Obama and Elizabeth Warren: birds of a feather who fake facts to capitalize on Orwellian institutional diversity

Ed Driscoll has the best wrap-up I’ve seen of the bombshell report that Barack Obama either told his literary agent that he was born in Kenya or, when she made a mistake to that effect, was happy to let that mistake sit around, uncorrected, until 2007. Ed’s point, like mine, is that this agency squiblet doesn’t actually mean Obama was born in Kenya.  As someone pointed out (and I’ll add a link when I remember who did the pointing), if Obama really was born in Kenya, Hillary would have worked that angle back in 2008.

Nevertheless, this 1991 document, one that pre-dates Obama’s political career, establishes more clearly than anything else could two important things.  First, it proves beyond all doubt that Obama lies and lies and lies.  Jack Cashill and Roger Simon, both published authors, say no agency would ever publish a bio without running it by the author first.  Whoever wrote those words, Obama was complicit.  Assuming as I do that he’s just a second-rate mind from Hawaii, he actively or passively lied back then.  And when he scrambles now to recover from that lie, he’ll be lying again.

Second, this little print publication, which was in active distribution through 2007, proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the media is now and has been running interference for Obama.  The media should have found this document  — and would have found it if it had only stopped searching through Sarah Palin’s garbage cans.

I continue to have a deep, deep desire to see Obama’s grades and job applications.  Just as Elizabeth Warren cast herself as “Faux-cahontas” to get affirmative action benefits, I’m willing to bet that Obama, when applying to college and seeking jobs, claimed Kenyan birth in order to cast himself as an “exotic” who would lend even greater diversity cachet to colleges and businesses.  If American black is good, African black is even better.  The institution manages to get both a person of color and someone who suffered colonial depredations.  It’s a double sin expiation for the institution that grabs this person.

I was talking to someone today who claimed that the U.S. is still a deeply racist nation.  I suggested that it is no longer possible to call the U.S. racist, because it’s no longer possible to have a non-insane discussion about race.  In a world where George Zimmerman, a half-Peruvian, part-black man is a “white-Hispanic;” where lily-white Elizabeth Warren gets one job after another based upon an imaginary, possibly Cherokee ancestor  who bequeathed 3 droplets of non-white blood to Warren; and where an American born nonentity makes himself interesting by claiming an African birthplace, who the heck can have a reasonable discussion about either race or American attitudes towards race?

The topic of race in America is so toxic and polluted, it’s time to do what we should have done a long time ago:  abandon it altogether.  Otherwise, we risk return to a bizarre racial world of quadroons, octaroons, quintroons, and 32nd-roons — and worse, it does so, not even based upon actually genetic lines, but upon made-up histories.

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  • Caped Crusader

    That is one hilarious picture !!!!!! And is says a great deal about liberal American insanity.

  • Michael Adams

    Some genuine Conservatives opposed the Civil Rights Bill when it was being debated, and filibustered by Liberal Southern Senators, likje Kefauver, Ervin, Gore, Long, Russel, et al, because they foresaw trouble ahead, as the unintended consequences emerged. Of course, most Conservatives in America are not “conservative” at all, cautious,  clinging to the past, etc, but are, rather Classical Liberals, and they, like Dirksen of Illinois, supported the Civil Rights Bill, and broke the filibuster, because Classical Liberalism is all about bourgeois values, and segregation blocked Blacks from participating in our political and economic life, no matter how thoroughly they embraced those bourgeois values. 
    Now, as wiser people than I am have pointed out, we are dealing with the unintendeds. 
    To begin, Brown v. Board, which certainly had a quite laudable goal, was argued from sociology and social psychology.  My heart breaks, too, for the little kids who thought the white doll was prettier than the brown one. However, whether it is in our personal lives or our national life, decisions based upon emotion do not produce happy facts, and the unhappy facts eventually produce unhappy emotions, too. So, now, we see a millionaire get on a plane in Delhi, and land at LAX, instantly qualifying for “affirmative action” to the disadvantage of, even, our won native-born citizens of African heritage.Even worse, the muddled thinking has permeated our national thought process, to the point that there is something suspect about demanding the same level of enforcement of our immigration laws as is the general practice in, tho choose just one example, Mexico.
    I am surprised, even now, at the ignorance of “liberals” who do not know that most of the world is deeply prejudiced about ethnicity, and utterly unembarrassed about saying so. Anyone who has traveled outside the country,m and actually listened to people they met, has seen this is so, beyond any question. They ridicule Americans who try to speak out for tolerance, not just of Jews, but also Africans, Asians. Chinese, in Japan, and vice verse. “Liberals” love to talk, but are not so keen to listen.

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The only way to abandon it is to haul up the race hustlers and execute 50% of them, same with the DC bureaucracy in power right now.

    Otherwise, there will be no such thing. 

