Quick links for Saturday afternoon

My mother is miserable.  With her, it’s always a chicken and egg thing, as we struggle to figure out if her mental misery causes her physical symptoms or vice versa.  This question actually matters because, if there’s a genuine health problem, medical care can perhaps alleviate her misery but, if her suffering is psychosomatic (real symptoms, but triggered by stress and anxiety, rather than a treatable physical problem), there’s really nothing to do.  Still, I’m heading over because she’s unhappy and she likes to see me.

Before I got, let me share with you all the tabs I have open.

Michael Yon is fueling a debate about Medevac helicopters.  I’m currently inclined to Blackfive’s view, which is that the current approach is sensible and is the best that can be done in battle conditions.  Do you have a take on this?

Don Quixote and I often talk about the lies, damn lies, and statistics, that fill the news.  When I point to this chart, he points to this chart and then points out that an aging population inevitably has a shrinking workforce, and that job numbers are climbing, and that conservatives have to deal with this reality in the lead-up to the November election.  Don Quixote wants conservatives to win; he just thinks they harm themselves if they live in a factual bubble.  I’ll admit that statistics fill me (and most people) with horror.  There is one number, though, that is inarguable and that may help ring down the curtain on the Obama administration, and that’s gas prices.  When both the ultra liberal San Francisco Comical and the more liberal Marin Independent Journal feel compelled to note the highest gas prices ever, people might figure out that something isn’t right in the economy.  The only question is whether they blame two years of a Republican House, or six years of a Democrat Congress, two of which included a Democrat White House too.

And lastly, before I run, read this and tell me what the heck kind of a nation we’ve become?  It’s stories such as this one that make me feel we deserve our downward slide.

Oh, one more thing:  Progressives are painting Santorum as Satan incarnate because he speaks openly about God and opines about social issues (although he gives no indication that he is going to use the federal government to create the Christian version of a Sharia state).  Mr. Bookworm, who is my go-to guy for finding out what liberals are thinking, says “I could never vote for him.”  But here’s the dirty little secret — If Romney is the frontrunner, Mr. Bookworm will say precisely the same thing, because Romney’s Mormon or because Romney is a wooden speaker or because Romney is rich.  For the diehards, it’s always something.  Trying to pick a conservative candidate who will appeal to the Mr. Bookworm’s of the world is pointless.  The same holds true when it comes to trying to pick a conservative candidate for the independents.  The Progressives will always find a way to twist and slime the Republican candidate in order to strike fear into the heart of average voters who aren’t paying close attention.  All we conservatives can do is pick a candidate who will be a good conservative leader and then hope that Americans will focus on the important issues such as the economy and national security.

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  • Danny Lemieux

     “Trying to pick a conservative candidate who will appeal to the Mr. Bookworm’s of the world is pointless.”

    Exactly. We really shouldn’t care about picking a candidate that is acceptable to the Liberal-Left. They don’t matter. What matters is the independents. That’s where the field of battle lies.

  • Old Buckeye

    Slightly OT–this message was cadged from a list I subscribe to which is completely nonpolitical and bans political posts, but the author apologized later, saying they sent it to the wrong list. Doncha’ just love seeing inside the leftists’ pointy little heads?
    “Our theory is that GOP voters are so disgusted with the field that they
    are staying home from the primaries, and only the extreme right nutjobs
    are turning out to vote for these bozos. I have heard that voting
    numbers are way down in the primaries this year.
    Here in WI we have our own problems, of course, with a governor who is
    trashing the state so his buddies can get richer, is currently looking
    down the barrel of an investigation for pay-to-play and using public
    employees to do his campaign fund-raising using a secret wireless
    network, and has taken a huge campaign donation from some billionaire
    who said that an aspirin between the knees makes a great contraceptive.”


    “….leftists’ pointy little heads”

    They really should be painted orange and used by road crews – a shovel ready idea if ever there was one. 😉 

  • http://photoncourier.blogspot.com David Foster

    “an aging population inevitably has a shrinking workforce”

    This is less true in a bad economic climate, when many people can’t afford to retire even if they want to.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    My take is that Blackfive still retains his judgment abilities, whereas Michael Yon went into the loony ben years ago.

    When you are consigned to the bin titled “nonsense” by my hand, you’re not going out until you literally become a Messiah of God.


