Drawing our enemy out to fight on our terms

Those who watch Hollywood movies think that fist fights last a long time, involve almost numberless hits, and take place standing up.  Those who have seen, or engaged in, real fights, know that, after a few punches, most fights quickly end up on the ground.  At that moment, it’s the ground fighter who has the advantage.  The problem for Hollywood is that watching two ground fighters is remarkably similar to, and just as thrilling as, watching dung beetles rolling around.  And so, decades of misinformation are born….

Gracie Brazilian Jui Jitsu, which the Gracie family of Brazil started several generations ago, is a form of ground fighting that begins with techniques to get the opponent down on the ground.  I’ve been amusing myself lately by watching videos in which the Gracies demonstrate how they defeat skilled martial artists from other disciplines by instantly bringing the fight to the ground, where the other martial artists have no tactics or defenses.  Here’s an example:

Watching this type of stuff naturally gets me thinking about the asymmetrical warfare in which our own troops are currently engaged. (And I’m positive that Obama’s election-strategy withdrawals, rather than decreasing the risks to our troops will, over the long haul, increase the risks.) Petraeus’ COIN strategy worked because he examined, not only our own strengths, but the enemy’s weaknesses. It’s been almost ten years since then, and it does seem as if the powers that be in the American military are locked into a big gun strategy that doesn’t necessarily work against an agile fighting force that is unbound by big weapons warfare or traditional rules of engagement. Too often, our troops our stand-up fighters who are engaged in a ground fight.

Do you see a way to change that dynamic?

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Ghenghis Khan knew how to destroy an enemy. But unlike most of my American compatriots, my solution isn’t to nuke Kabul, Iran, Saudi Arabia, or Mecca. It’s to nuke the White House when it is occupied by a Leftist overlord.

     That’s probably heresy of one kind or another, but that’s what America is all about. We wouldn’t be in the spot we are in, if treason wasn’t tolerated and rewarded. Treason only prospers when people dare not call it treason. Electing Demoncrats to the highest office in the land, the most powerful position on the planet, is probably something akin to that.

    America almost lost some key battles because of unsuccessful efforts by people like Benedict Arnold. Maybe this time, we’ll see what happens when Benedict Arnold succeeds and convinces his backers to make him President.

     The Gracies were not known to be totally dedicated to the truth. That quote, “most fights go to the ground” was probably taken from police statistics. Most successful fights never went to the ground. The guy that lost, ends up on the ground, and the guy that won can walk away home free. The fight is over. That is what mostly constitutes the “most fights go to the ground” rhetoric. It was expressly designed, along with UFC 1-3, to promote Gracie Jiu Jitsu. True in some sense, but not true in others. The ground is a dangerous place to be, especially in violent neighborhoods where everyone, including the bystanders, will start kicking you if you go down. Leading to injuries or even fatalities that people like the police tend to “report” and “catalog” statistically. BJJ using that statistic to promote a training system designed only for 1v1 encounters, is probably unethical as well as shoddy to boot.

    The fight right now in America is an asymmetrical fight. And not against terrorists. It’s the patriots against the traitors and opportunists in DC. Basically. Not Republicans vs Demoncrats. That’s not even a fight worth mentioning any more, except for some exceptions.

  • MacG

    “big gun strategy that doesn’t necessarily work against an agile fighting force that is unbound by big weapons warfare or traditional rules of engagement.”
    Isn’t that why we beat the Brits?

  • Charles Martel

    I agree with Ymarsakar that the locus of evil conspiring against the United States is Washington, DC. If we could figure out a way to smuggle out the contents of the Smithsonian and the other galleries and museums to a safe refuge, I’d be happy to let loose a legion of British soccer hooligans to re-enact what their forebears did to the city in 1812.

  • Michael Adams

    I wouldn’t say that I hope that the Iranians use their one nuke on DC.  That would be wrong, so wrong. 
    However, there’s a fair amount of science fiction out there in which DC is destroyed, and the country gets much better, very fast, and, yes, whips the bad guys. A snack-food for thought.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Hey guys, get a grip. You’re starting to sound like the Left. We’re better than them.

  • Charles Martel

    The difference between us and the left is that we would only go after property. Our Brit hooligans would allow all of Washington’s unaborted children, women and bwave Democrat men to evacuate safely to Chevy Chase before taking joy rides on the Senate subway.

