Busy Sunday Open Thread

My Saturday was busy.  My Sunday will be even busier.  I can’t wait until Monday.  Tuesday — and I’m boasting here — I meet MacG for lunch.

I was talking to my kids about market forces and came up with this one:  “The market is busy grappling with today’s problems, while the government is imposing yesterday’s solutions.”

Conversations with the kids, this time about the Warsaw Ghetto uprising, also provided a good opening for explaining that the Founders, who were engaged in a revolution against their own government, which had become tyrannical, drafted the Second Amendment to ensure that Americans would have the same protections should their own government become tyrannical (as happened in Germany) or is unable to protect them against foreign invaders (as happened in Poland).

Here is, for me, an important question:  How do you teach your kids to appreciate fundamental Constitutional principles?  Simply reciting them doesn’t resonate with children, especially with children raised in Leftist public schools. At least, that’s the case with my children.  I need to anchor the principles to some grand historical narrative or to something that touches very closely on their lives today.  Then they both appreciate and remember the rare freedoms we have in America.

If I like your ideas, may I steal them for a work in progress?

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    “Rare” freedoms, indeed .. and getting rarer by the moment.

    President Barack Obama has signed a waiver to remove curbs on funding to the Palestinian Authority, declaring the aid to be “important to the security interests of the United States.”
    A $192 million aid package was frozen by the US Congress after the Palestinians moved to gain statehood at the United Nations last September.
    But in a memo sent to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, published by the White House, the president said it was appropriate to release funds to the authority, which administers the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
    In signing the waiver, Obama instructed Clinton to inform Congress of the move, on the grounds that “waiving such prohibition is important to the national security interests of the United States.”

  • jj

    Just step on their rights a little bit, insofar as kids have rights.  Announce that today is “Venezuela day,” and let them experience what living a day without the freedoms the Constitution provides is like.  Then explain what an ass Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg is.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    Sadie, a muslim ally must do everything he can to support the Jihad, you know. That includes taking money from Westerners.

    If you want to use some of my ideas, Book, feel free.

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Oh, my gosh! jj, you’ve nailed it for me. Ginsberg looks exactly like Ruth Buzzy. Thank you.

  • CaliSam

    In our local ‘public’ school in the 8th grade, both of my daughters were required to put together a binder in which they drew cartoons for each article in the Bill of Rights and each article and section of the Constitution as well as the amendments. It was a semester long project that started a number of very interesting dinner conversations. Guess it worked as one of my daughters is a US Marine Corps officer and the other is seriously considering USUHS (the military medical school.)

  • Charles Martel

    In 1961 I was asked to attend a summer school honors English class for eighth graders who would soon be entering ninth grade. The father of a classmate of mine who had also been invited to the class drove us every morning 20 miles across Los Angeles to the junior high school where the course was held.
    The kids in the class came from all over town, so we were about as good a cross section of Los Angeles as there could be in the era before Diversity, and Critical Race Theory, and Affirmative Action. (Yes, we actually had black and brown kids in the class.)
    In that class, I, a pimply faced, almost-13 year old, fell secretly in love with a 14-year-old dark-haired girl who didn’t know I existed. (Well, she did know, but made it clear that she didn’t care.) Aside from her intelligence and beauty, I was impressed by her pedigree: Her father had been one of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Even though I was about as goy as you could get, I was fairly knowledgeable about World War II and what had happened to Europe’s Jews. My mother’s love for her best friend, Sylvia, a Jew, had made her tutor me almost relentlessly in modern history. She was the first person I ever heard use the words, “Never forget.”
    A few years after that class, in the late 1960s in Berkeley, I ran across the name of my raven-tressed goddess in a newspaper account about local activists who were getting ready to travel to North Vietnam to show solidarity with the architects of Southeast Asia’s radiant future. The newspaper tracked her journey, quoting her extensively as she railed at U.S. imperialism in Hanoi, and decried American atrocities in Haiphong.
    Even though I was a radical at the time, I could never quite bring myself to reject my country or to think that the savage Marxists (is that an oxymoron?) who were hosting her were our moral superiors. She later returned to the U.S. to take up a career as an associate producer in Hollywood, moving comfortably about a warm cocoon where her sedition and near treason gave her great street cred.
    I sometimes wonder if in all the years since she ignored handsome, dashing, fascinating me if she ever juxtaposed herself with her father: One a terribly brave man fighting great evil with his life at stake and the other, his ungrateful daughter, abetting an equally great evil while fed, feted, and cosseted by its perpetrators.

