Now that Obama has put contraception front and center, Progressives attack as insane and dictatorial those who want to raise human sexuality above base animal practices *UPDATED*

This is just the week for me to have sex on my mind.  It’s not my fault, though, because the culture insists on pushing it into the forefront of my brain.

Ours is a sex saturated culture.  Progressives like it that way and want it to stay that way.  Conservatives point out that, while sexual pleasure is one of life’s blessings, a sexually saturated culture is not a healthy culture.  Instead, it is one beset by fatherless children (who are more likely to live in economically unstable homes); unmarried teen mothers; demoralized women with low self-esteem; rampant sexually transmitted diseaseabortion rates high enough to shock even many of those who support abortion in theory; and nihilistic youth who squander their sexual capital in loveless relationships during their teens and twenties, and who then wonder why, Peggy Lee-like, they’re left asking “is that all there is?”.

Since the statistics support the conservative view, statistics have only one way to challenge the conservative narrative — they have to denigrate the conservatives themselves, without actually touching upon the narrative.  That’s what we’re seeing with Rick Santorum.

I haven’t yet warmed up to Santorum, but I don’t fault him for wanting to talk about problems in our culture.  Birth control has changed behaviors and — which is something few want to acknowledge — the Pill is a very powerful drug that profoundly affects a woman’s hormonal balance.  Blithely handing it out to teens, without parental knowledge or permission, is not something a culture should undertake lightly. And yet that’s what Progressives want to do.

Worse, if someone (Santorum, for example) says “Hey, wait a minute,” Progressives refuse to talk about the health risks of not only giving teens massive amounts of hormones, but also giving them permission to engage in activities that can harm them both physically and mentally. Instead, Progressives try to paint their challengers as maddened Victorian censors, intent upon using the full power of the federal government to return women to a barefoot and pregnant existence in the kitchen.

Don’t believe me?  Just watch Jon Stewart, who manages in a single segment to (1) gloss over the lies within the HHS mandate (because nothing is free); (2) misrepresent the Church’s position regarding Obama’s HHS mandate by pretending that the Church is attacking contraception, rather than fighting against a government putsch that forces them to pay for contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization; (3) launches a direct attack on the Church’s decency; and (4) shows Santorum as a mad man.  Warning:  this video is NSFW.

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(Mr. Bookworm, having watched this segment, turned to me and announced “this is why I can never vote for Santorum.  He’s a God freak.”  Mr. Bookworm was taken aback when I said that he couldn’t support Obama either, because Obama had used Jesus to justify higher taxes.  I got an earful of silence back after that one.)

James Taranto, in a post that looks at anti-Santorum attacks from conservatives who disagree with him on social issues, still manages to explain precisely what’s going on:

In truth, Santorum says only that he would “talk about” what he sees as the social harms of contraception. There is no conflict whatever between limited government and moral exhortation, provided the latter is unaccompanied by legislative or administrative action.

And the quote is very much in keeping with “a tradition rooted in the pursuit of happiness.” Santorum is merely making a case for deferred gratification. His claim is that the easy availability of birth control has enabled and encouraged a pursuit of pleasure that is inimical to the achievement of happiness. One may reasonably argue that Santorum is overgeneralizing or that on the whole he is mistaken. But to write him out of the American tradition on the basis of that quote, as Friedersdorf attempts to do, is simply bonkers.


What he says is that birth control has greatly expanded sexual freedom, and that sexual freedom has had consequences that are harmful to society and to women in particular. Again, one may disagree whether, on balance, these harms outweighed the benefits. But what is so upsetting about the idea that they might have? What in the world explains Friedersdorf’s and Rubin’s overwrought emotionalism?

Here’s our attempt at an explanation: In liberal metropolises like Los Angeles, Washington and New York (homes of Friedersdorf, Rubin and this columnist, respectively), a high proportion of conservatives have internalized the assumptions of feminism. One of those assumptions is that female sexual freedom, an essential component of sexual equality, is an unadulterated good. Santorum’s statements to the contrary challenge this deeply held view.

Furthermore, contemporary feminism is, as we recently argued, a totalitarian ideology, by which we mean one that tolerates no divergence between the personal and the political. If you are not a feminist, you can enjoy a lifestyle of sexual freedom and also take seriously the idea that sexual freedom is bad for society. If you are a feminist, that is a thoughtcrime.


