Is Jon Lovitz for real or is he drawing out Hollywood’s closet conservatives?

Here’s an old, bad (really bad) joke:

During the 1973 war, the Israeli Army determined that at least one third of all Arab forces arrayed against them were named Mohammed.  They quickly developed a new tactic.  The IDF troops would take cover and holler out, “Mohammed!”  In response to the call, one third of the Arab troops would jump out of their cover, and the Israeli forces would pick them off.

You couldn’t fool the Arabs for long.  They figured out that at least one third of all IDF troops arrayed against them were named David.  They too quickly developed a new tactic.  From cover, they would holler out “David!”

They tried it in the field of battle.  “David!” they’d holler.  The Israeli troops would answer back, “Mohammed, is that you?”  At which point one third of all Arab fighters would jump out of their cover, and the Israeli forces would pick them off.

I did say it was a bad joke, didn’t I?

There’s nothing new about using whatever means possible to flush someone or something out from cover in order to shoot it down.  This is a duck call:

And here’s the product description for this little doo-dad:

This is the ultimate one call that will do it all. From loud ringing hail calls, raw, hang-it-all-out duck, to super sexy, soft, up close, “put your landing gear down” calling. This call was designed to be easy for the average caller to operate.

Put more simply, blow on that little sucker, and the ducks will come flocking towards you, putting themselves in easy gun range.

Here’s my question for you.  Is this guy also a duck call?

Why do I ask?  Because of this:

My first thought was “I hope Lovitz inspires Hollywood’s conservatives to come out of the closet.” And then, paranoid being that I am, my second was, “I wonder if he’s not a stalking horse (or duck call), who is trying to entice Hollywood’s currently invisible conservatives out into the open, the better to black ball them professionally.

As both the George Clooney dinner last night and the rapturous responses to Obama’s cynical gay marriage announcement proved, Hollywood may be playing a bit coy now, but it’s still in Obama’s pocket.  To switch metaphors yet again, that coyness allows the Hollywood liberals to pretend an injury in order to deceive its prey (i.e., Hollywood conservatives), thereby flushing that prey out from its cover.

Am I paranoid?  I don’t know.  I do know that, after I did my write-up about Andrew Breitbart’s appearance in Mill Valley, Andrew called and asked me to edit it slightly to provide more cover for Hollywood’s conservatives.  It’s dangerous out there for them.  If I’m paranoid, I’m not the only one.

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  • lee

    I don’t know. It could be that he doesn’t realize yet that he is a budding conservative. Reality’s mugged him, but he still thinks Reality is mugging him because it just had a poor childhood and if the welfare benefits are increased for Reality, Reality will quit mugging people.
     It took a few years for me to wake and smell the coffee–I started hating the Clintons in the late nineties, but still voted for (retching and vomiting sounds) Gore in 2000 and was extremely upset that Bush won. 9/11 was the big wake-up call for me, but even then, it was still about one more year before I was truly wide awake. 
     The frantic back-pedaling he was doing on O’Reilly is what amkes me really wonder whether he is just a duck call. Or maybe he got a midnight phone call right before: “If you ever want to work in this town again…. Or go to any parties…” 
     Wish you had included a link to your earlier blog about Brietbart’s visit to Mill Valley.

  • Ymarsakar

    Your level of compassion and clear-headedness, not to mention tendency to favor pragmatic but not rash or ruthless solutions, makes you not paranoid at all. Although you may be becoming more security conscious over the last 4 or 8 years due to your personal experiences.

    It’s something I might have thought of when I saw this. Doesn’t mean I believe it is a true case, just that it reminds me of something I would say.

     Every Hollywood movie about American home grown terrorists, were inspired and based upon 100% Hollywood behaviors and insider knowledge. How’s that for a thought dog.

  • kali

    Eh, I’m leaning toward paranoid. Obama’s policies are hitting Lovitz’s pockets, and hard. He must have also noticed that criticisms of the president gets him more air time than compliments.

  • Danny Lemieux

    Actually, Obama’s support appears to be fraying in a number of quarters – Edward Klein’s just-released book, “Amateur” is devastating because leading Democrats such as Bill Clinton and others, are openly quoted deriding Obama’s qualifications. In the meantime, the Obama campaign appears to be breaking down to the point where they are totally losing control of the narrative and the MSM media.

    The fact that: 1) they are going back to Romney’s high school years to try and depict him as a “bully” (promptly refuted by the now-deceased, supposed victim’s family); 2) making an issue of his family dog’s traveling arrangements or 3) the fact that his great-great-grandfather was a polygamist, suggests pure desperation, especially given how these issues have backfired on the Democrats so quickly. 

    My prediction is that we are seeing only the beginning of the great unraveling. The more desperate the Democrat-Left gets, the more mistakes they will make and the more petty and vicious they will appear to the electorate. Plus, I predict that the Great Narcissist in Chief will himself self-destruct as he sees adulation replaced by derision. If there is anything that narcissists can’t tolerate, it is being laughed at. 

    My optimism is actually increasing, day by day. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Danny, you have to remember that they saved the best for last in 2008 on McCain. All the attacks on Sarah Palin were either silly, fabricated, or stupid, but the real arrow slicked in poison was the manufactured collapse of the housing market.

    Always remember, the Left says their best surprises for when it is too late for us to defend against em.


    I don’t put much stock in what Lovitz says or ever said. “Master Thespian” needed a booster shot of “fifteen minutes of fame” and decided to take it on a radio interview. OTOH, there’s no reason not to feel paranoia. The DNC/Obama team will try to undermine every facet of the election process. I agree with Danny, the lies unravel as quickly as they produce them.

    The division between “us” and “them” is illustrated by an email exchange with a friend of mine and really underscored for me the great divide.

    I got a quick email from a lesbian friend of mine (she adores the “zero”) with a link to Obama’s great proclamation of the week. I responded with a link to the real reason (LGBT withholding donor money). Last email from her: “So what, it’s still a good thing he said, isn’t it”?  To the LEFT it doesn’t matter, no moral compass needed as long as they get what they want.       


  • Libby

    I think his initial remarks were based on a legitimate annoyance that was then exaggerated in order to be provocative. Mocking Obama has been strictly off-limits to comedians, and he knew that this would get him more attention than he’s had in years. I don’t really care what his motivation is, it has an effect on the entertainment industry. It shows that in a medium that thrives on line-crossing – comedy – criticizing Obama is the new taboo. After years of entertainers pretending to be brave by criticizing Bush, I’ll take it, even if it’s a little contrived.
    What really disgusted me in the clip was O’Reilly, who spent an inordinate amount of time lecturing Lovitz on how he disrespected the office of the president. Unbelievable considering the vulgar and disrespectful manner  we’ve seen both Clinton and Bush mocked by the entertainment industry (and the press). O’Reilly’s acting more like a palace guard than a member of the free press.

  • Ymarsakar

    Hollywood is finding out what a real fascist totalitarian regime is like. Maybe it’ll teach them some lessons. Probably not.