  If he’s representative of the informed, educated American, we individualists are in deep doo-doo.

What say you?

(Pardon typos.  I’ve got to run, so please decipher this as best you can if it periodically stops making sense.)

UPDATE:  Keith Koffler thinks hubris will get Obama.

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  • Danny Lemieux

    It is quite possible for people to be so intelligent that they are idiots. I see evidence of this every day.

    I am not convinced that the intelligentsia of this country are the ones that define it. There are many, many more common sense working class people in middle America that get it.

    I took orders in my office complex for “free” coffee (I paid for it) so that I could go to Starbucks and counter protest the protest (see here: ). I mentioned in the Starbucks line why I was buying extra coffee today and was surprised by how many people agreed with me (this is in Ill-annoy, after all).


  • Danny Lemieux

    Ah, yay-“0”-yay! We win! We win! CBS Chicago has just reported that, according to Justice Bureau Statistics (which, no-doubt, hew to the coveted Holder standard), Chicago is the most corrupt city in the U.S. and Illinois is the third most corrupt state in the U.S.

    Hahahahaha! Take that California! You may dabble in corruption, but we revel in it! We dig deeper and farther in our quest to the bottom of the cosmic cesspool than even you and your revered Governor Moonbeam could even dream of achieving!

    No worries, though: we’re not selfish. Our favorite son of Chicago is bringing all of this to neighborhoods everywhere in America.

    Oh, sorry, Book…your post was about optimism, right?


  • David Foster

    Extremely worried.

    re Danny’s comment, I observe that many of the people who consider themselves as “intellectuals” are not really either all that intelligent or all that learned. The term has become primarily an assertion of status position.

    One of the things that makes me especially worried is the rather lame marketing abilities possessed by most Republican/conservative organizations and to greater or lesser degrees by the various Republican candidates. Some related thoughts from Robert Avrech: it’s the grilled cheese sandwich, stupid!


  • MorowbieJukes

    Do you know anyone personally who was an Obama voter who has expressed regret at voting for him and has convincingly said they would not vote for him again?  Do you know anyone who did not vote for Obama but has expressed that they would vote for him because of the fine job he’s doing?
    As for myself, I know a few in category 1 and I know zero in category 2.  52.7% of the vote is a solid victory but not a landslide.  Think at least 2.7% of that voting bloc’s lives have deteriorated since then?
    Under Marxism, eventually everyone’s ox is gored.  Price of gas?  Price of food?  Health insurance premiums?  Housing values?  Foreclosures?  Personal income?  Price of electricity?  Employment?  Need I continue with this list? 
    After years of state control of all media in the former Soviet Union, Gorbachev got 1 per cent of the vote in the first free election in Russia.  The MSM can lie all they want and the government can publish all of the fraudulent statistics they want but that still doesn’t alter reality.  Every time we buy food or gas we are assaulted by those realities.
    So, I’ll remain optimistic but the gods help those who help themselves, so I will be assisting my congressman’s campaign (who ousted the usual vile left-wing Democrat in the 2010 election), will make some donations (directly to select candidates, NOT the Republican Party) and will also be a poll watcher.

  • bizcor

    As many of you regulars know I am very active in the process and will continue to be. The Presidential Primaries are behind us here in NH so I am focusing on State Reps, Gubenatorial candidates and the Congressional races. We only have two and in both cases the loser in 2010 is running again hoping I guess the electorate thinks they made a mistake. I don’t get that the electorate feels that way however I could be wrong. As far as the Presidential election is concerned if who ever is the nominee is as good at attacking Obama as they have been each other we might win. What I hope for is that the Republican takes the majority in the popular vote so that all of California’s electoral votes go for him. Just to see Governor Moonbeams face when it happens.

    By the way Danny congrats to you and your Illinois neighbors. I find it hard to believe that the White House allowed that to be made public. Some of us are old enough to remember that the dead people in Cook’s County put JFK over the top in 1960. How do you pay off dead people? Inquiring minds want to know. 