  • jj

    Good one, Buckeye.  But the fact is that participation in the primaries and caucuses is way down on the republican side.  Much ink is being expended on trying to figure out why – it would be good if someone did.  Nobody quite knows, and certainly nobody gives a damn about that author’s theory.  But it is perhaps worrisome that in a year when we’re all supposed to be jazzed as never before to overthrow the obvious disaster we have going on in Washington, no one’s showing up.  I accept that the best candidates have all stayed home this cycle and we’re left with the dregs, but even so, either Romney or Santorum would be in a different universe than Bailout Boy and couldn’t help but be an improvement.  Wisconsin’s governor would be one of those better candidates, and the only reason there’s an investigation going on in Milwaukee – not of him, incidentally, he’s looking ‘down the barrel’ of nothing at all – is because he asked for the investigation.  That the democrat Milwaukee DA’s office leaks like a sieve with mostly incorrect but sensational information simply serves to confirm that the DA, John Chisholm, is, yes indeedy, a democrat.  What a surprise…
    I personally got no problem with the aspirin between the knees, but if you want to use a rubber ducky, a thimble, or Krazy Glue – they’ll all work too.  (Oh,wait – nobody under the age of fifty knows what the hell a ‘thimble’ is.  Okay – make it a thumb drive, equally effective.)

  • Charles Martel

    Since one tablet of the stuff placed between my knees can prevent me from impregnating a woman, would it be asking too much to have the Catholic Church pay for my aspirin?

  • Michael Adams

    That’s the Hell of getting old; you have to explain all the jokes. If I say to nearly anyone  who comments here, “Who did you sleep with to get this job?” they just laugh and think of Dan Akroyd, yelling at Jane Curtain. If I say it to many young people I encounter at work, they look shocked, sometimes that I have guessed their secret, but mostly just shocked. The aspirin between the knees one is nearly fifty years old, that I know about, probably more. If Mother Book comes ’round, while you’re still thinking of it, ask her. 
    BTW, my good friend Barbara ‘phoned a little while ago, mother about the same age, similar chronic problems, flaring occasionally into acute. It’s one of the lesser delights of our attaining the age that we have, that we must deal with both teen aged kids and somewhat older parents.
    And, Martel, if the Catholic Church pays for the aspirin, would they then have to pay for the ensuing leg cramps, too?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    It just may be me, but this blog’s RSS feed stopped a few days ago. Did you change it, Book, or is it a bug?

  • JKB

    Truth be told by the Democrat’s action:

    RN-T.com – Mike Lester s cartoon 2 17 12  


    “Who did you sleep with to get this job?”

    …which reminded me of a true story. A friend was scolding one her sons, who just kept repeating “I didn’t do it.” Exhausted from the exchange she turned to him and said, “Stop it – you sound like a broken record.” The  young boy looked at his mother bewildered and asked, “What is a record?”   



  • Michael Adams

    As for the gas prices, look for attacks on “the evil oil companies, in the next two weeks or so.

  • Michael Adams

    As for the gas prices, look for attacks on “the evil oil companies”, in the next two weeks or so.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Speaking of gas prices: I caught my very nice next door neighbor, a classic Liberal Lefty enviro-nut, was out in his driveway looking at his mail a couple of days ago.

    He looked up at me and yelled, “what’s up with gas prices?”, before going into a rant about how his gas bill had been going up and up and up!

    Hee! Perfect!  

  • JKB


    I believe you’d find this nostalgia entertaining  11 Sounds That Your Kids Have Probably Never Heard – Mental Floss 

    Reminds me of when my sister visited my brother.  Her youngest, now 16, was amazed at the hand-cranked windows on his car.  She’d never experienced such deprivation.   

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Evil wins not by making people want to do evil. Humans never think of themselves as the villain of this story we call life. No, evil wins by making you no longer deserving of Divine Goodness or even regular human good will.

    Once you no longer deserve such things, cosmic justice demands that you side with evil, for you can stand with nobody else.

     It doesn’t matter what the Left thinks is to blame for the economy. This democracy called America, once called a republic, is already pretty past the fixing point. Before, votes mattered because the individual views and judgment of Americans mattered. Now a days, not so much.



    She’d never experienced such deprivation.   

    …which triggered the memory of the small triangular-shaped wind/rain “manual” window. I know longer remember the year Detroit decided that I didn’t need or want one. Idiots.

    Charming list. I don’t miss the rotary telephone. I distinctly recall that it was quite a work out for a little child with small fingers to dial up someone with numbers higher than ‘five’.  My grandmother’s number was …ready for this WAdworth 8-1154. The ‘W’ was a challenge. Gee, really giving away my age now. Telephone numbers beginning with letters and two-digit zip codes. On the bright side – I still remember.  

  • http://web.elastic.org/~fche/ fche

    Re blackfive, I’m only an onlooker, but there are a few logic glitches in his articles about the medevac issue.  His blog’s software doesn’t seem to allow comments properly, so it’s hard to find out whether they represent fixable or unfixable errors in his arguments.