  • Oldflyer

    Book, one alleged benefit of electing Obama was that we could quit talking about race.  Well, just one more hoped for change that didn’t happen.  As we know, part of the reason it didn’t happen is that Obama, or his surrogates, keeping playing that particular card.
    Michael Adams comment reminds me of the time I was on a liaison trip to a remote NATO base in the mountains of Sardinia.  The ship insisted that I take along a sailor who spoke Italian.  The Italian naval officer I was primarily dealing with wouldn’t even speak to him because he spoke a Sicilian dialect.  The Italian was Milanese, and claimed that he could not understand the inferior language.   But, in the club later in the evening when it was just me and they, the German officers informed me in detail about the genetic inferiority of their Italian hosts.  I am sure that either party would have been happy to lecture me about American racism–given the opportunity.

  • cerumendoc

    Why are we making excuses about the booklet that alleges that Bam was born in Kenya?  The booklet says so and Bam allowed the statement to stand unchallenged until 2007.

    We have yet to see a long form birth certificate either.  The one Bam presented was immediately torn apart by bloggers conversant in Photo Shop.  Where’s a birth certificate with a solid chain of custody; how about corroborating evidence in the form of hospital medical records?  How about physicians or nurses present at the birth?

    The question of foreign born never arose because each of Bam’s predecessors left a trail of a presence as a native American.  Not this guy.  Even his mannerism and dress bespeak a foreign mindset.

    Why, instead of saying that it’s still probable that Bam was born in Hawaii and the booklet was a lie allowed to stand by Bam, don’t we take Bam at his word?  He is foreign born.  

    The birther line doesn’t go away because there remain too many loose ends.  No solid evidence of a valid birth certificate. Spends the first ten years of his life raised as a Muslim in a Muslim country.  A social security number that comes from Connecticut.  Who paid for his education, BTW?  And, now this, a booklet from his literary agent that lists his country of birth as Kenya.

  • Oldflyer

    cerumendoc: I honestly think a lot of the reluctance to question his birth place is simply fear of being called a Birther.  A Birther has been defined by the Left and the Literati as a knuckledragger.  A select few of us don’t care if we are called knuckledraggers.

    Some folks actually thought that Barack Hussein Obama was cleverly baiting a hook by letting the birth certificate issue stretch out.  At a strategic moment he was  supposed to produce a valid birth certificate, and embarrass the haters.  The joke is that by letting it stay in play, some people are encouraged to keep digging around in his past, and they uncover damaging stories like this one.

    I have never believed that BHO was particularly intelligent, and I think the evidence is mounting to support my belief.  He and his merry Chicago trolls were power players in a small venue; but they are scarcely ready for prime time.  He caught a wave in ’08, and somehow convinced himself and some worshipful souls that he was jet propelled.  Flame Out!

  • Call me Lennie

    Here’s my well received song parody about Liz Warren called “Voter Reservation”

    They checked the whole Cherokee nation
    Couldn’t find a blood relation
    Stripped away Liz Warren’s lie
    Left her hanging high and dry
    Took away her ethnic scam 
    Whole diversity thing’s a sham
    And all the white men they did cheat
    Will drag her party to defeat
    Cherokee deceitful,
    Cherokee lies
    So hard to forgive, so hard to jibe
    Exposed the whole equivocation
    Voters now have reservations
    And know this caused my career to die
    I’m feeling vengeful, can’t deny
    Cherokee deceitful,
    Cherokee lie
    So hard to forgive, so hard to jibe
    And maybe someday when they’re burned
    Sense of fairness will return .. will return .. will return 

    I have this and another parody “Half (of half of half of half of a) Breed” on this thread



  • Call me Lennie

    Well dang, that song parody didn’t post as previewed.  Thankfully, the link survived, so check that out.

    [Book here: I think I fixed the formatting, but please check out the link anyway. Call me Lennie has good stuff.]

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    The idea that Obama and Axel are leading conservatives on a wild goose chase with the fabricated birther loose connections has received another blow recently. Since the advent of additional evidence that would purport to magically arrange things such that Obama and Axel were thinking in terms of a 20 year strategy. The Left doesn’t think in terms of 20 year strategies, people. They have 5 year command economies, but Obama doesn’t have the work ethic to think longer than 3 days of golf…