  • Cheesestick

    I am somewhat optimistic about the election.  Regardless of who our nominee is (as long as it isn’t Newt) I think Dems are going to over play their hand, and unlike last election, when lots of people thought they wouldn’t really do this or that, now people know.  So yes, I agree that there’s lots stacked against us.  But there’s lots stacked against the Dems too…

    What I’m not too optimistic about is the Repubs ability to actually pass legislation that will fix the gigantic debt burden Pres. O’Booba ran up.  I think attempts to do so will turn our Dems into Greeks real quick.  I’m afraid to say it, but what I think it will actually take to get back on course is mass starvation, or huge swaths of the country going w/ out electricity or gas, or an actual war on our soil or something equally as devastating.  I don’t want that, obviously, but I am not sure what it will take to get people to pay attention.       

  • TommyC

    I always try to be an optimist, and I am now.
    Look, Republicans are always savaged by the Democrats and the MSM, and I think we are starting to learn how to fight back.  I think that the key to this election is, at all levels, to run against the Democratic Party (the face of that party being Obama) and the MSM together.
    Look at Wisconsin – Walker is up to 51% approval.  Look at Ohio – Kasich’s numbers are improving and Right to Work is favored 54-40.  Conservative policies are being implemented and people are starting to see good results.
    I’m focusing on Congress and the Senate as well as state and local.  But the presidency is critical as well – a Republican president, no matter who it is, will sign conservative legislation. Obama will not.  I think a unified Republican message has a chance of a big sweep.

  • skullbuster

    Book,  I too have a mixed marriage.  Mrs Skull is a NY Jewish democrat and I was raised Southern Baptist and vote consistantly republican.  But to lift your spirits:  Mrs. Skull is NY Yeshiva educated and was the uninformed democratic voting stereotype until this year.  I believe she would vote for Assad this year over OBama.  Just remember,  who you are around the most is probably not the mood of the country (it’s more or less but not what you think).  You personally, obviously, get a better feel for the entire voting populace but still our expierence is limited.

    I never will forget my wifes’ aunt in NY city telling me after Bush won his first term.  “How could this happen?  No one I know voted for him.”  She was 80 years old and lived on the upper east side.  Nuff said.  

  • Mike Devx

    I’m pessimistic about our long-term ability to solve the debt crisis.

    But when it comes to the 2012 election, I just can’t get all hot and bothered.  I don’t think it’s a critical American election. Obama’s terrible, for sure.  But he’s also a terrible politician.  He does run roughshod over the Constitution, and gets away with it, but he keeps making mistakes, too.  He’s not skilled the way Wilson, FDR, and LBJ were skilled.  Their skill made them more damaging.

    The American people are no better and no worse, on the average, I’d say.  We *are* more educated than in the past, but we also on the average believe we are entitled to more than our fair share, and we’ve grown accustomed to getting so many things for “free”.  Hence the debt crisis.  Greece is our future, and the world should be frightened.

    But we feel pessimistic solely because we want to win quickly, and there will be no quick win.  I believe the American people are waking up, but they have not YET woken up.  They’re waking up.  What most encourages me is that skepticism about the MSM continues to rise.  It’s a slow process, but it’s been underway for awhile, and it cannot be stopped.

    If it takes four more years of Obama to really wake them up, then that’s what we’re going to get.  And a second Obama term will be Obama unleashed.

    I don’t think the House returns to the Democrats. If the Senate stays Democrat, and we have an unleashed Obama, then there will be two years of hell… because the Democrats won’t be able to contain themselves.  But they would pay a HEAVY price for that in 2014.

    I see this as a long, slow process.  We’re still really at the beginning.  I don’t think you can speed it up.

  • bizcor

    Actually Mike this election is critical in that Obama Care needs to be repealed and that won’t happen with Obama in office. He will never agree to it and even if the Republicans keep House and take back the Senate it won’t be by enough to overturn a veto. That monstrosity has be gotten rid of becaue it has disasterous consequences. Everyday more about what’s in the bill comes out.
    Then there is his shadow government. The Czars who are the people behind the curtain who we’re not supposed to pay any attention to.

