Is the New York Times trying to start a race war?

For the MSM, the George Zimmerman thing has turned out to be a bust.  With the exception of the fact that Trayvon Martin is still dead, everything the MSM first reported about the case has proven to be untrue.  Right about now, you’d think that the media would be engaged in some soul-searching and apologizing, but that assumes that MSM members have souls and consciences.  If you’ve made that assumption, you’ve proved, once again, that when you assume, you make an “ass” of “u” and “me.”

Because the media’s first effort at fomenting a race war seems to have failed, with only a few hapless white people suffering mob beat-downs, the MSM has gone back to the drawing board.  The first effort in the “if at first you don’t succeed” strategy is a New York Times article about a killing in Georgia.  Again, a white man shot a young black man.  I hope you appreciate how beautifully the Times uses passive voice in the first paragraph (emphasis mine):

LYONS, Ga. — Norman Neesmith was sleeping in his home on a rural farm road here in onion country when a noise woke him up.

He grabbed the .22-caliber pistol he kept next to his bed and went to investigate. He found two young brothers who had been secretly invited to party with an 18-year-old relative he had raised like a daughter and her younger friend. The young people were paired up in separate bedrooms. There was marijuana and sex.

Over the course of the next confusing minutes on a January morning in 2011, there would be a struggle. The young men would make a terrified run for the door. Mr. Neesmith, who is 62 and white, fired four shots. One of them hit Justin Patterson, who was 22 and black.

The bullet pierced his side, and he died in Mr. Neesmith’s yard. His younger brother, Sha’von, then 18, ran through the onion fields in the dark, frantically trying to call his mother.

The dead boy’s parents are wondering why they didn’t get the full Al Sharpton treatment. Reading through the article, you discover that there are two reasons.  First, a year ago, when this tragedy unfolded, Al Sharpton and his cadre hadn’t yet figured out that they could get substantial mileage out of a white on black killing.  Second, it’s too late now, because the actual facts are out there, and they don’t leave either the race hustlers or the MSM much with which to work.  Even the Times acknowledges that the known facts run counter to the “white people are murderous KKK/Nazi killers” meme:

Still, like so many other crimes where race might be a factor, this one is not so clear-cut. Mr. Neesmith says he felt threatened. He says he aches for the parents but believes none of this would have happened if the young men had not been in his house when they should not have been.

“I think about it every day. It’s the worst thing I’ve ever been through,” Mr. Neesmith said as he stood in the doorway of his home. “In two minutes it just went bad. If you ain’t never shot nobody, you don’t want to do it, I’m telling you.”

In the backyard, a pool was ready for neighborhood kids — both black and white — who he said loved to come over after school for a swim. Mr. Neesmith, a former school bus driver, and his late wife had been foster parents to dozens of children.

They took in a great-niece, who has a black parent, when she was a baby. She is now 19 and admitted to investigators that she invited Justin Patterson to their trailer home that night, timing it so Mr. Neesmith would be asleep. The two had been flirting on Facebook and in texts.

When Mr. Neesmith pulled the young men out of the bedrooms, he threatened to call the younger girl’s grandfather, according to court documents and interviews. He asked the two, who both have young daughters, why they were not home with their children. He ranted and waved the gun around.

So the brothers made a run for it. By all accounts, while the younger one struggled to unlock a side door, the older one shoved Mr. Neesmith.

Let me summarize those unclear facts:  Neesmith has raised a half-black child (or would she be white/black?) and his home was a meeting spot for both black and white youngsters.  He thought he had a break-in (explaining the gun), then he noticed that the child he was raising was doing sex and illegal drugs in his home (explaining the anger), and then one of the two young men (i.e., not one weeny little guy, but two young men) in his home started pushing him around.  Further investigation showed that the other girl was 14, adding statutory rape to the illegal conduct within his house.

Given these facts, why in the world does the Times say, “like so many other crimes where race might be a factor”?  (And equally importantly, why doesn’t the Times say, more correctly, “As with some many other crimes in which race might be a factor”?)  It turns out that the Times had to do some reaching:

That race played a significant part is not hard to imagine here in a county that was named after Robert Toombs, a general and one of the organizers of the Confederate government. A black woman has never been named Miss Vidalia Onion in the annual festival that begins Thursday. And until last year in neighboring Montgomery County, there were two proms — one for whites and one for blacks.

