Please, please, please let Gloria Allred be successful in convincing Florida to mount a criminal prosecution against Rush Limbaugh

Gloria Allred is demanding that Rush face criminal prosecution for calling Sandra Fluke a slut:

In a letter dated March 8, Allred, writing on behalf of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund, requested that Palm Beach County State Attorney Michael McAuliffe probe whether the conservative radio personality had violated Section 836.04 of the Florida Statutes by calling Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke the two derogatory words.

The statute stipulates that anyone who “speaks of and concerning any woman, married or unmarried, falsely and maliciously imputing to her a want of chastity” is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree. Allred explained that the statute recently came to her attention as having never been repealed, and that it could very well apply to Limbaugh’s remarks as his show is broadcast from West Palm Beach.

When I read that, my first thought was, “Please, please, please, make it so!”  Can you think of anything more wonderful than having Fluke in court defending her sex life?

Think of it:  the legal standard is that the prosecutor, in order to win, must first show that Fluke was sufficiently chaste that someone could be convicted for wrongly accusing her of not being chaste.  Keep in mind that Fluke gives no appearance that she is a blushing virgin.  Rather, she is a 30 year old activist who insists that taxpayers and the Catholic Church fund her sex life.

Any trial of this matter will be a circus, and any circus can only benefit both Rush and the conservative point of view.  It’s already wonderful enough that Allred is making this hysterical claim, but the icing on the cake, the gilding on the lily, the cream in the coffee, would be a criminal action.

But . . . but . . . there’s a caveat.  If the Florida prosecutor goes after Rush, he also has to promise to go after Maher.  That one, at least, should be an easy case to make:

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  • jj

    I assume McAuliffe probably won’t do it.  I think he may have actually passed a bar exam somewhere.
    She is perfect, isn’t she?

  • mikesamerica

    I wonder if Gloria has ever appeared on Bill Maher’s show.

    She’s just the kind of publicity whore  that would. 

    I wonder if the witch will sue me for calling her a publicity whore? 

  • Indigo Red

    No, Mike, she can’t sue you for calling her a publicity whore. She’s a public figure and your charge specifies her public persona.

    I, too, am anxious for a Rush v. Fluke showdown with Allred in the middle of the Florida fracas, or slut fest  whichever is more accurate. There is no way Fluke and Allred can win and Gloria knows it that’s why she announced late Friday afternoon when Rush was off the air and cannot or will not comment until Monday morn. But then, I also said OJ couldn’t win. 

  • Gringo

    That would certainly be a great trial. After all, that’s why women take birth control pills- so they can remain chaste. :)
    Such a trial would probably give a boost to Rush’s ratings- not that he needs one.
    The Rush kerfuffle is a good example of lefties being heist on their own petard: demanding civility of Rush when  there are numerous lefties who are anything but civil. Alinsky can be used for both sides.
    Had Rush referred to Fluke in a more civil manner- such as an idiot who can’t find good value for contraceptives and wants the feds to pay for her inability to find such good value-  would as many people have been aware of her testimony ?  Or have been aware of what Bill Maher had said about Sarah Palin?

  • bizcor

    Iterestingly it seems her name although spelled Fluke rhymes with Luke is pronouced Fluke rhymes with …er…er …uh….truck.

  • Michael Adams

    Keep in mind, Gringo, it’s not testimony.  She was at a kind of presser, dressed up to look like a hearing, but without actual legal status, and, of course, without being sworn. She’d already been rejected as a witness, because she did not know enough about the matter.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left should begin to use the courts to intimidate and cash out public officials or private people in the public spotlight. They have been doing it under the table for a long time now against CEOs, business owners, and so on. As Mao said in his insurgency doctrine, the more the status quo occupation crushes the local villages with power, the more the local villagers flock to our banner.

    The more the Left destroys the enemy, the more people will be come afraid. The more they are afraid, the more willing they are going to listen to real solutions, without calling them “extreme”.

  • Earl

    I’m attracted by the idea of discovery in the case you describe….but there’s an old warning that appears to me to be a propos: Be careful what you wish for.
    I have no clue what we ought to be cautious about in this….but I’m really hoping that the prosecutor does the right thing and tells Gloria Allred to take a hike.
    We don’t need our courts to become more of a circus than they already are…in fact, it would be nice to turn back the clock a bit.
    The Attorney General of the United States is a far more reasonable target than is Rush Limbaugh.

  • Charles Martel

    Allred is a through publicity hound. She knows that this isn’t going anywhere. It’s just a way to grab some more publicity—her life’s blood—and fan the anti-Rush flames a little more.
    I don’t know if most people see it, but the left’s heavy duty shield bearers really do run the low-life gamut: Maher, Matthews, Leibowitz, Maddow, O’Donnell, Garafolo, Olbermann—we’re talking some very déclassé folks. The left could dig root through its base as frantically as possible and never come up with the likes of a Dennis Miller. Charles Krauthammer, Thomas Sowell, Andrew Breitbart (pbuh), or Rush Limbaugh.