    That Skullbuster’s NY Jewish wife would vote for Assad before Obama is really encouraging. People are waking up. The Jews are beginning to see his anti semitism, the unemployed are seeing that he is not doing anything to improve their situation. Those of us who are getting by are seeing energy and food prices rising. People who want to sell their houses can’t because the are upside down in their mortgages. Even those who were responsible and put 20% down when they bought 4, 5 and 6 years ago. The next President is going to have his hands full and there will be pain and there will be dissent and the media will be all over him. Fortunately the Internet is changing the way people get their news. There will be those who read the Daily Kos and Huffington Post but there will also be those who the Front Page, The Blaze, watch PJTV and of course Bookworm Room. There are n=more of us then there are of them.

  • Charles Martel

    Whether the Big O is re-elected or not, you are going to see massive disruption. If he is re-elected, there will be civil disobedience by orthodox Catholics and Jews, Baptists and Mormons, homeschoolers, blue-collar whites, small business owners, educated (not credentialed) people, conservatives, libertarians, and independent thinkers.
    If he is not re-elected, you will see rioting, thuggery, vandalism, sabotage, arson, and assault by union members, self-hating Jews, welfare recipients, academics, gangbangers and other natural Democratic Party constituents. 
    Either way. . .

  • Caped Crusader

    Charles, there is a movie this morning on TCM titled “Stand by for Action”, your comment sounds as if you got your description in the same place as the one for this movie.

  • Ymarsakar

    Either way if you haven’t learned how to kill people using bare hands and how to shoot firearms to kill people at a distance, you better think about doing it soon.


  • Ymarsakar

    It’s not surprising the peons and cannonfodder agreed with Danny. But they’re just peons and cannonfodder. No matter how many peasants acclaim their dislike or open hatred of the monarch and the aristocracy, they are still kept in line and do as they are told. That’s why they are peasants, not royalty or the aristocracy. In an aristocratic fiefdom, punishment for disobedience comes swift and hard in the form of economic redistribution, forced confiscation of property and goods, and enforced slave work. This is how it works in a fiefdom. You don’t have to like your overlords. And many Chicagoins know very well how much dislike they should have for the Ruling Class. But they still do as they are told. They have little choice.

  • David Foster

    Charles Martel…”massive disruption”

    The political split is getting so severe that it is reminiscent of the Catholic/Protestant divide that was for so long a defining and bloody feature of Ireland’s politics.


  • JKB

    I think many in this election cycle are going to keep their opinions to themselves until they vote.  Not a bad plan given the risk of enforcement action or thug action from the Obama camp.  

    It would be better though it the Republicans could get their act together.  This sniping isn’t really productive.  Whomever is the nominee should be selling a vision for America’s future to show their value not tussling like desperate housewives.  

    And that is my worry.  Since the contraception mandate came up, I’ve thought many Democrats might find themselves as Reagan did, “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, it left me.”   But right now, they aren’t being provide a safe place to go.  Perhaps in 2016, part of the Tea Party and the abandoned Democrats can form up to put the two parties down and govern from the middle.

    Book, I thought you might find this 2006 article by Arnold Kling interesting for understanding how your topline educated husband just couldn’t see the light

    Stuck on 1968 – TCS Daily 

  • Danny Lemieux

    David Foster – I think that the divide in our country goes beyond doctrinal issues and has to do with two completely different perceptions of reality. We’re all looking at the same Rorschach blot and seeing completely different things.

    I was thinking about it this morning, wondering how one side sees the OWS protestors as “peaceful” while they perceive the Tea Party demonstrations as “violent”, whereas we see it as the other way around.

    The Protestants and Catholics could at least find an accommodation for each other based on live and let live that allowed them to pursue building and prospering to mutual benefit. I don’t see the possibility of such accommodation, here. The only way out that I see is if major world events (e.g., war, economic disaster) shock one group (the Libs) into changing their world template, the way that 9-11 did for some but, apparently, for not nearly enough Americans.

    JKB, you are assuming that if the Obama people stay in power for another four years that we will still have fair elections. I suspect that the biggest hurdle that Republicans will have to overcome in 2012 is massive vote fraud and media manipulation. 