  • Jose

    If possible, make sure your children have the opportunity to handle and familiarize themselves with firearms.  This will help the 2nd Amendment become more than an abstract idea.  They will understand that owning and using  firearms does not make one a violent or scary person.
    I realize opportunities to use firearms may be limited, so encourage martial arts training with edged and other weapons.

  • jnb

    How to teach kids about the freedoms we enjoy as Americans? Show them a place where those fundamental freedoms are absent, like China.
    Before I get accused of being anti-Chinese, my wife of 34 years is Chinese, from Taiwan, NOT Mainland China, which makes us very pro-Chinese, but very anti-Communist.
    You can start with the lead story in today’s Wall St Journal: “Escape Tangles U.S.- China Ties.” 
    It is about Chen Guang-cheng, a blind lawyer who recently eluded his guards, climbed over a wall (remember he’s blind),  and escaped from virtual house arrest. You will learn that the Chinese government has blocked internet searches that might let the Chinese people know more Chen and his escape. What a surprise that in the People’s Republic of China the government would want to keep such a thing from the “people.”  You will learn that what Mr. Chen has done to so anger his government is to speak out about forced abortions under China’s one-child policy.  You will learn that he is thought to be hiding in the safest place in Beijing — the US Embassy!! Imagine that: the safest place in Beijing is the US Embassy!!  And you will learn what happened to many of the people who helped Chen escape.  Oh, they seem to have disappeared. 
    The comparison between the freedoms we enjoy (and take for granted) in the US and life in Communist China could not be clearer (except, perhaps to dingdongs like Thomas Friedman, columnist for the NY Times, who thinks things would be better here if we were more like China.)
    If you want more Chinese intrigue, google any one of the members of the Bo family: pappa Bo XiLai, mamma Gu Kailai, and son Bo Guagua.  It has all the elements of a Hollywood thriller.  There is the downfall of a powerful politician (pappa Bo), loads of corruption, a murder (Mamma Gu is suspected of that),   and son (who was said to be driving around in a Ferrari, but as a student at Harvard has to get by with a Porsche — How  did he get the money for tuition, his expensive apartment, his cars anyway?).
    So to understand the freedoms we enjoy in the US, all you you have to do is look at life in the PEOPLE’S Republic of China, because, as we all know,  under Communism the people are all equal, but as Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, very clearly,  some of the people are a lot more equal than others.

  • http://callanprimer.com kali

    How about something close to your heart: a thorough mocking of your favorite law professor, “Dances with Occupiers”* Elizabeth Warren: http://tinyurl.com/88cdcop
    *From some satiric genius on the internet, name forgotten.

  • Gringo

    Just step on their rights a little bit, insofar as kids have rights.  Announce that today is “Venezuela day,” and let them experience what living a day without the freedoms the Constitution provides is like.  Then explain what an ass Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg is.
    The driving force behind Chavista tyranny in Venezuela is not the Venezuelan Constitution.  The driving force behind Chavista tyranny is that Chavez and his buddies operate without regard to the law. Whatever Thugo and his buddies want at a given time- that becomes the law. Venezuela is a lawless place. Law in Venezuela is whatever Thugo and his buddies proclaim it to be.
    The past 2 weeks in Venezuela have been abuzz with news about Aponte, a former Supreme Court Justice. Aponte  sought refuge in the US under the auspices of the DEA, after first having gone to Costa Rica with a lot of incriminating documents. There are two bullet points about Aponte.  First: Aponte, a former military judge, had been involved in narco-trafficing, having provided legal cover for Makled , among others. Second: Aponte has stated that he met weekly with Chavez to get instructions on how to decide about cases in front of the Supreme Court. Like I said, a lawless state.
    The irony about the current Venezuelan Constitution is that in 1999 Thugo made a big deal about getting a new Constitution. He got it, and then proceeded to ignore it whenever it was convenient.