Totalitarian ideologies sustain themselves in large part through fear, and feminism has been particularly fearsome of late, as the Susan G. Komen ladies and the Catholic bishops can attest. But our intuition is that this is a sign of weakness, not strength. The fearful reactions to Santorum’s heresies against sexual freedom reinforce that sense.

This column has its differences with Rick Santorum, but we admire him for his fearlessness in challenging feminist pieties. “One man with courage makes a majority,” Andrew Jackson is supposed to have observed. Is Rick Santorum such a man? If not, let’s hear a reasoned argument to the contrary.

Rick Santorum is not the only conservative who is subject to ad hominem attacks for daring to raise factual challenges to feminist pieties.  In today’s SF Comical, Amy Graff, who is one of the paper’s official bloggers, is disgusted by an anti-Planned Parenthood video that is filled with a collection of graphic sexual images.

Reading Graff’s post, one finds that she’s not at all troubled by the fact that the video is correct in stating that Planned Parenthood, with help from federal tax dollars, goes to schools all over America to sell sex as a consequence-free activity for young people that’s fun, fun, fun.  (Indeed, just the other day, a San Francisco high school celebrated Valentine’s Day, if not with PP’s help, at least with PP’s style.)  Instead, Graff thinks it’s disgusting that the dirty-minded people at the American Life League were sick enough to assemble all of the PP propaganda in a single place:

The video was created to show that Planned Parenthood is a “perverted” organization, turning America’s children into sex addicts through community events featuring penis-shaped balloons, vagina macaroons, vulva puppet shows, and giant vagina costumes. And then there’s all the masturbation literature, graphic images of naked boys and girls, and online descriptions of sexual organs. Planned Parenthood would tell you they offer these materials to educate youth and encourage safe sex but Michael Hichborn, media director of the American Life League, says, “They’re selling pornography to kids as science.” No matter, this video is quite an impressive collection of lewdness.

Graff’s right in a way.  Ripped free of the youthful “rah-rah” and feminist ideology in which PP packages these sexuality promotions, the material it routinely distributes as schools throughout America does look remarkably like pornography for the younger set.  Here — see for yourself, but just be sure not to watch this video in the office:

Although this may come as a surprise to Progressives, conservatives like sex.  Indeed, to the extent that devoutly religious people such as Santorum believe that human sexuality is a direct gift from God, they probably appreciate it even more than Progressives do, seeing as the latter simply view it as a pleasurable animal instinct.

Conservatives, however, are the ones who are willing to point out that nothing is free, not even a gift from God.  Sex comes with strings attached, and it’s a health society that respects those strings and weaves them into a strong social fabric, rather than rope with which to hang our young people.  It’s very important, therefore, that we fight back against the Obama narrative that has moderate social conservatives — meaning people who don’t want sexual segregation, burqas, the end of contraception, etc., but who do want sex, and women, treated with more reverence and respect — painted as the worst kind of puritanical totalitarians.

UPDATE:  Tina Korbe, at Hot Air, also weighs in on the now-pulled American Life League video, and includes a link to information about its contents.

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  • bizcor

    I can’t watch Jon Stuart even for educational purposes. He has the same effect on me as Michael Moore and Bill Maher. If anyone of the three of them is on TV I change the channel if I am in control or leave the room if I am not. I didn’t watch the embedded video either. I detest those three because they spread the propaganda in a supposed entertainment format. I have an e-mail buddy who sends me stuff from these guys in an attempt to make a point. He also sends me news stories from MSNBC. When I don’t respond he thinks I am unable to refute his argument. I used to give it a shot but if I back up a point with an article from American Thinker, Thomas Sowell, or God forbid that radical Fox News channel he won’t accept them as they are those right wing radicals. So I just don’t bother anymore. As a former Navy guy I learned you don’t spit into the wind.
    WOW I didn’t mean to rant but that’s what Jon Stuart does to me. If I were to casually bump into him in public somewhere I would have to excuse myself. I am not sure I could be civil.  
    Now Rick Santorum. When I met him he was drawing crowds that wouldn’t fill a phone booth. I felt bad for him however it did allow me some serious one to one  time with the guy. I liked him and felt he was sincere. At the time I didn’t give him a snowball’s chance in Hades but it was after all New Hampshire and it was a foregone conclusion that Romney had this state sewn up. His upsurge is a testament to his determination. He is a conservative and his views on religion and contraception will be a huge issue if he were to become the nominee. They will and are already painting him as anti women’s rights while Obama slides. It is rumored that the Obama white house isn’t all that female friendly despite Valarie Jared’s presence. Honestly I think Valerie is there to appease Michelle. All goes back to that “beard’ post Bookworm did a while back. If that is all true Michelle has a huge hammer and Mr. President can do nothing about it. I have never wanted a Presidential election to come so quickly.
    By the way the second video is no longer available on YouTube as the author has pulled it due to copyright issues. No Porn for me today. :(

  • Ymarsakar

    You’re a pretty sharp cookie, you know that Book. I’m not very quick on the witticisms so I would never have been able to “fire back” so aptly with that line about Obama and his Jesus based totalitarian policies.