  • lookingforlissa

    “Mr. Bookworm paused the song midway through to point out excitedly to my Little Bookworm that even in 1776, the right was the bad side politically.”
    Your kids know that you are considered right-wing, do they not? Obviously your home life isn’t really our business, but I would think it’s weird for him to say that to Little Bookworm when – by transitive property – he’s sort of pausing the movie to tell LB that Mommy is on the bad side politically.
    Or am I getting this wrong?

  • jj

    As long as there are people like the one you cited around – and obviously there are – where’s the reason for optimism?  This is the most obviously failed presidency in the history of the republic, and yet Bailout Boy continues to be a strong candidate, in with a good chance.  I know liberalism is a mental issue, but at this point when – even by the parameters he set out himself three years ago – it’s plain he’s been an abject failure the idea that he not only isn’t being run out of town on a rail but may well be re-elected is goddam discouraging.  What the hell does it take?  How much more of a mess would he – or anyone – have to make before liberals pulled their heads out, noticed the daylight, and said “hey – wait a minute!”  Jesus – is there anything that could make them do that?  Because if this mess doesn’t impel them to indulge in a little re-thinking, then you really do have to wonder if there’s a brain anywhere on the left side of the fence with which anyone could engage.  Everything that can be measured – from the price of gas to the country of Egypt – is turning to shit around us, as our Commander- in-Chief stands there with one thumb up his ass and the other one in his mouth, with not a hint of a clue about what to do – and (at least) thirty million people are still going to vote for him.
    So I’m back to where I usually have to come out: optimistic?  Why?  On the basis of what?   

  • Charles Martel

    David Foster: “I observe that many of the people who consider themselves as ‘intellectuals’ are not really either all that intelligent or all that learned. The term has become primarily an assertion of status position.”
    Amen, Bro. The Latin roots of education are “e”—out—and “ducare”—to lead. Education means, literally, “to lead out [of];” in this case, one’s self. All children are self-centered and absolutely certain of the rightness of their notions and urges. Education leads them out of their self-absorption into the wider world.
    I’ve only run into a few educated people in my life. They have tended to be conservative, because they had been led out of and beyond their messianic or narcissistic outlooks into an acceptance of the immutability of human nature or the ironclad laws of economics. They have developed a larger view of things and how they work.
    Much of the mirth in this room when we are visited by heavily credentialed people is that they don’t see that life can be more than endlessly regurgitating spoon-fed NPR or Harvard-sourced “knowledge,” or the constantly asserting one’s bona fides. What worked to curry favor with the professors in charge of awarding merit badges does not work with intelligent people who have learned to think for themselves.


    What say you?

    Since you asked…I am pissimistic™ – that’s somewhere between PO’d, a pessimistic and hinging on going ballistic. The Commander-in-Chief is a toxic sludge mix of Chavez, Putin and your basic arab third world thug-of-the-month.   I fully expect an October surprise. And no, it won’t be a nice box of chocolates or a free toaster.

           Factbox: Hugo Chavez‘s great pre-election giveaway

  • Ymarsakar

    I am neither pessimistic nor optimistic.

    People may have noticed but I never told people that “things were going to happen”. 

    I didn’t warn them with “oh conspiracy XYZ will happen in ABC time”. No, I just told everyone, you all here included, that Obama was evil and evil is what evil does. Or evil does what evil is. Simple. It wasn’t complicated. I didn’t need to know “exactly” what he was going to do about Fast and Furious.

    Once you figure out the base nature of reality, wisdom and truth comes a little bit easier. You no longer have to run your filters through the sludge of media propaganda, receiving distorted half truths.  I didn’t need to know about “Fast and Furious” ‘s existence to begin with. Evil was going to do what evil needed to do to destroy Good. That’s it. You don’t need to know anything more than that.

     As for people that thought I was exaggerating, eh? That evil wouldn’t do what “evil did”, eh? They didn’t know a damn thing about evil, that’s what. They were still hoping that this was all A Big Misunderstanding. That “reason” would triumph or some such. They were still trying tell everyone that the Left was just another political party. That Democrats were “reasonable” people.