  • Gringo

    Charles Martel
    Even though I was about as goy as you could get..
    Maybe not, as you have New Mexico Spaniards in your family tree , and a lot of conversos settled in New Mexico, which was at the time  about as far away from the reach of the Spanish crown as you could get and still live in a Spanish speaking society. Have you made any progress in genealogy searches?
    Which reminds me about Book’s old prof, Elizabeth Warren, who claims 1/32 Cherokee ancestry, and apparently used that to help her get prof jobs at one time. Though she currently claims she never did so. Which is contradicted by Hein Online’s faculty directories from the 1980s. Elizabeth Warren is an Okie, and as Oklahoma was Indian Nation at one time, an awful lot of Okies have Indian ancestry. Such as St. Louis Rams  quarterback Sam Bradford. Such as my two aunts by marriage who were 1/8 Indian, which would make half my cousins 1/16 Indian.
    From another side of the family, there is an Indian from the 18th century. Which would make me about 1/512 Indian. 
    Can I use that to get a posh government job?

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Re Elizabeth Warren, people used to claim certain tribal connections in order to get oil and gas money.  Now they claim tribal connections to get affirmative action.  (I think there’s an oily, gaseous pun in there somewhere, but I’m waiting for Sadie to find it.)

    I knew a family that was so pale they made me look brightly colored, and that’s saying something.  They lived in a ritzy part of San Francisco, partly because of Daddy’s salary, and party because pale, blonde Daddy was 1/16th of some oil rich tribe.



    Elizabeth Warren takes Indian name: Runs-with-greased-résumé. 😉

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    JNB, one of the ways I like to taunt and counter Leftists that say Bush was a fascist or that the GOP is a nationalist tyranny, is to tell them that if what they said was true, they’d be dropped off with steel weights over the pacific and never be heard from, ever again. So why are they still breathing and talking?

    And strangely enough… the Leftists get scared. They react like this gets their goat. 

    Another thing I’ve noticed is that China’s Great Chairman Mao, deified in Chinese mainland schools, was actually one of the nastiest enemies of Chinese history and tradition, ever.  So much of China’s indigenous military and martial arts knowledge were lost from Mao’s purges and death squad killings of entire martial art families that even after China tried to moderate and reform, all they got for their trouble was “Wu-Shu”. Another name for sports, like Taekwondo. It’s for kids. The Chinese, like most other intensely nationalistic people, want to have a strong China that is seen as valuable and powerful in the world.  Yet one of China’s greatest exports, martial arts knowledge, was destroyed by their great chairman Mao. The reason they are stuck trying to copy the West and doing badly, is because they have too many greedy people in politics plus they got rid of all the native Chinese who held any real “chinese knowledge” of the classics. The things the West have yet to research.

    Today, many Chinese are proud of the Wu-Shu games. As if what they are doing, teaching, and learning at these Wu-Shu academies were directly linked to the warrior philosophers of Sun Tzu, Yu Nue, and the Shaolin grandmasters. It’s pathetic. If people wanted to empower traditonal China, the Han people, they would have killed off the entire Communist party. The Mongols tried every once in a while to push down south and conquer China. The Great Wall only held them back until they figured out a way around it.But when Communism came around, all they had to do was sent someone educated in European institutions down from Russia, and suddenly China is now part of some foreign religion. What the Muslims failed to do, what Alexander failed to do, what the Mongols failed to do, Communism easily did. And yet the Chinese are not embarassed about being conquered by a foreign nation, a foreign culture, a foreign theology, and a foreign ideology. They’ve been programmed and taught that the “foreign stuff” is the native Chinese arts.

     In the end, all of this is inconsequential. Because the only thing that decides the fate of nations is the state’s ability to wage war to final victory or defeat. The victor decides what culture, what laws, and what vision a country will follow. The Left has refused to openly engage in warfare ever since the Soviet Union folded. But eventually, people will rebel. And when they do, the Leftist fascist “security forces” will put them down in a way that would make WACO look like a collateral damage US bombing of the Chinese embassy.