Act of Valor Open Thread *UPDATED*

I’m taking the kids and their friends to see Act of Valor.  I’ll report back later.  (And I’ll wait to read the New York Times review until after I’ve seen the movie.)

Until then, Open Thread time!

UPDATE:  For those concerned, I know the movie is R rated.  I checked the parent information link at IMDB, and discovered that it offers constant tension, explosions, and gore, but no sex (i.e., purveying of Hollywood values re social issues).  I reviewed the information with the kids and their response?  “Oh, we saw The Expendables, so it’s okay.”

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  • beefrank

    My son wants to see it, too.  I saw promo interviews last night on Hannity and this morning’s Fox and Friends.  I learned how the action was staged by the SEALs who used live ammo since that is how SEALS train which was created by Richard Marcinko who started SEAL Team Six in the 70s.  The SEALs are uncredited,  anonymous and prohibited to promote the movie so the producers and Stephen Baldwin are making the publicity stops. The producers said they never questioned the SEALs about their missions or tactics. Rush screened the film and said it was ‘great’ and the action is ‘ indescribably riveting’.  He further notes, ‘Gosh, it’s gorgeous. It’s beautiful, but man is this great. Just from the moment this thing opens it’s riveting.’  The left-wing media does not like it and film critics dislike that untrained professional actors are used.  The film initially developed with the SEALs as advisers, but the filmmakers realized that no actors or stuntmen could realistically portray or physically fill the roles they had written so actual SEALs were drafted to star in the film.  Anxious to read BW’s review. Here is the background link.

  • beefrank
  • Ymarsakar

    Of course, just because the SEALs may act in the movie, so to speak, that does not mean they COMMAND how it is advertised, scripted, or directed. You see, Hollywood is fine with giving grunt jobs to the grunts. That’s what they have stunt men, to be yes men kind of people. But the ones that really control the strings are the writers, the producers, and those who fund the movie itself.

    No matter how many good things you put in Hollywood. No matter how many good men or women you use to produce Hollywood material. Evil corrupts when it rests inside its own lair, and there is nothing that can be done about that, given current people’s unwillingness to embrace direct action.