    Where they at now? They got REAL QUIET for the past 3 years. Where they at? They’re not here, I know that.  Did they go back to join their circle jerk at Daily Kos and Move On?


  • David Foster

    Danny…”the divide in our country goes beyond doctrinal issues and has to do with two completely different perceptions of reality”

    I think this is true when you look at the hard-core “progressives,” but there are also a lot of Democratic voters who really aren’t aligned with the extreme “progressive” views and really don’t realize the nature of the entity that they are supporting. Especially among older people and those who don’t follow politics closely….if your only sources of information is TV and the typical daily newspaper, you are looking at the world through a very narrow and biased lens.

    Obama and his core allies feel and display obvious contempt for perhaps 80% of the people in this country. If you are a manual worker (“bitter clinger”) or a small businessperson or a corporate manager/executive (with certain exceptions) or serve in the military or enjoy NASCAR, then the Obama-ites ***think that you are scum***. 

    If people can be led to understand just how little Obama thinks of them, and the degree to which he believes they are inadequate to control their own lives, then I think a lot of his support can be detached.


  • Ymarsakar

    “but there are also a lot of Democratic voters who really aren’t aligned with the extreme “progressive” views and really don’t realize the nature of the entity that they are supporting.”

    That’s totally irrelevant. Most of the people in crime ridden  neighborhoods are not people who wanted to aid criminals or setup a generational gap in poverty for their children. The truth is, it no longer is their decision. Slaves do what the yare told. Those “Democrat voters” are told what to vote for, just like they said the same about Iraqis. The only choice they exercise is

    1. Obey the Sugar Daddy and get bennies


    2. Disobey and get destroyed in public as an example to the rest of the slaves of what happens when you try to leave the circle/cult.

     The LEft is not interested in free will. It is not interested in convincing people to ally with them. If they need you as an ally, they will make you an ally, irregardless of what you think you “want”. And if at any point you try to speak a line contrary to the LEftist utopian goal, you will be blacklisted, blackmailed, or simply blacked out. How many SEIU thugs can you and your family take on? For how many days? How many corrupt police and IRS audits can you take on before you go bankrupt? How many corrupt politicians and their bureaucrats can you take on when they regulate you out of existence?

    If anyone had answered “as many as they got”, they are no longer around. And since the Left is still around, it’s quite obvious who won that spat.

    Criminals aren’t part of gangs and mafias because they think the boss “likes them”. They are in it because of the threat of force. That’s what people still don’t get. The Democrats, are not about free will or democracy. Those were just things people put up as smoke screens in order to infiltrate and destroy the Constitution, since the COnstitution actually cared about free will and things like individual choice. The idea that blacks will suddenly drop ship if they realize how Obama and the rest thinks of them is preposterous. They’re in it because they fear being left out. Human beings will do anything you make them, simply to stay in the “group”.


  • Ymarsakar

    As for what it’ll take, it will take what the AQ did to the Sunnis that turned the Sunnis to the American side. That’s what. Basically 100 WACO evidents, with 100X the casualties of WACO, in children, before Americans “wake up”. That’s the barometer. Anything lower, not much happens. Oh a few local riots perhaps, but nothing national.

     AQ had a far weakened position in Iraq, than the LEft does in the US, however.

     This goes back to the same fundamental issue Americans argued about, but never resolved, in 2004. Is democracy something you force on people, or something you let organically grow.

    The answer, democracy doesn’t work either way. There are problems that can only be solved by force (like the Left). And then there are problems that only can be solved by grassroots organisms (like the economy). But nobody knows which to use when, because the Left is still controlling people as slaves.


  • Zoltan

    I’m pessimistic about the coming election. I think this is year when we will see all the money George Soros has been spending on Secretary of State elections the past six years pay off for the Democrats. The Democrats are acting like the fix is in. With the economy the way it is and the poll numbers the way they are, there should be a primary challenger to Obama, but there is not even talk of one. I think the Democrats know they can count on two things. Their lapdogs in the media will have nothing but good economic news to report between now and November no matter the reality of the situation, and wide-spread voter fraud in key states will go unchallenged by officials in those states.