  • jj

    Cerumendoc, Oldflyer – I’ve mentioned this before, perhaps it’s worth repeating.  The law  regarding citizenship in 1961, when Little Jugears claims to have been born, stated that if you were the offspring of a foreign national and an American citizen, the only way you could qualify as a “natural-born” American (and therefore eligible for the Presidency) was if the American half of your parental duo had lived in America as a citizen for five consecutive years after his/her sixteenth birthday.  In this case, Daddy was a Kenyan national, and at the moment of his birth Mommy was eighteen – which is not five years after her sixteenth birthday.
    I’ll stipulate: he was born in the Lincoln bedroom at the White House, with the entire Kennedy clan, Lyndon and Lady-bird, the Speaker of the House, the Leader of the Senate, and Cardinal Spellman and Bishop Sheen as witnesses to the event.  Okay?  He would still not be eligible to occupy the White House!  Where he was born is not in the least relevant to the issues presented by his parentage!  Nobody should waste as much as a nanosecond worrying about where he was born – it’s not important!
    I don’t understand why this is never brought up: it takes anybody who owns a computer under five minutes to do the legal research and pull out the rules for citizenship that were in place in 1961.  It’s simple.  (I’ve even, in the past, put the link here to the relevant page in Findlaw.  Don’t have it handy, but it’s in a past post.)  And everybody gets hung up on the birthplace – WHO CARES?  THAT’S NOT THE PROBLEM!  (What it is, is clever misdirection.  If they can keep the bonfire about where he was born going, nobody on our side will engage the wit to go look at the immigration and citizenship laws in 1961 – and it’s been working!  Brilliantly!  My God, our side must be f***ing stupid!)
    In fact, you will learn as you go on reading in the law, the only way he could even be a citizen of this country at all – to this day – would be to go through the naturalization process.  Do you think his little idiot eighteen-year old mommy ever thought of that?  Or knew it?  Think he was ever naturalized?  Forget “natural-born,” he clearly isn’t;  I’d bet we have a sitting president who is in fact not even a citizen of this country.  By any definition of “citizen.”

  • MacG

    JJ could I trouble you for that link>  I looked and all I could find was from Wikipedia which states 5 years after the 14th birthday.  I think it sis a grat angle but perhaps we are relying on wiki;s information which makes it pretty close.

    For persons born between December 24, 1952 and November 14, 1986, a person is a U.S. citizen if all of the following are true (except if born out-of-wedlock)[8]:

    The person’s parents were married at the time of birth
    One of the person’s parents was a U.S. citizen when the person was born
    The citizen parent lived at least ten years in the United States before the child’s birth;
    A minimum of 5 of these 10 years in the United States were after the citizen parent’s 14th birthday. ”


  • Gringo

    For someone in her sixties, Elizabeth Warren looks pretty good. Honest Injun!
    There is some wit in these comments. Call me Lennie has resurrected Paul Revere and the Raiders! [Did any of the Raiders have Cherokee ancestry?]
    The Left doesn’t think in terms of 20 year strategies, people. They have 5 year command economies, but Obama doesn’t have the work ethic to think longer than 3 days of golf…
    ROTFL. It is amusing to note how many of  the Demo talking points have blown up in their faces. Dog in a crate begat dog on a plate.  Discussion of misogynistic Rush led to discussion of even more misogynistic Bill Maher. Et al. This shows faulty research on the part of the Demo campaign strategists. They put forth these talking points without apparently realizing that  they can blow up in their faces. Axelrod didn’t know about Obama’s eating dog, apparently. Or, Axelrod and friends thought that Mitt and friends would give the Demos the free pass that McCain did four years ago.
    Michael Adams
    I am surprised, even now, at the ignorance of “liberals” who do not know that most of the world is deeply prejudiced about ethnicity, and utterly unembarrassed about saying so. Anyone who has traveled outside the country,m and actually listened to people they met, has seen this is so, beyond any question.
    Before I worked in Latin America, I was quite willing to label the US as the Great Sinner regarding prejudice and bigotry.  I found out that tolerance- and bigotry- were universal. As Michael Adams points out, furriners were utterly unembarrassed about  expressing bigotry and prejudice.  I was invited into two homes in two different countries which featured prominent pictures of Adolf Hitler- which would have been much less likely to occur in the US. At least I have never observed that in the US. Et al.

  • jj

    Findlaw, Mac – not Wikipedia.  In the section on “requirements for US citizenship,” second or third page down.  Citizenship requirements were changed in, I think, 1972 – but in 1961 they were as I stated.  (Which is interesting, come to think of it – I wonder if it’s still there.)  I’ve been running all day, and not done yet – will try to parse through old notes and dig it out, but I cited it once before here in the room.  If I get another few minutes today, on top of this stolen few minutes, I’ll try to get to it.
    And even Wikipedia’s version – kind of loose, as Wikipedia often is – disqualifies him: his mother was 18 when he was born, 14 + 5 = 19, as far as I know: not 18.
    And as for the parents being married, well…  When his father married his mother, he was already married to Terzia, his African wife,  whom he never bothered to divorce.  (In fact, after he and Dunham went their separate ways, Barak Sr. married a third woman , still with not a divorce in sight, speaking – as they will, in Romney’s grandparent’s case – of bigamy.)  I imagine this will not be brought up, either.