My friends react to Andrew Breitbart’s death

The conservative blogosphere is awash (appropriately) in tributes to Andrew Breitbart.  It is impossible to link to every post that touches upon his genius (and he was, in his way, a genius), or upon his family’s loss, or upon the larger loss to the conservative movement.  I’ll confine myself, therefore, to linking to posts by those blog friends with whom I regularly correspond, all of whose posts have moved me a great deal:

JoshuaPundit:  Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012 – Life Without A Safety Net

GayPatriot:  The Passing of Andrew Breitbart : A terrible blow to the conservative movement, a devastating loss to his family

The Anchoress:  Andrew Breitbart, RIP; reactions

Brutally Honest:  RIP Andrew Breitbart

The Noisy Room:  One Falls Along The Way

Flopping Aces:  Andrew Breitbart dead at 43

Trevor Loudon:  A warrior has fallen

Pink Flamingo Bar:  In Memoriam:  Andrew Breitbart 1969-2012

If I’ve missed someone among my friends, my apologies.  It’s not a friendship fail, it’s a brain fail.  Send me the link, and I’ll update.  Also, if you’ve written something since I put up this post, please let me know.

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  • bizcor

    I have been reading and hearing tributes to Andrew all day long. In your earlier post/tribute Tonestaple made the comment that usually the passing of a famous person didn’t affect him, not even John Lennon. I am the same way in most cases. I might pause for a moment and say aww that’s sad. I liked his music, her acting, or he was a great baseball player but the passing of Andrew Breitbart has me more than a little choked up. He drew the left out into the light and showed them for what they are. Actually better said he drew them out into the light so they could show us what they were. He laughed at them when they called him names for he knew it was exposing them. Even in death he is exposing them through their vile comments on the lefty blogs. One of the blogs I was reading suggested rather than sending flowers go out and buy “Rigeous Indignation” as the proceeds would go to the estate. Someone else suggested buying two copies and giving one away. I am inclined to do just that. It may not be available in the stores tomorrow as it most likely will be the number one best seller by the end of the week. That should tick off the left.

    Andrew’s passing has left a void that is going to be tough to fill but I have faith that God will bring someone forward who will. I am saying prayers for Andrew and his family and for the person who fills his shoes. Big shoes they are.  

  • Ymarsakar

    Well, isn’t this convenient. Meanwhile Jimmy Carter is still around and Ted Kennedy might still have been around if it wasn’t for all that boozing and whoring he did in DC with his friend, Dodd.

    Who, coincidentally, is now the chairman of the MPAA, backing SOPA and Obama.

    The odds of a political solution appearing for America, now that one of the chief propaganda defenses for the American people has conveniently gone out of the picture (and it wasn’t because of a temporary and weak election). You ever wonder how evil people can live to be 80 and 90 while, conveniently, all their competitors on the side of Light die off like Socrates?