  • Ymarsakar

    This is why I prefer death as the solution to evil. Death does not allow things like “voter fraud” or “media propaganda” to get out the door before it is DOA.


  • Ymarsakar

    Here’s an example of just such a person that Foster says can be “detached” from giving support to Obama. Now read her comments and see if you really think such a person can be “detached”.

     The time it took to change Neo-Neocon’s minds, was in years. And she was a “moderate” and independent thinker. How many of those out there do you think have given Obama their support? For brainwashed cannonfodder, I think it will take A LOT longer than “years” to change their minds.


  • Ymarsakar
  • Michael Adams

    Zoltan, I tend to agree with you, up to a point. The Obamacare mess, the halt to oil drilling in the Gulf, the blatantly obvious forgery of the birth certificate, and many other acts are symptomatic of a fix being in, but the Dems did lose the 2010 congressional election, in spite of it all. Even Governor Walker is moving ahead in the polls, with all that has been thrown at him, because people can see that their economic conditions are improving.
    Martel, I second the motion. Ordinary facts that we learned in middle school are, first of all, a surprise, and then,  suspect, “radical right-wing notions”, part of that differently constructed reality they try to talk about.

  • David Foster

    Ymar….the link you gave leads to a log-in screen.

    The argument you seem to be making is that meaningful political activity is now impossible and there is nothing for it but civil war.

    Is that what you’re saying? 

  • Ymarsakar

    I gave a correct link in 29.

    What I’m saying is that counter-insurgency, turning an entire demographic from the enemy to your side, isn’t as easy as you presented concerning the politics of supporting or not supporting Obama.

     People have had years to learn from Iraq. It wasn’t as easy as people thought and in some ways it was easier than people thought (easier than Afghanistan). And now that we’re dealing with “Americans”, it still won’t be easy. Just because people speak the same language, does not mean they exist in in the same tribal world of rules. They’re not going to change their behavior even if they do “realize the nature of the entity” that they are supporting, so to speak.


    From Obama/Biden HQ forwarded to me this evening.
    Rick Santorum — Pennsylvania’s own — is currently rocketing to the top of the Republican primary polls in key states around the country. I mean, who’d have guessed? Here’s someone who has actually bragged that he was a tea partier before there was a Tea Party — someone whose extreme-right social views are as out of touch as they are memorable. Folks across the country are just starting to learn about Rick Santorum as he enjoys his newfound wave of popularity. But people here have known him for some time — long before he was out on the national stage like he is now. And it’s on us to make sure the rest of the country sees Rick Santorum’s true colors.
    We all have a role to play in helping introduce the real Rick Santorum to voters in the 49 other states. Your story will help hold him responsible for his actions — and could inspire other Pennsylvanians to get involved and raise their voices, too. And when it comes to his greatest hits in this state, you’ll have no shortage of material to choose from. Share what you want the rest of the country to know about Rick Santorum — and then ask your fellow Pennsylvanians to join you: 

    Sadie here ….

    The Brown Shirts resume and an overdue rant from me:

    2010 – Fight the Smears 2011 – Attack Watch 2012 – The T Team        
    The most disconcerning part of all of it – is that the POS is not a lone wolf. This is akin to the NYTimes asking help from their readers to view and “help” with Sarah Palin’s 24,000 emails that were released last year. We’ve got Hugo-Putin-third world arab thug of the month in the WH and he didn’t get there by himself. The MSM is an English version of the old Pravda (anything but). Oh, let me add that they are naming a Navy ship after Giffords, who survived a non-combat injury. How do you think the Navy enlistees feel about this or the Navy Seals. The rot is from within and it is pervasive in every nook and cranny. Let me add one final thought …the GOP slate is their AAA team – they don’t want to risk loosing the election with the “A Team” they’re holding back until 2016. The GOP knows statistically that turning out a one-term president is very difficult (Carter and George I). I’ve got to ask myself, just how many progressive conservatives are there in the Beltway? McCarthy may have pushed the envelope a little to far in the 1950’s but he knew then there were communists in/out the government and we all know it now 60 years later.

