Wanted: Help finding missing brain (either mine or the President’s, I’m not quite sure which)

Somewhere between yesterday and today, my brain went AWOL.  I had a wonderful idea for a short and sweet post yesterday but never got the chance to write it down.  Today, I have the chance, but absolutely no ideas, neither short and sweet ideas, nor long and boring ones.  I’ve been reading the news, and find it redundant.  The genius in the White House has flat-lined.  The news today is the same as it was yesterday and the day before.  Obama has completed  his re-volution on gay marriage (“I was for it before I was against it before I was for it, but it’s none of my business anyway, because it’s a state ‘thang'”); he’s stood by helplessly as Europe, in thrall to the same economic ideas he espouses, is going into an economic death spiral; Islamists, easily recognizing a weak horse when they see one, are on the move in one place and biding their time in another (point randomly to a map and you’ll get moving Islamists or biding Islamists somewhere in the world); and the economy at home is finally being recognized as a Depression, rather than a series of interconnected recessions.

I mean, really, what insight can I offer at this point?  What can I say about this president that hasn’t been said before?  Yes, he’s an amateur, but he’s also been very effective at transforming America from a first rate capitalist country (or, at least semi-first rate); into a second rate wanna be socialist disaster.  Regarding his amateurism, he reminds me of the dojo dictum:  always spar with the black belt, not the white, because the former is much less likely to hurt you than the latter.  A good fighter is as adept at not harming a friend as he (or she) is at inflicting maximum damage on an enemy.  Regardless of Obama’s motives (anti-colonialism, socialism, hostility to whites, etc.), he’s managed to muck things up but good.

One of the muckier mucks, of course, is Afghanistan.  At the Watcher of Weasels website, some of the Council members (moi aussi) have weighed in with their opinions about that debacle — one that tragically, involves the spilling of American blood in the pursuit, not of an honorable victory, but rather a craven, unfocused, purposeless withdrawal.

What!?  Me gloomy?  Nah, I’m always happy on Mondays.  In Obama’s America, this is what happiness looks like.

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  • jj

    It’s at least semi-amusing – in a sad, sorry, and sordid kind of way – that the little fellow has now come out in favor of gay marriage, right at the same time he’s been in favor of the Brotherhood, in Egypt and elsewhere.  Islam has a very simple resolution to the gay question: kill them.  Painfully, if possible, but however you like, just so they end up dead.  As the head jackass from Iran notes, there are no gays in Iran.  (He’s executing a couple more, even as we speak, just to keep that position reinforced.)  I guess President Pinhead believed what that record shitwit Clapper said when a few months ago he told us all that the Brotherhood was secular, no interest in a society run by Sharia law, and was kindly disposed toward everybody, including Israel.  Uh-huh.  We notice Clapper doesn’t seem to have much to say now that they’ve announced that they’re going to establish Sharia in Egypt (“there is no constitution or law but the Koran!”).  The problem is that most of us with higher-than-room-termperature body temperatures knew that before they were allowed free rein to take over, but then most of us aren’t allowed to do Pinhead’s thinking for him.  Only Secretary of State Fatass and her  minions – like the aforementioned genius Clapper –  seem to have that ability; and aren’t they just doing a swell job?
    And I fully expect to be long dead before somebody from a “news” organization asks him: how can you ignore the attempted revolution in Iran not so long ago; ignore the true aims of the Muslim Brotherhood while allowing them to take over Egypt, Libya, and, ultimately, Syria and Jordan – and at the same time expect to get points (and votes) from the gay community here at election time?  (And, just as an unkind side question: hey!  Gay community!  Are you really that goddam stupid?  He thinks you are – he’s sure you won’t notice.)
    And I’m sorry about the marriage thing, but the concept of marriage is an old one, with a long tradition.  It is entirely possible to wish to defend the sanctity of that traditional definition without hating gays.  (Something is being defended, boys and girls – nothing is being “attacked.”  Including you.)  And when the halfwit who will not be governor of North Carolina for much longer comes out and says – of her own people – “now we’re just like Mississippi” for having voted against gay marriage – I have to confess it doesn’t surprise me that no one in the media points out to her that while it’s true the voters of North Carolina have agreed with the voters of Mississippi, they have also agreed with the voters of even such liberal idiocracies as California and Oregon.  And 36 other states.  North Carolina should, I guess, hang its head in shame because 61% of its voters do not agree with Madame Perdompadour.
    Yesterday’s news – how many of you threw something through your TV screens watching Barney Fwank get a platform to explain what a bunch of bad guys and pwoblem childwen the leadership at Morgan was last week?  The same Barney Fwank who, with his buddy, the excrescence Chris Dodd, almost succeeded in sinking the whole country with their shenanigans in re: Fannie and Fweddie F***-up?  Somebody please tell me: how in the hell is a steaming pile of manure like this even allowed within a hundred yards of a TV studio any more?  Let alone be invited by even a cockroach like Stephanoplous to have an opinion about somebody – anybody – else’s fiscal malfeasance?
    And I certainly know I’ll be long gone before somebody looks at Pinhead and just asks him the very simple – and very obvious – question: so what’s the plan?  What are you planning to do?  I know, I know, tax the rich – but if you just out-and-out confiscated every single dime every wealthy person has, just take it all;  that would net you about a hundred billion dollars – we owe $15 trillion!  And you’ll be looking to borrow another couple of trillion in another few months.  So tell us, oh Great One – what’s the plan?  What stroke of genius do you have to get us out of this?  What blueprint have you painstakingly devised for us going forward?  What’s the goddam plan
    Of course the adults in the room know he doesn’t have one.  We’re in so deep Jesus Christ wouldn’t have one.  And tens of millions of our fellow citizen-halfwits are going to vote for him anyway.  And I guess now he figures he’s bought the gay vote.  Statistically small, but quite verbal though it is.  And I guess he has.  There are days it’s kind of discouraging.

    • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

      jj: You are a delight.

      Heck, all of you are delights!

  • Danny Lemieux

    Oh my, JJ, that was a masterful rant!

    My only quibble is that you set your sights far too low when it comes to what we owe. If you combine Federal, State and Local Debt along with unfunded future liabilities, we owe (Net Present Value) between $100 – $130 trillion.

    How is a $14 trillion economy supposed to pay that off? Especially when we are adding $1.0 trillion+ in debt per year and a slight upward blip in interest rates sends our interest obligations through the roof?

    Just askin’. 

  • Caped Crusader

    For heavens sake, STOP holding back and trying to be diplomatic, and tell us how you REALLY feel. And I could not believe you misspelled the first name of such an important man — that should be BaWney Fwank.
    GOOD JOB!!!!!

  • Charles Martel

    I agree that jj is holding back. For God’s sake, give the man a topic he can go off on! :)


    Nothing to add to jj’s rant nor the gloomy portrait of any country with a “stan” at the end of its name. I can only suggest a pair of really good hip waders from Carbela’s or from your favorite sporting shop, because we are beyond knee deep in it. There are no bailouts possible or feasible – we’re running on empty…empty suits, empty pinheads, empty promises and if/when the Euro crashes, empty IRA’s and bank accounts. Excuse me, gonna go sing a Ricky Martin tune now …”Livin’ La Vida Loca”  and try to blend in with the trees and landscape around here and hope that the sky doesn’t fall or a drone doesn’t drop from the skies. Think, I’ll add a bag of chips to the short list. Why not? The idjits promised us all that and all I have left is the damn bag of chips.

  • Mike Devx

    Obama is a nitwit, but if we are in as much trouble as you all agree we are – and I agree too – well, we didn’t get there overnight and Obama’s not even the main culprit.  He’s just the avatar of it all, the personification of all the batcrap asswipes that got us into this position.

    You’re headed down the slippery slope towards the cliff, and Obama is the guy at your back, pushing you even faster, faster!  Then there are the ivory tower intellectuals such as Krugman, who pontificate that, we spent a whole lot of stimulus money in incredibly stupid ways that didn’t work, so the solution must be to let exactly the same people spend even MORE money in incredibly stupid ways that won’t work either.  As the commercial says… BRILLIANT!

    I loved the rant, jj.  That was truly something special.  Well done!


  • Beth

    All of this just made my day! I’m not crazy and if so, I’m in good company it seems.
    After reading Lloyd Tackett’s apocalyptic survival guide, I think starting over wouldn’t be so bad……did I really just say that?

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    I told people for several years that Obama got a big grin on his face whenever he saw Americans killed or tortured. They may not have believed me at the time, but that’s how things like Afghanistan are the way they are. With Americans being killed and tortured solely for the amusement of one man. They fight for his sake, don’t you know. Obama said so himself.

    And people doubt even now because… because the truth is too hard to face. They’d have to take “desperate measures” if they were willing to admit such things were true. People aren’t ready to take desperate measures. At least, not yet. They have not suffered enough under the hands of the Left. They don’t have enough hate for the Left to do what is necessary. In a war, conviction is the first resource required, even before arms, armor, and food.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    My ideal wishlist for an post-Apocalyptic scenario in terms of a resource depot would be.

    1. 500 .50 caliber rounds for the M-82 plus the rifle itself.

    2. T10/L6 bainite/1060 spring steel tempered katana, wakizashi, and tanto.

    3. M1911 sidearm or USP .45 cal.

    4. Land mines with claymores, plastic explosives, heat and motion detectors along with detcord to string em all up when needed.

    5.  the Bible

    6. A horse

    7. A dog (used for early alarm, tracking, and to carry ammo, supplies, and small salvaged parts)

    8. A cat (to get rid of rodents)

    Those would be the essentials. The other ones would be things that could probably be scavenged like a tent or water tight sleeping bag.

    By the time the Apocalypse comes, the ability of UPS to send me stuff from overseas is probably not going to be economical or feasible. And most of this stuff is not made in one’s local state.