    Well, but I suppose I can rest assured that my talents lie elsewhere in the human spectrum of… abilities.


  • Ymarsakar

    Bizcor. And Bookworm Room company. Did you guys see it? You just saw it happen. The hand of “evil” capitalist robber baron… Porn.

    Why are they claiming… copyrights? Cause that’s how they make money. So they’re making money. And the LEft is making your culture implode. Everyone benefits, right?

     And they dare call me a greedy capitalist, those sick corrupt robber baron corporatists…


  • jj

    Not real big on Mr. Leibowitz, or any other self-hater who finds it necessary to change his name.

  • Charles Martel

    Mr. Bookworm is smart enough to know that Bookworm is smarter than he. Thus the long silences that follow one of her ripostes.
    It would be fun to watch somebody like a Danny, or the Mikes, or jj, or any one of a dozen other good minds here dismantle the man in a face-to-face debate.

  • Michael Adams

    Martel, as a good Roman Catholic, you know the real definition of Invincible Ignorance.  However, When I encounter those folks who have not outgrown the krep that most of us believed in college, I sometimes lose the train of thought as I approach Invincible Ignorance of another kind. It’s like lifting a huge mountain of Jello (TM).  Where do you grab hold? jj or Devx would probably do better, and lose less of their coolth, of which I never had much, anyway.
    I am, however, pretty good at the Jimmy Stewart play-dumb-until-they-stumble-on-themselves gambit.

  • Mike Devx

    Michael Adams said,
    > I am, however, pretty good at the Jimmy Stewart play-dumb-until-they-stumble-on-themselves gambit.

    I think you’re onto something, Michael.  Giving them a dose of “Aw, shucks, don’t get hot under the collar, I’m just trying to follow you’re argument, here,”  said with a good solid dose of Jimmy Stewart humility, sounds awfully good to me.  I think it’s a great idea to encourage them to fully express what they’re thinking.

    They might actually even blurt out some of the things they’re hiding from even themselves.  Then they may stop for just a moment, mouth agape, and say, “My God, did I just say THAT?  I don’t believe that.”  And they may then wonder for a short while afterwards, “Is that where my belief system really leads?”


  • Bookworm

    Being a gal, I don’t do Jimmy Stewart.  I do dumb blonde. 

  • bizcor

    I saw it Ymar. It is why I mentioned it.

  • kali

    ” Mr. Bookworm was taken aback when I said that he couldn’t support Obama either, because Obama had used Jesus to justify higher taxes. ”
    I envy your quick wits.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Being a gal, I don’t do Jimmy Stewart.  I do dumb blonde. 

    Oh my, I would like to see that. Do you flutter your eyes with your mouth agape? 

    Does Mr. Book buy it? 

  • Bookworm

    Danny:  Mr. Bookworm has a sneaking suspicion that I might be smarter than he is.  Dumb blonde doesn’t work, although I think he wishes it were true.

  • Michael Adams

    I have never understood why any man would be attracted to a dumb woman of any hair color.  My wife is one of the three smartest people I have ever known, and another is her son, who is a very good example of why one should marry a a smart wife.

  • Ymarsakar

    Like the Left, some people can only feel better when they know the people around them are inferior to them in some fashion.


  • Danny Lemieux

    The sexualization of children has long been an objective of the Left, as a way of breaking down social institutions and (let’s face it) making more women available for sex. 

    I came across this article in Der Spiegel through a commentator on the blog, that describes how children were sexualized in schools by the Left, not unlike today’s reports of Planned Parenthood’s efforts to sexualize kids in our schools today (more kid sex = more abortions = more-$). Warning, though….this article is not for the faint at heart.,1518,702679,00.html 

  • Ymarsakar

    That link has gone bad. Intentional or unintentional?

    Regardless, I think I remember that link about German eugenicists back in the day before Progressives were Progressively Prohibition centered in the US.

     The Left is evil. Evil must be sought out and destroyed utterly, until nothing remains but the ash of a new dawn.