A weird trend on my blog

Sometimes, as you all know, I have really good days in terms of hits.  There was the never-to-be-forgotten Rush mention; there are the occasional, and always appreciated, Instalanches; and the periodic nods from other big sites, all of which send lots of traffic my way.

And then, peculiarly, after I have these big days, my traffic drops.  And it doesn’t just drop to the same level as before the big day.  Instead, it plummets, it plunges, it collapses, it goes lower than a snakes belly in a deep gutter.

Go figure.

To be honest, I prefer the big traffic days.

Right now, the whole situation is worse for me because dealing with my Mom has caused my blogging rate to drop.  Aside from spending less time at my computer, I’m just worn out from these days.  They’re not long, but they’re draining.  It’s okay.  I’m doing the right thing, and I’m happy to give back to my Mom now that she needs my help.  I’m therefore not complaining about the work I’m doing.  I’m just whining — just a little bit — about the fall-out from that work.

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  • Old Buckeye

    Well, I for one visit your site multiple times every day.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Old Buckeye: And I for one thank you very much!!

  • http://bigfoodetc.blogspot.com Marica

    I stop in several times each day. I appreciate the mix of thoughtful posts and real life posts.

  • FedUpinCA

    I just recently found you and I very much enjoy your commentary. Plus you are a fellow conservative in CA and I tend to cling to those types. Don’t get discouraged, we need bloggers like you to balance out all the liberal crap we are forced to endure on social networking sites! 

  • Charles Martel

    Add me to the list of people who drop in several times daily.
    Also count me in awe. Book, I know enough about your personal life to be at times disbelieving at how much work you do in a given day. So when I see your latest long-form essays on Obama, I can only admire. It would take me days to come up with the excellently written and sourced things that you do.
    Maybe you could set up Thursday or Sunday as “Guest Blogger Day” when you could have SADIE, or Danny, or Mike Devx, or jj, or any one of a number of the marvelous contributors here take up some slack.

  • MacG

    I pop in fairly regularly too but I wonder what the trend is tied to? End of the month better get caught up on the work load?  Popular holidays make life so busy like Kwaanza? 😉  Do other blogs have similar trends?

  • dianemadeline

    I don’t participate much, but I stop by several times a day. The time difference, east coast/west coast, means you could have something new up at any moment! And if you don’t, I check out older posts because I enjoy the people who comment here.

  • Mike Devx

    You must have a number of fans who usually visit you about twice a week, Book.  Normally, they average out over the seven days.  Then you get a high-profile mention, and they ALL visit you at once.  (I’m exaggerating with the ‘ALL’, but a lot of them must…)   Having all gotten their Book fix all at once, your traffic among them drops near to zero, leaving you for a few days with only your hard-core fans.  (You rock, Book!)

    It would be interesting to know the duration of their visits during the high-profile high volume periods.  I bet they stay twice as long, and they’ve gotten their fill for most of the week.  It takes them longer than usual to begin visiting you again.

    That’s my best guess, working without data.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Thank you so much everyone for the kind words.  Mike, yours is actually an interesting theory.  Of course, it makes reading my blog sound like a traffic jam — people creep along for a while, checking out the sites, and then, suddenly, traffic picks up and they breeze on by.

    I’m so grateful to those of you who come by regularly and I apologize again for the slow down in posts.  My deadline to empty my Mom’s apartment is this Sunday, so I should be getting some of my precious blogging time back once May comes around.

  • Ron19

    Another weird thing I’m seeing is the left-leaning campaign ads on your blog site, and other conservative sites.

    I guess they want to advertise where they can get maximum exposure.

    My favorites are the ones with Michell’s smiling face.

  • Ron19

    If I start at your main page, and go off to read the comments or drill down into foreign URLs, do you get a hit when I return to your main page?

    How are hits recorded and scored?

    Keep up the good work with your mother.

    PS.  I’ve sent you two emails that may look a little odd; please do not delete before reading.

  • DL Sly

    One thing I’ve noticed with a few of my favorite sites is that the RSS feeds don’t stay updated like they used to.  In fact, I thought you just weren’t writing much at all given that little distraction called a *life*, because the RSS feed on my aggregator page doesn’t show the new stuff anymore.  It used to update as soon as something new was added.  Now, however, my page has as the newest entry from this site is the ‘FBI won’t be protecting your computers come July’ post. 
    Yours isn’t the only site that the RSS feeds aren’t staying up-to-date with, though.  Why they no longer update as they used to, I don’t know.  I have a feeling it has something to do with the servers no longer sending the info to the feeds aggregator, but so far haven’t been able to say it’s one specific server.  Some sites that aren’t updated are Blogger, but yours is a Word Press site, so…..
    Just thought I’d throw that in the mix as part of an explanation for what you’ve noticed.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Sly: Book’s RSS feed is Kaput. Pure and simple.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    If this problem is happening all over, then probably somebody is feeding info the white house and it’s getting clogged up there. You know how it is.

  • DL Sly

    I would have thought that since the latest *gourmet* meal Xerxes was importing would have given the *pipes* a chance to start clearing by now…..