  • Ymarsakar

    McCarthy’s only problem is that he didn’t order their immediate executions once he found out. Instead he tried things the democracy way, and got canned for it. Fat lot of good that did.


  • Charles Martel

    I’ve said this before here: I think we are headed for civil war. The non-shooting part of it has already started, and our side is watching in dismay as all of the Founders’ carefully created checks and balances are pissed on and demolished by the nihilists and Marxists in the White House, Congress, academy and media.
    “Prudence, indeed, will dictate that governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shown that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government, and to provide new guards for their future security.”


    In case this got by any of you ….

         30,000 Surveillance Drones Over US In Next Ten Years February 9, 2012

    Congress is poised to give final passage to legislation that would give a big boost to domestic unmanned aerial surveillance — aka “drones.”

    On Friday, the House gave final passage to the legislation. House approval came on a quite partisan vote, with most Republicans in favor and most Democrats opposing. The Senate is scheduled to take up the bill later today.
    Here are details on what the bill would do in terms of drones:

    Require the FAA to simplify and speed up the process by which it issues permission to government agencies to operate drones. It must do this within 90 days. The FAA has already been working on a set of proposed regulations to loosen the rules around drones, reportedly set for release in the spring of 2012.
    Require the FAA to allow “a government public safety agency” to operate any drone weighing 4.4 pounds or less as long as certain conditions are met (within line of sight, during the day, below 400 feet in altitude, and only in safe categories of airspace).
    Require the FAA to establish a pilot project within six months to create six test zones for integrating drones “into the national airspace system.”
    Require the FAA to create a comprehensive plan “to safely accelerate the integration of civil unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system.” “Civil” drones means those operated by the private sector; currently it is all but impossible for any non-government entity, except for hobbyists, to get permission to fly drones (for-profit use of drones is banned). Industry groups and their congressional supporters see this as a potential area for growth. Congress specifies that the plan must provide for the integration of drones into the national airspace system “as soon as practicable, but not later than September 30, 2015.” The FAA has nine months to create the plan. The FAA is also required to create a “5-year roadmap for the introduction” of civil drones into the national airspace.
    Require the FAA to publish a final rule within 18 months after the comprehensive plan is submitted, “that will allow” civil operation of small (under 55 pounds) drones in the national airspace, and a proposed rule for carrying out the comprehensive plan.

  • Ymarsakar

    Unfortunately, Americans no longer even understand the “concept” of duty.

    Lighter than a feather, heavier than mountains.

    The Pacifist Japanese know more about “duty” these days. 

  • Ymarsakar

    In light of what Sadie said, I’m trying to envision SWAT teams, that raid the wrong address because it seems they can’t read with their night vision goggles on, using these drones to smoke out a house of terrorists (bible clingers) and drugists (home schoolers).


  • Mike Devx

    Charles Martel said in #35:
    > I’ve said this before here: I think we are headed for civil war. The non-shooting part of it has already started, and our side is watching in dismay […]

    Amen, I totally agree.  All I’ve said is that I don’t view 2012 as the critical election. 

    To me this feels more like 1852 or 1856 rather than 1860.  That Civil War saw secession and millions of troops killing each other on battlefields.  This civil war will be more along the lines of widespread anarchy, and the complete breakdown of law and order.  Citizens battling each other in the streets.

    By 1856 war had already broken out along the Kansas-Nebraska border.  Things were bloody and brutal.  But it didn’t engulf the nation until after the election of 1860, and even then it took a year or more for things to collapse.

    The re-election of Obama would certainly accelerate things.  His defeat would slow them down.  But for civil war to break out, our side has to abandon civilization.  Many on the left are much closer to that than we are. You see a devolution towards violence, on the left, just about every day.  But on our side, we’re not there yet.  Once we’re ready, once we’ve given up hope for a civilized solution… look out.

