The green police strike — and it’s not a commercial this time

Two years ago, Audi put out a very funny Super Bowl commercial about the “Green Police,” armed law enforcement agents who took down people violating eco laws:

Because life imitates art in Obama’s America, there’s a not-so-funny story out of Lowell, Massachusetts.  It seems that a man who has leased state park land for 26 years, and made many improvements on the land during that time, suddenly found himself dead center in the Green Police radar:

Looking to hit the spot with a savory ice cream at Great Brook Farm State Park this week?

You may be out of luck.

The park’s popular ice-cream stand was unexpectedly shut down by state officials over the weekend, after the stand’s operator made building improvements at the site without getting permission first.

Mark Duffy, who has operated the dairy farm at the state-owned park for 26 years and has a lease with the state to run the stand, said armed Environmental Police officers showed up at stand on Friday evening and stood guard throughout the weekend, turning away customers craving delectable sundaes and frappes.


Duffy said he has made countless improvements to the farm over the years without permission. “The reason I’m here and the purpose of having me here is to improve the facility and operate a commercial dairy farm,” said Duffy, 57, who lives on the farm with his wife. “I make improvements every single day and have for 26 years.”


There are 13 high-school and college students who work at the stand who are now without jobs, said Duffy. While there are 140 milk-producing cows at the farm, the ice cream is shipped in from Bliss Bros. Dairy, an ice-cream manufacturer and distributor in Attleboro.

If life is going to imitate art, why can’t it imitate something more pleasant than a comic dystopian nightmare?

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  • socratease

    The problem isn’t Duffy’s improvements, it’s that he didn’t grease the palms of the rent-seeking bureaucrats that fill our government offices.  They’re not protecting the environment, they’re protecting their power structure that leeches off of productive citizens.


    Feb. 2011
    SAVANNAH, Ga. — Girl Scouts are no longer able to sell their famous cookies outside the historic Savannah home of the woman who founded the organization almost a century ago.
    June 2011
    PHILADELPHIA – The saga of the city of “no” continues as Philadelphia shut down an Alex’s Lemonade Stand.
    The city’s Department of Health shut down one at 18th and Market streets on Thursday.
    An inspector said they didn’t have a permit to operate, or a hand-washing station.
    Mar 29, 2012- Where were the “green police”

    Solar Trust of America: FAIL
    Bright Source: FAIL
    Solyndra: FAIL
    LSP Energy: FAIL
    Energy Conversion Devices: FAIL
    Abound Solar: FAIL
    SunPower: FAIL
    Beacon Power: FAIL
    Ecotality: FAIL
    A123 Solar: FAIL
    UniSolar: FAIL
    Azure Dynamics: FAIL
    Evergreen Solar: FAIL
    Ener1: FAIL


  • Ymarsakar

    When you let evil take control, who actually thinks they’re going to get a utopia rather than a dystopia? huh?

  • Old Buckeye

    Sadie, to add to your list: 
    –First Solar (Tempe, Arizona) reports $449M loss
    –“Willard & Kelsey, a struggling solar-panel manufacturer in Perrysburg, Ohio, laid off most of its 80-person work force in January. The layoffs were the latest development in a series of delays and issues facing the company.
    The firm has received a $5 million loan, a $500,000 grant, and a tax credit from the (Ohio) state Department of Development.”  (The scuttlebutt is that the execs were paid with the funds, used them for personal trips, etc.)

  • jj

    What the hell is an “armed environmental police” ossifer?  (Come to that, what the hell is an “environmental police” ossifer, armed or not?)  Where the hell did all these goddam internal armies come from?  I still don’t know who ever authorized those champion dingbats of all time, the ATF, or BATF, or BATFE, or whatever they’re calling themselves these days.  (Based on America’s experience with them thus far, from Randy Weaver to Waco to Fast and Furious, ROM would seem to be the best acronym for them: Roomful of Morons.) This place is getting as bad as the Soviet Union, with all these jerks out there playing cop.  We have “environmental” flatfeet now?  Jee – sus!

  • Ymarsakar

    Civilian Security force as powerful as the US military. But I suppose people’s short attention spans forgot that one all too soon.

  • Ymarsakar

    The more people wait before adopting pragmatic solutions, the more people are gong to have to die before the system gets “fixed”. In 1990s, you could have fixed the system with only a 25% casualty rate at the bureaucratic purge. Now it’s up to 50%. In another few years, even killing 99% of the bureaucrats and cops won’t fix anything. For one, there’ll be many many more bureaucrats and police officers owned by the Left and unions, and another thing, they will have grown too powerful for a partial purge to do any good.

  • Danny Lemieux

    SADIE and Old Buckeye – you can be sure that the “management” (Obama bundlers and sundry supporters) looted those companies in the form of salaries, bonuses and /or stock sales first.