Andrew Breitbart inspires another conservative to leave the political closet

I am very, very proud of an old friend of mine.  Like me, he’s a conservative in Marin.  Unlike me, he’s burst out of the political closet.  Tim Amyx will now be blogging on a weekly basis at the Mill Valley Patch, a local Marin online publication that comes out of one of Marin’s most liberal cities.  (That’s not as redundant as it sounds.  Novato and Belvedere, for example, are vaguely purplish compared to Marin’s pretty uniform blue.  Mill Valley . . . well, not so much.)

Tim’s premier post hones in on Mill Valley’s over-the-top allegiance to the Democrat party.  Jokingly calling himself the other 1% (although he concedes that he’s probably part of the 10 or 20%), Tim discusses life for a conservative in Liberal-ville:

I’m 53 years old now, and for about the past 10 years I have found myself in the huge minority in our community. Normally it’s not an issue being a conservative in a bastion of liberals. But it takes its toll, and one can remain silent and take body blows only so long. (“Bush is an idiot,  Republican’s are the party of no, the tea party is racist, conservatives only care about their pocket books, yadda, yadda…”)

This past week, Andrew Breitbart, my hero and a hero to the modern day right, passed away. It was a tragic loss for America and in particular to the young rebirth of conservatism. He was the right guy at the right time, who took on the media and institutions that have been so very successful in demonizing conservatives. Breitbart was an inspiration to many on the right who needed a voice to speak up and stand up to the bullies on the left.

With his inspiration, I bring to you the 1 percent (or really the 10-20 percent or more if more came out of the closet of conservatives in Mill Valley and throughout Marin) conservative point of view. I plan to chime in weekly with a perspective you will not likely read elsewhere in Marin, save for a token letter to the editor. These will be thoughts you won’t likely hear at the Community Center, Depot Plaza or Peet’s. I’ll focus on local, state, and national issues.

Read the rest here.  It’s all good.

Please make Tim a regular part of your weekly reading.  I know that he’s a great person, and you can see that he’s an equally great writer and thinker.  He’s also a brave man, who has outed himself in a very intolerant part of the world.  He should be supported, because the more he writes, the more people will learn — and in Marin, perhaps they’ll learn that conservatives aren’t evil stupid people but are, instead, the kind, accomplished, intelligent community members you’ve grown to like and respect over the years.

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  • adam

     Despite Patch being a Huffington project, I’ll check it out. The idea of reporting as a citizen interests me, especially since I could not bear the cost of a master’s in journalism. 

  • beefrank

    Thanks for referring us to Tim’s post.  I am glad to see others of my generation in my hometown ‘growing up’ and arriving at their ‘Hallelujah’ moment.  Many of my Tam High graduating class ‘hit the four corners of the wind’ and left the area to seek fame and fortune. I learned and realized the errors of my liberal thinking while residing in areas of the country between the Sierra Nevada and Appalachians.   It was eye-opening when I lived, worked and conversed with Americans outside of the ‘snob-appeal’ of Marin/Bay Area/California group think (in the late 60’s, anything north of the Central San Rafael 101 exit was ‘redneck country’).  My turning point was the college student celebrations at the fall of Saigon to the communists. My liberal acquaintances rejoiced at the communist victory and ‘re-education’ (slaughter) of  South Vietnamese left behind b/c they ‘deserved’ it.  The slight to the returning US soldiers by the media and general public was equally questionable leading me to reexamine my social and political beliefs. Frankly, rediscovering Christ also sparks one to evaluate priorities and perspective. Breitbart and his merry band, James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, Lila Rose and others, recently gave me hope for the conservative movement and getting this country back to conservative values.

  • Ymarsakar

    Stronger in death than he ever was in life. Now that’s an epitaph worthy of a warrior.


  • Charles Martel

    Tim better be careful. By dragging his oversize cojones across Depot Plaza the way he has and leaving a deep set of grooves, he may just inspire a Spartacus moment: “I am Tim Amyx.” “No, I am Tim Amyx!” “No, I am Tim Amyx!”