  • beefrank

    I think Bruce Lee was the first to break out of the myopic views of the martial art disciplines and combine techniques into a efficient, effective fighting methodology which led the current mixed martial arts style. It is similar to how the Founding Fathers constructed the Declaration of Independence and Constitution based on their knowledge of the Bible, Plato, More, Hobbs, Locke, Montesquieu and others to form a governmental nation based on individual freedom. Militarily, it is how the Washington changed warfare using Kentucky colonists with their accurate long rifles as snipers targeting the horse riding Redcoat officers as they marched through the countryside or how Washington created a citizen spy network, the Culper ring, to monitor the British movements and plans within the occupied New York area which led to the discovery (which was not accidental) of the plan by his top general, Benedict Arnold, to sell the important West Point fort to the British.  I think our military is doing the best they can given the ‘anti-military’ policies of the current Administration.  It makes me cringe to watch our American snipers required to radio ‘to the rear’ for permission to shoot before pulling the trigger.  Of course, our resourceful professionals have found ways to effectively ‘streamline’ the process so a Chris Kyle can reduce the body temperature of over 160 enemy combatants.  I am confident there are enough citizens fighting to preserve the American way of life against the progressive ‘tories’ who desire to transform America back into another European satellite governed by the U.N. and the Hague. A lot will be accomplish when the Obama Administration is voted out of office along with Reid’s Senate. Then we can politically purge D.C. of the liberal staffers who have been entrenched into the fed since the Democrats ruled Congress from 1955 to 1994 eliminating or downsizing departments like labor, energy, agriculture, education, housing, EPA, HHS, interior, state, justice, transportation, treasury, commerce and defense.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Everyone and their uncle has at least considered using nukes to settle the “problem” once and for all. Some may have rejected it out of hand, while most gave it a little bit more thought. And much like Ghenghis Khan, giving people a choice between everyone in their blood line dying or swearing loyalty to the Khan, tended to prevent a lot of the “insurgencies” that tribal societies tend to engage in  as part of their normal routine of raiding. Both Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan proved that insurgencies were nothing much to worry about, even for somebody with almost zero logistical support like Alexander and the horse archers of the Khan. They just had to pay the blood toll. This is nothing new. Military doctrine or effectiveness is not something that belongs to the Left.

    However, while everyone and their uncle has “thought” about it, they never gave it much consideration concerning collateral damage, because it was all “over there”. I, on the other hand, understand collateral damage very well. And given that 93% of DC’s residents voted for Obama, I’m satisfied that the collateral damage there will be much less severe and much less evil in result, than any bomb in Medina/Mecca/Kabul/Pakistan/Tehran/Syria.

    This is realism. Very different from Leftist utopian totalitarianism and perfectionism. There is no perfect result in a war against evil. People are going to die. Better choose who to kill. Otherwise, they might decide for you, and Murphy may choose to reap the toll of deaths from amongst the armies of Light instead. Andrew Breitbart did not fall before the Battle of 2012 because everybody else was making him look bad.

    Data is meant for consideration. Not for fantasies or dreams. Consider the data and the options. Then reject it. Being the Left is rejecting things before you even look at them.

    3 or 4 years ago, I gave people notice that I favored a purge of the political class in DC. At the time, removing them from positions of power was the legal and preferred option. Now I don’t believe that is feasible any more. Given those considerations, it becomes natural to look at more effective results to determine how feasible it is and when it would become feasible. Complicated problems are never about figuring out the solution before hand and stopping it from ever happening. That usually isn’t allowed to happen by the whims of fate and human flaws. It’s just that some people have a solution, but it doesn’t work until the right Time has passed. The right time, the right timing, is a lot more important than strength, elections, money, or even resources. In martial arts, it is said that the person with the right timing doesn’t have to hit hard or fast, cause he’s always right when he needs to be, neither too late nor too fast.


  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Only 50%-75% really support terrorism, anti-Americanism, and Islamic shariah law. A slim minority, 10-25% reject it or favor some kind of lesser social stratification. That’s a lot more favorable than your 93%. Even Saddam could only top it by going to 99%. A difference of not even 10 percent…

     Around 50% of DC Residents are on some kind of food stamp, welfare, or public dole. They are the future of America, if you obey the Left.

     Americans have had plenty of opportunity to “solve” this problem of theirs, which is also our problem and your problem. And if they don’t solve it, if the bureaucrats and politicians and military flag rankers dont’ solve it, there will come a time when people are ready for a different type of solution. If you don’t like that solution, then don’t ever allow it to progress that far. Stop them now. If anyone can.

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  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    America beat the Brits because they ran out of will power and money, basically. The Colonies had been providing the Brits a lot of the cash and goods that were paying off the British war debt they incurred against Napoleon. The French then decided to try B slapping the Brits around by sending some ships to the Colonies. At that point, it got easier and easier for the British Crown to just give up. Because not only was the Colonies NOT sending their payments, but the war was costing way too much. Far too much to justify any continued occupation of the Colonies. And the Colonies were way too large for some small raids, like 1812, to do much good. Just pisses the locals off.

    The Colonies, the 13 Colonies to be exact, were Britain’s Vietnam.