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    The tree of liberty requires the blood of patriots and tyrants. And it’s been a long time coming.

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    If the US government is so scared of Islamics because of 9/11 and the Americans they killed, the logical response is that if an American Civil War can kill 5 to 50 million Americans, the US government will change its policy. What are they going to do when they realize that placating Islam, that could only kill a few thousands upon thousands of Americans, is directly leading to a million plus casualty civil war? Is that perhaps, going to change their mind? No. Not until it happens at least. Then they will realize the pit they dug for themselves. Because they’re scared of Islam because they killed “only” a few tens of thousands of Americans. Only. Think on that for a moment.

  • Mike Devx

    That’s a somewhat lengthy video (12 minutes), but it’s well worth your time.  The fellow does a marvelous, engaging and entertaining job explaining his position.  His argument against Hillary and Obama (and to a certain extent, Gen. Petraeus) is irrefutable.  Once again, it is the egregious, hostile-to-Christianity double standard that is simply astonishing and shocking.  A double standard that clearly exists within our own U.S. government.

    Well done!  Check it out!

    I’m forwarding the video on to friends and family.