If all women have them, why are they rare?

I know I’m being picayune here, but I found this paragraph funny:

For 60 years, doctors have believed women were born with all the eggs they’ll ever have. Now Harvard scientists are challenging that dogma, saying they’ve discovered the ovaries of young women harbor very rare stem cells capable of producing new eggs.

I’ll repeat the question in my post caption:  if all young women have these stem cells capable of producing new eggs, why are the stem cells rare?  They might be small in number per woman, or they might have a finite life span in any given woman, but that doesn’t make them rare, does it?  Wouldn’t they be rare only if a very small number of women out of the overall population had them?
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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Humans tend to attach what they find valuable with the label of “rare”, meaning that few can have them in a zero sum world, thus providing it the value for those seeking it and the value for those owning it.

    Of course just like diamonds, they aren’t rare. Diamonds aren’t rare. There’s a diamond monopoly that restricts supply. Uncut diamonds from Africa (even with that subsistence level of production and corruption) still can provide an entire world with diamonds, industrial or luxury. Cut diamonds, now those are rare, after they have been run through an entire system of monopolized ideas and institutions.


  • http://callanprimer.com kali

    “previously rare”

  • Charles Martel

    Ymarsakar has it right about diamonds. De Beers has exercised a monopoly for decades, and had to hustle royally when rich diamond pipes were discovered in Australia, Siberia, and Canada in the 70s and 80s. It persuaded these three very different and far-flung nations that the best way to get rich off their vast deposits was to let out a little at a time, thus creating rarity, and letting De Beers front for them to fetch the highest prices. 
    They even managed to create new “must have” diamonds. For years brown diamonds were considered crap, but thanks to astute marketing by De Beers’s front, the Diamond Promotion Service, brown diamonds are the latest way to prove your love and fashion sense. 
    To me—and I’m aware that there is no disputing tastes—rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are prettier, rarer, and more valuable than diamonds. I’ve always loved jewelry where some magnificent colored precious gemstone is the centerpiece and diamonds are the accents and accompaniments.
    I have no opinion on young women’s ovaries.

  • http://ritestuff.blogspot.com/ Karl

    Maybe they’re rare because they haven’t been cooked very long?  :-)

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The secret to life is jing, or life essence. Known in the Eastern sphere as jing or life essence, known in the western sphere as estrogen or testosterone (hormones). The human body uses estrogen and hormone to regulate many functions. If you have a lot of life force, it’s primarily because you also have a lot of testosterone or estrogen. I wouldn’t be surprised that so long as estrogen is being manufactured, it will cause new eggs to be manufactured as well.

    There are a lot of benefits and detriments to hormone supplements, that are only now being recognized by modern Western medicine, after a lot of old people voluntarily put themselves as human subjects on this matter.

    Birth control, somehow, suppress estrogen. That’s another one of those little known facets that the Western medical community never got around to talking much about. Because they didn’t know much about the role of testosterone or estrogen in maintaining the human body’s life processes. One of the weirdest cults in existence is called Global Warming and is supposedly based upon Western weather and industrial science. Meanwhile, real hard sciences in the West are creating experiments that show and have shown, that Eastern medical conclusions based upon 4000 years of experience were true after all, even though the explanations for them didn’t make any sense to a Western doctor.

    The way to defeat any power elite is to break the monopoly they have on resources. Their power comes from their control of resources (aka money). If you have the money and the resources, you can command the same power as the most evil of overlords in human existence. Of course, the other way to command power is the Genghis Khan way. Which may be coming back, sooner than people may think.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    You’ll never hear people talk about destroying the UN monopoly on forcing children to work as sex slaves for UN peacekeepers. You will never hear a single government, superpower or tiny nation, talk about breaking up the international blood diamond monopoly. The reason is relatively simple. They don’t gain anything from it.