    What would it mean, an Obama re-election?  What would it mean that more than fifty percent of voters chose him again?  (I’m assuming in this discussion that it will not be a stolen election, that fraud won’t make a difference unless it is close, and if it is THAT close, a la Kennedy/Nixon, wouldn’t that closeness alone be bad enough?) 

    If half the nation is comfortable with Obama’s dictatorial reign, with his overrunning the Constitution and his daily impulses towards a Kingly presidency…

    I don’t think the critical election that will lead to anarchy soon afterwards is here yet.  Are we right now more like 1856, or 1852?  Or even more like the times of the Missouri Compromise, like 1824?  Maybe we’re still thirty years away from the critical election.

    If Obama is re-elected, and ObamaCare survives, and his second term is as bad as we fear, then we’ll be much closer to that critical election than thirty years.  I’m certain of that much.

  • Gringo

    But think about it:  Mr. Bookworm is the product of one of the best high schools in the country, two of the oldest, most esteemed universities in the country, and some other fine educational institutions as well.  Despite that, he thinks that 1776, the Musical accurately expresses modern political positions and that Jon Stewart is a political prophet.
    Mr. Bookworm has focused his life and soul on studying and practicing medicine, which apparently has left little time for examining political views, instead of simply continuing the same old, same old.
    I haven’t seen the 1776 musical. Did it have anything about the Tories in America who didn’t want to break with England? I have read that  there was a nearly equal split among those who were indifferent, those who wanted to stay with England, and those who wanted independence. [Though from having read very little about Americans who chose to fight with the Redcoats, I suspect the Tory proportion was smaller than 1/3.]
    I liked that back and forth about Santorum, Obama, and religion.

  • bizcor

    Here is a rant by Judge Napoiltano regarding much of which we have all been discussing here and in other posts. Is on Big

  • Ymarsakar

    Most of the Tories or British loyalists went to Canada or were exiled.

  • Mike Devx

    Why I’m pessimistic in the long-term, and why I don’t think this election really matters, was summed up wonderfully in a great article over on American Thinker.

    A key quote from it:

    Obama is a problem on many levels. But he is merely a product of the corrupt system. Both parties have lost their will to do what is right and what they are legally obligated to do. They are different wings of the same predatory bird. Their behavior is indistinguishable from that two organized crime syndicates who have cut a deal. Rather than act on principles, they agreed not to fight other than at the ballot box. So long as neither party exposes the other, the plunder and pillage of the population can continue. The two mob bosses apparently have seen cooperation as a better solution than fighting. Some years the Bloods will be in charge and other years the Crips. No matter who is in charge, there is plenty of loot to divvy up. Better to share the scam than to jeopardize its continuance.

    I don’t believe either party is capable of solving the problems.  I believe a political solution is no longer possible.  But shouldn’t the true-hearted at LEAST be speaking out with a clarity and seriousness that is compelling?  I find none of them compelling, not even those like Paul Ryan and Col. Allen West, whom I believe are true-hearted.

    Too many of the American people are too much like the Greeks.  They’ve been getting so much “for free” for too many years that now they are like children expecting all the “free” stuff to continue from Mommy and Daddy (government), never realizing that the “free money” is always actually coming from somewhere.  And when the money runs out, as children, they still expect the freebies to continue.

    True leadership speaks up with strength and clarity in the face of this, despite the inevitable child-voter backlash.  We don’t have leadership with that kind of courage.


    “The rule of law can be wiped out in one misguided, however well-intentioned generation. And if that should happen, it could take a century of striving and ordeal to restore it, and then only at the cost of the lives of many good men and women.”
    – William T. Gossett, 1969 president of the American Bar Association


    Apologies for double-posting here, but … if you have the time. Gov. Walker needs your help.
    Pro-Walker signature verification effort needs your help this weekend

  • Ymarsakar

    Destroy the Left and all their minions and power backers, or allow them to destroy you. I don’t think things are all that complicated now a days in the superpower called America. The propagandists just make it seem like it is complicated, with all these irrelevant topics bring brought up. Global Warming and economic recession would end almost over night, if you destroyed the Left.