Mitt the Bully; Obama the Bully; Every kid the bully

Let’s put aside the laughable fact that the MSM has had to go back to 1965, when Romney was a teenager, to find something bad about him (or, more specifically, something bad about him and a putatively gay person).  This ridiculous attack has naturally generated attacks against Obama and Biden, both of whom, either in memoirs or biographies, turn out to have been bullies when they were children.  Not chronic bullies, but they were mean to other children.

This is insanely stupid, and can reflect badly only on the MSM and the general Democrat establishment.  As Rhymes With Right says:

I work with kids every day.

At some point, virtually every single one of them will engage in some activity that can be defined as bullying.

That may be because of immaturity, peer pressure, or simply thoughtlessness.

Some continue their bullying behavior into adulthood, and some particularly warped individuals — like anti-bullying activist Dan Savage — even manage to find a way to justify their bullying as morally virtuous.

I distinctly (and with a great deal of discomfort) remember being a bully when I was in school.  It probably stands out in my mind because I was most often a victim.  Being a skinny, little, glasses-wearing bookworm was not a recipe for social success.  When someone came along who was an even bigger target than I was, I gleefully joined in with my former tormenters.  I honestly don’t know what I was thinking.  Was it just a child’s natural instinct to pick on those weaker?  Was I hoping to ingratiate myself with the power structure?  The answer is lost in the heavy mists of time.

What I do know is the Greg nailed it:  “At some point, virtually every single one of them [kids] will engage in some activity that can be defined as bullying.  That may be because of immaturity, peer pressure, or simply thoughtlessness.”

Watching the Dems implode is proving to be more fun than I expected.  I only hope ordinary voters figure out what’s going on, and throw the bums out.

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  • MacG

    I did likewise having been picked in the last three for teams. It still gives me a sinking feeling when it crosses my mind.  There is a reason Jesus’ words are do unto others as you would have them do unto you versus do unto as you have been done unto.  The passions to render as you have been rendered unto are strong even to this day you can see bumper stickers on critics cars “Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth is a sure way to an blind toothless society” they miss the context that the law limits personal vengence.  The greater command, vengence is mine says the Lord. Elsewhere G-d desires mercy not sacrifice. But I digress.

    Bullying to me is the perpetual never letting up harrassment of someone.  An instance of meanness or insult does not a bully make.

  • Oldflyer

    Ahh, well.  I really think this drum beat is going to backfire.  At least I think it will with anyone who is honest enough to think it through.
    I suppose I am like most.  There are many instances in my youth that I wish I could forget, and that I would hate to have brought to light at this point. With regard to bullying, although I do not recall ever starting the action I distinctly remember joining in at times.  On the other hand, I offer in mitigation, that there were other instances of standing up for the down trodden, and doing so with my fists.  I cannot explain why I reacted  one way at one time, and the opposite in different circumstances.
    The utter hypocrisy will be on display over the next few months.  It will be fascinating to see which youthful indiscretions are judged acceptable, even endearing,  and which are judged disgusting.  Will it depend solely on the youth in question?

  • jj

    If in fact it happened at all, seems to be some doubt about that. The parents of the victim don’t seem to actually remember this episode from the youthful days of

  • bkivey

    Maybe somebody should investigate Jason Horowitz.

  • MacG

    Old Flyer,
    Thanks for the reminder.  I also have defended.  I am not sure if it is because I have guilt for having been mean or sense of justice from having been picked on. COme to think of it my Dad normally mild mannered once defended me a  game booth at the Scout O Rama in what was once the Dominican field (off of Grand avenue for you older Marinites). I was at a game booth throwing sponges at a target.  You got three sponges in a pie tin after waiting in line.  I remember being inline without my Dad and I threw one spnge and a big kid pushed me out of the way saying something like “that’s enough” or “get out of the way”.  The next thing I knew, my Dad shoved in between me and the kid grabbed him by the upper arm (setting him off balance a bit), “GIVE HIM HIS TURN!”.  Well I have to say I got my turn and the kid I never saw again.  Maybe that’s where I get this sense of sticking up for the bullied, broken up fights etc.
    But Phil Keaggy wonders for the little ones perhaps the most “bullied” segment of our society…

  • Ymarsakar

    With Sarah Palin, they had to go back to Paul Revere. That shows you just how dangerous certain people are to the Left. The rest of the Republican party are almost harmless in comparison.

    What the Left accused us of, was only ever true of the Left. Remember that. 

  • Ymarsakar

    Who is more likely of bullying gays in their adolescence, the wannabe Black Liberation slash Muslim convert Obama? Or the upright Mormon Romney?


  • neocon hippie

    It’s very much like the creation of the half-Peruvian mestizo bilingual George Zimmerman as the poster boy of white racism. That turned out to be based on utterly false premises, and it looks like Horowitz’s tale is headed in that direction. Both were created a chain-reaction media pile-on. And the notions of Romney as homo-hating bully and Zimmerman as murderous racist are bat-s–t crazy.
    In one it’s pathetic that this is the best Big Media can come up with. Which makes it even more disturbing that either of these fabrications have as much traction as they do.
    We have our Samizdat here in the blogosphere but Pravda & Izvestia still have immense power in creating and controlling the dominant narrative.