It’s not your imagination: Obama’s fuel policies are hurting you badly

Sadie sent me a link to a calculator that shows precisely how Obama’s energy policies are hitting you every time you pump gas.  And those are just the costs you see.  These increased fuel prices affect every aspect of American life, because oil truly is the liquid that powers the entire United States.  Higher fuel prices mean more expensive goods and services (including food), whether at the production or transportation level.

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  • Marica

    We have a truck with a 36 gallon tank. It ain’t pretty. 

    One thing folks tend to forget is that it’s not just cars & trucks. Out here on the farm we have… let’s see, a riding lawnmower and a push mower (we probably cut about nearly ten acres when you factor in the lawn and various paths cutting through the property), AND a tiller, AND an ATV (not for fun, for utility), AND a generator (which needs to be run occasionally whether or not it’s needed), AND a couple of chain saws. All of these run on gas or gas-blend. We keep on hand five 5-gallon tanks and go through them several times during the season. (I’ll add that this unseasonably warm weather isn’t helping with gas consumption.)

    We are small potatoes compared to our neighbor who farms cotton and has a couple of tractors and various other pieces of large machinery. Plowing time is coming up. I feel bad for the farmers.  


    Produce and product leave the farms by truck and whatever is not deliverable by truck like mail and perishables are flown around the country. Add to that, the cost of plastic for manufacturing (all oil based) products, cargo ships and the trickle down cost feels like a flood.

  • Ymarsakar

    UPS and FEDEX is what lets Amazon make profit and collapse so many market shares into their control. If UPS can’t do business because of oil, well..

  • Ymarsakar

    This is, of course, intentional. It’s a single additional step to bring about Critical Crisis. It pits the farmers against the consumers, so to speak. The manufacturers against the farmers. The bankers against the manufacturers. Then the government comes swooping in and nationalizes whatever is left, making laws forcing you to buy GM cars and light bulbs that will give great returns to the Green portfolios of Congressmen and women.

    There are still people who think this is an “unintentional consequence” of some kind of “Obama” lazyness, while ignoring the true nature of the Left. But it gets harder and harder for them to spout that line. After Fast and Furious, it got harder. Every month and year, it gets harder. Yet they keep doing it. Because that is their only salvation. To recognize the truth, is too much of a problem

  • Mike Devx

    Re Ymar’s #4…

    If you believe Obama is merely stupid, and not actively malicious, I ask you this:  Can you identify even one of his so-called “stupidities” that has actually benefited us in any way?  You’d expect that, merely being stupid, he would accidentally stumble upon one helpful policy or another.  But I’m not coming up with one.  I’m leaning more and more to active malice… the intentional diminishing of the United States Of America.

  • Earl

    Ymar and Mike are correct….all of this mess is NOT a bug – it’s a feature!
    The worse the problems, the more likely American citizens are to accept unconstitutional remedies.
    November is the most important election of our lifetimes.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left knows that as well about the election. All the people talking about what the “Left wants to do to us” have no real idea, no real intel, and no Andrew Breitbart to GIVE THEM THAT INTEL, about the Left’s true strategies.

    They are operating in the dark. Just as has been the case in America for the last 60-100 years. And where has that gotten us eh? With no knowledge of the enemies plans and strategies, where has that gotten us here today? 

  • Ymarsakar

    The only way to predict the Left’s plans is to piece together the clues from their behavior and their Executive Orders. Or to think like the Left, in all their sociopathic glory. Andrew Breitbart did the former. I try to do the latter.

    Which one do you think Americans have been doing lately?