Mini “Game Change” review

This is a mini “review” of Game Change for two reasons.  First, I’ve only managed to slog my way through the first half of the movie.  Second, I don’t have much to say.

I tried to watch the whole thing, honest I did, but couldn’t. Not only were the untruths offensive, it was really badly done. The actors are all Leftists doing wooden mimicry of living people.  Even worse than the artificiality of it all (there is no acting here, just play-acting), you can tell that each member of the 100% liberal cast is just thrilled with himself or herself for being part of this Palin takedown.  Every time the actors have a line that is a pro-conservative talking point, you can practically see them turn to the camera and wink.  Wooden and smug doesn’t make for fun viewing. The best I can say about Julianne Moore, who plays Palin, is that it’s like watching a good-ish imitation of Tina Fey imitating Palin.

Game Change a show that offends those who seek truth, delights true believers and, sadly, misinforms everyone else. Bad stuff.

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  • Earl

    SOMEONE has to comment….!
    All I can say is “Who didn’t know this already?”  I mean, knew it for a mortal certainty, without putting themselves through the torture of actually watching the dreck?”
    Sorry, BW….I suppose somebody has to subject themselves to it.  I’m not man enough, though.

  • Danny Lemieux

    It’s amazing how this pint-sized woman so absolutely terrifies the Left that they have to sponsor multi-million-$ movies to try and trash her. As if that will slow her down.

  • Gringo

    From reviews, I gather that  Sarah Palin is painted as an ignoramus.  I doubt there was any mention of Obama’s ignorant claim back in 2008 that   inflating tires could substitute for increasing drilling.
    For the ignoramus that Game Change alleges Sarah to be, Sarah Palin does a very good job of framing the issues with her Facebook essays.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Gringo, let’s not forget how she made sushi of Joey Biden during the vice presidential debate.

  • beefrank

    I love how the McCain/Palin supporters are acted as racist, homophobic, Bible-thumping hicks.  Stephen Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace definitely burned their bridges to become shills for the Left.  Mark Levin remarked about these former staffers and John Ziegler, who produced ‘Media Malpractice, How Obama got Elected and Palin was Targeted’, commented.  Basically, Schmidt and Wallace are losers justifying the crappy campaign they orchestrated by blaming Palin for the lost and employing the Leftist horde to pile on.  Despicable.

  • bizcor

    I would love to see eveyone who subscribes to HBO unsubscribe. My cable network gave me a free subscription for awhile. I viewed a few programs but saw nothing that would encourage me to subscribe. There are a number of programs however that really ticked me off. Bill Maher and Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” to name two and with the addition of the hack job “Game Change” there are three very good reasons to call it quits. Boycott HBO.

    Sarah connects with the people which is why she scares the Bejeesus out of the left. When she shows up anywhere thousands of people flock to the event. I believe she will be a force for the conservative movement for a long time to come and that she will most likely be more effective as a private citizen than as an elected official. 

    Speaking of boycotts it would seem the sponsors who left Rush are regretting their move. One, at least, wanted to come back but Rush declined saying that he could not longer personally endorse them. Good for him. It also appears that Carbonite is losing investors and subscribers.

    More good news, it also looks like the “attack on women” campaign hasn’t resulted in women changing their view of Obama. It may have in fact worked to the detriment of the campaign. Rising gas prices, staggering economy, and big government interference in buisnesses and industry are hurting this guy too. Not to mention the divisive air in the the country today. I am not cheering a bad economy but the administrations policies are skewering the guy because they are hurting the people of this country. Now let’s just pray the Republicans will have th guts to hammer this message from now until the fall.  

  • Ymarsakar

    The good thing about Sarah Palin is that it exposes all the Leftist agents in the Republican and conservative movement. It shows them for what they are. If America has any hope in hell of surviving the coming decades, it will only be by purging those hiding in the shadows.

  • Ymarsakar

    Btw, rising gas prices aren’t hurting Obama at all. Do you not see the big smile plastered on his face whenever he spends millions on vacations? The people who are really hurting are the ones suffering under the tyrannical heel of the Obama Regime. And that’s no joke.

  • Gringo

    Danny Lemieux
    Gringo, let’s not forget how she made sushi of Joey Biden during the vice presidential debate.
    But that is like taking candy from a baby. That doesn’t show that Sarah Palin is bright/knowledgeable, but that she is a sadist. :)