Remind me why I wanted to be a grown-up?

I’m surrounded by young people who, as is the nature of young people, are in a hurry to grow up.  They see being “grown up” as this Paradise where no one bosses you around, where you get to have as much candy as you can buy, where there’s no homework, and where you get all the fun, without the responsibility.  I remember viewing “grown ups” that way.  I’m having the kind of week, though, where I keep asking myself “Now, why did I want to be a grown up?”

The key word for being a grown-up — and one that seems to have eluded the OWSers — is responsibility.  When you’re a young adult, you’re responsible for yourself.  As you age, and have children and aging parents, you suddenly start becoming responsible for everyone.  As a card-carrying selfish person, this high level of responsibility goes against the grain.  But still, I do it, because it’s part of being a grown-up.

Kids nowadays have these tremendously attenuated adolescences because they don’t have responsibility.  They might be responsible for homework or sports participation, but that’s pretty much it.  The safety net is always there and they never have a feeling that, “but for me, things might fall apart.” It seems nice, but I’m not sure it’s a good thing for the way the human mind needs to develop.

And on that note, I’ll leave you to contemplate this post at Hot Air, about one young woman’s vision of what it means to be a grown-up — and that way in which Leftist society is outraged that she dare to think so.

Since I’ll be gone for several hours being a responsible grown-up, please consider this an Open Thread.

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  • JKB

    They don’t have responsibility that severely impacts someone else. Don’t do their homework, they suffer. Fail to show up to a game, well, no one is at risk. NR-Phi Beta Cons has a post about a sorority hazing at Dartmouth.

    Amidst all the hand wringing, there is one truth, the upperclass girls who nearly killed the pledges had not one bit of understanding of the responsibility when someone’s safety is in your hands, nor apparently the ability to empathize, nor the critical thinking skills that would have exposed the risks they needed to manage.  Twenty, twenty-one, or twenty-two year olds with a 3rd graders ability to handle responsibility.  

    In my career, it has been academics that you had to watch closely when they were involved in some kind of initiation.  They were more likely to choose dangerous or semi-damaging activities.  I can only assume it is because they remain in the bubble of the university and never experience the growth that comes with holding the lives and well-being of others in you hand.  

    But let’s not condemn all kids, I’d bet if you find the poor kid who has to look after their younger siblings or has had to take on seeing after the shopping aren’t near as immature as the bubble kids of the upper middle and upper classes. 

  • MacG

    The reasoon this was scandalous is that nature of hetero marriage locks out by vow, homosexuality.  Then when a divorce occurs those kids are reminded that their family is broken by such a mural.  But let’s say she had more wall and shown the guy having dinner at a restaurant with another woman or man even would they have objected? 

    Since this is an open thread:
    I’d like to pass this along.  A friend of mine got the following email as a “Truth Team” member.  It contains a link to a video of Romney clips and Obama clips. They play a Romney ‘lie’ then an Obama ‘truth’.  I picked one of the pairings and vetted it.  Romney is shown saying “Obama never used the word ‘deficit’ once in his State of the Union address.  I searched you tube for Obama’s SU speech for 2011, the one Romney would be referring to on the campaign trail.  Additionally I looked for the other two as well.  In those speeches he is wearing a different tie than in the video clip where he says ‘deficit’ about a half dozen times so their truth does not come from any of Obama’s SU speech as utilized to say Romney lies.
    I wanted to make sure everyone on the Truth Team saw this, because it’s exactly why we started this group.
     What you see in this video is what we’re up against from here until November 6th.
     Check it out, and then pass it on:               
    If you feel inspired, pitch in to help fund our team’s work, and everything we do. 
    There’s only one way to make sure none of Romney’s false attacks stick, and that’s by calling him out on it every time: for your help in doing that.
    Until next week,
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    Judicial Watch has released their Top 10 Most Corrupt politicians for 2011 in alphabetical order. I am sure there must be more and they did limit it to only ten. And ten “dishonorable” mentions as well.

     You can click on the link to vote or vomit. Not everyone’s name had a “D” affixed to the list. 

    Judicial Watch

  • Mike Devx

    To reply to Stephanie, the lady outlined in MacG’s #2 above: So Romney is lying, eh? Did you note the date on his video? It was after this year’s SOTU. So he was talking about 2012, not 2011. Lies? Noted commentator Neal Boortz also took a look at Obama’s 2012 SOTU.  Boortz states:

    Heck, Obama didn’t even use the words debt or deficit in his oh-so-wonderful State of the Union speech. 

    Ah, well.  One can only conclude that Stephanie is either densely stupid or maliciously deceitful.  Come to think of it, that’s exactly the same question that we have about Obama.

    Stephanie closes with:
    There’s only one way to make sure none of Romney’s false attacks stick, and that’s by calling him out on it every time

    There’s only one way to make sure that none of Team Obama’s lies and false attacks stick, and that’s by calling them out on it every time.  (If Romney has a problem, lying and being deceitful isn’t it!)

    Good day, dear little misbegotten Stephanie!

  • MacG


    I forgot to mention to do my own vetting I found an online transcript of the SOTU in question and searched for ‘deficit’ and it is in fact not there.

    Funny, my friend that sent that to me has yet to respond.

  • Ymarsakar

    Death is lighter than a feather, duty heavier than mountains. Try to learn what that kind of responsibility feels like. Then again, that’s not what public education is designed to teach. Homosexualism and masturbation is something of an ideal teaching standard now a days.