Obama’s election, like Harding’s, is one where we remember the voters as much as we remember the one for whom they voted

In 1920, for the first time, American women had the right to vote in a federal election.  Warren G. Harding won that election by a landslide and, rightly or wrongly, he went down as the president whose dashing good looks and insouciance so charmed American women that they put him in the White House.  Here is the dashing, insouciant Harding:

Harding’s good looks and charm have not worn well.  Neither has his reputation.  His administration is remembered as one of the most corrupt in history — and, sadly, that first batch of women voters is remembered for having put him in the White House.

Almost one hundred years later, Tina Korbe has identified a new group of voters who may well be remembered for their role in placing one of the most corrupt presidents ever into the White House.  It seems that the millennials (those young ‘uns who come of age politically in the new millennium) are no more.  Our President has given them a new name, one that, unsurprisingly, is tied closely to his own presidency:

President Barack Obama has rebranded us. To him, we’re “Gen44.” Expanded, that means we’re the generation that elected him as the nation’s 44th president. Can you say, “hubris,” anyone? It’s almost like pleading to restart the calendar with 2008 as 1 Anno Obama.

In addition to the overwhelming narcissism this re-branding displays, Korbe points out that there is a certain truth to this horrible appellation:

What’s particularly galling about this is that he’s right. To date, our record participation in his election is our defining achievement.

What women were to Warren G. Harding, Gen44 will be to Barack Obama.  Let us just hope that Obama’s administration will be almost as short-lived as Harding’s (only Obama, God willing, will be booted out via the ballot box, rather than congestive heart failure).


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  • Gringo

    Ironically, four years ago, I also made an inadvertent  comparison with Obama and Harding. I looked at US Senators who had been elected President. I chose the following metrics: Vice Presidential experience, military experience, Governor experience, Cabinet experience, House of Representatives experience. Obama scored as None of the Above. The  only other President who had also been a US Senator with the same score as Obama was Warren Harding.
    Harding had executive experience that Obama didn’t have, as he ran a newspaper for about 10 years. Obama’s “executive experience” was to chair the Annenberg Challenge, where he divvied out $150 million, counting matching funds, for research to improve Chicago public schools, which turned out to be $150 million wasted.
    You get what you pay for.
    My guess is that “Gen44”  will not vote for the Pubs,  but will have greater abstention rates compared to 2008.

  • jj

    I hate to be perceived as rude, you being female and all, but you have a lot to atone for, ladies.  Harding is far from being the only one.  In all the elections he ever contested, in Arkansas or Washington, Bill Clinton carried the male vote exactly once, back in Ark.  Thanks, ladies, for putting the credibly accused rapist in the White House!  And the immortal JFK – that’s another one we owe the girls for, and for which we’re eternally grateful.  Obama wins in Chicago, thus starting the national career, on the backs of the distaff – no males voted to put him in the senate. (Well, no live ones, anyway.)  As an old New Yorker, I clearly remember when the only male votes Mario Cuomo got were from his father and his kid – but the ladies put him in the statehouse.  (I’ve been gone long enough that I’m unable to report with certainty, but it isn’t much of a stretch for me to suppose – even bet – that Weiner and Cuomo Jr. got there via the ladies.)  And even in San Francisco, it turns out, the boys don’t turn out for Pelosi, or Boxer, or the other one.  Snout like a pig.  Crook.  Drawing an absolute blank on the name, but I reference your other senator, CA.  Here in WA if you supposed our two, Murray and Cantwell, ever won the male vote, you’d be sadly wrong.

     It’s a long list.  We owe you a lot, ladies – but your thoughtful voting isn’t part of it.


    Maybe the ladies confused the “RIGHT to Vote” with “LEFT-overs”. Can’t speak for all the women, actually I can only speak for myself. Never understood why any woman would let herself be seduced by a city slicker after a certain age.    

    Can you say, “hubris,” anyone? A lot of them can’t even say, “husband”. 😉                

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    This is actually good news if you ask me. It’s about time the Left stepped out into the light from under the various rocks they have been hiding in.

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