One Million Breitbarts

If you’re a Facebook user, please consider “liking” OneMillionBreitbarts.  Zombie explains why it matters that we’re all Breitbarts now.

Also, Bill Whittle makes three points about Andrew’s death.  The first two may or may not resonate with you (there’s been a little mild disagreement), but the third distills Andrew’s message down to its core, which also explains why we need, not just a million Breitbarts, but millions of Breitbarts:

And while we don’t want to deify Andrew (and, boy, would he have a good laugh about that if we did), keep him in the forefront of your brain during the election season, and run every single news story you hear through the Andrew filter:

By the way, if you’re wondering what the Andrew filter is, Robert Wargas helps explain.

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  • Ymarsakar

    Some people are stronger in death than in life. The Left always talked about how killing terrorists isn’t going to stop them, since it will just make “martyrs”.

    What the hell do they think they are doing to our side by killing our children, our loyal troops in oversea wars started by their greed and incompetence?

    And what the hell do they think would happen to Breitbart after he died, that we would all forget about him? As if that was going to happen…

  • Ymarsakar

    Some people took it a little harder than you, Book. But I think you will like reading this one, who is also a defector from the totalitarian Leftist society and alliance.