What!?  No black Miss Vidalia Onion?  My God!  The whole county should be sent to jail.  And separate proms?  Well, clearly a white person is going to kill a black person.  Especially a white person who is raising a black-white person.

With too much time having passed by, and too many facts instantly available in a small Georgia community, Al Sharpton and the MSM race hustlers never had a chance.  The bereaved parents will have to mourn their child’s passing without benefit of race riots on his behalf.

Incidentally, I’ve been paying attention over the past couple of weeks to the crime stories in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Sadly, they have included several reports tell about people of color who were shot,* one while he was pushing his child’s stroller.  Strangely, none of these stories have excited comment in the larger, national media, nor has Al Sharpton dropped by to offer his condolences.  I leave you to figure out why the telling silence.


*Oceanview is a primarily minority neighborhood, so I’m making an educated guess that the man who was shot was a minority.

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  • Ymarsakar

    What did I tell you about homes in Georgia being places where you can walk in but you might not be able to walk out alive? All the “crims” here know this, more or less, although Atlanta is a Democrat fiefdom because of a bunch of Demoncrats keep getting elected due to welfare for black Atlantans. All the “crims” know it, but notice that these “crims” were teenagers. They didn’t have enough years of experience to know that what works in Rape a Thon New Orleans, may not work so well in Georgia. 


  • Ymarsakar

    Sharpton never had a chance because if he hauled his carcass down over to that small town Georgia home body neighborhood, he’s going to be the next body they put into the ground. No kidding. ANd he knew it. The jack crack stuff he pulls in Chicago and the inner cities don’t work so well when a community is armed to the teeth and trained from birth in how to kill humans or animals.

  • Danny Lemieux

    The Dems and the Left in general have always been the parties behind mob violence and lynchings. Nothing’s changed.

  • shirleyelizabeth

    The article is despicable. “You won’t find justice here because everyone loves guns and hates black people, and it doesn’t matter that the old man was having to fire from the ground – where they put him. Those poor kids doing drugs and having sex with minors were mannerable” (my interpretation).

    “He asked the two, who both have young daughters, why they were not home with their children.”

    Is this saying that the 22 and 18 year old young men both have young daughters? I thought the young were more likely (or more malleable) to learn from bad decisions and adjust. Why do they not adjust?


    The absence of the race hustlers, including the NYT etc, was not in play in Georgia for the obvious reason: 2011 was not an election year. Always best to check the electoral map and up-coming elections for the pattern.

  • GingerB

    “What!?  No black Miss Vidalia Onion?  My God!  The whole county should be sent to jail.”    LOL!
    I live in GA and we’re constantly being bombarded with the “first Black this” and the “first Black that.”  I think it is a sad commentary on this situation that being the “first Black”  is more important than each individual’s personal accomplishment.  Its been over forty years, folks.   

  • Ymarsakar

    Forty years is just enough to make the Democrats nostalgic over back when they had black slaves and servants to F around with.

  • MorowbieJukes

    The New York Times has been an accessory to mass murder and is just continuing the tradition of Walter Duranty, Herbert Matthews and Sydney Schanberg, among others.  

  • Danny Lemieux

    Anyway, short answer to the question in the headline: “Yes!”

  • heather

    I don’t think most people working in the liberal media have ever LIVED among minorities in any significant number.  I can just tell.  Either that or they are horribly dishonest.  I’m not talking the token black family on your block or that guy two cubicles down.  
    I grew up in the 70s and 80s in rural Tidewater VA.  I’m white, if you couldn’t tell by my name.  Our community was about half black, half white.  Schools totally integrated, of course.  My elementary principal was a black male.  Sleepovers at a friend’s house who was black.  I could go on and on, but there is no point.  It didn’t matter to anyone then, and I don’t think it does now.  My parents are still there.  There’s no short way to describe our community, which is pretty typical of many communities in America.  But I will just say that the reality that I knew (and still know), is never portrayed in anything I have ever read in the media.  

  • Ymarsakar

    Alinsky was never interested in solving problems. Solving problems would decrease the tension, and decreasing the tension would take away power from the Left to make people do what is “necessary’ and for the “greater good”.


  • Ymarsakar

    Race war, Book? These kinds of things are started by Republicans and police beating up poor black folks. It’s not like the media causes them to happen.

    Btw, some people like Sharpton know that if he tries any of his SEIU thug tactics in certain places, they’re going to blow his brains away. Like has happened once or twice in some parts of the nation. Just saying.