Allen West: The politician who won’t pander

Most politicians would have pandered in response to the question a CAIR person posed in the video below.  Not Allen West.  As he said, near the end of his own answer to the question, “I’ve been on the battlefield….”  Maybe we ought to make battlefield experience a prerequisite for honest politicians.  It seems that having faced real guns a good indicator that the politician will have the strength to face rhetorical guns:

Hat tip:  Earl

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  • Ron19

    You mean someone like Kerry?

  • Call me Lennie

    Allen West needs to to be tutored on some of his early Islamic history, it’s a little shaky.  The maximum number cited for Jews who were executed in the aftermath of the Battle of the Trench was 800.  Moreover, there really was no Battle of the Trench per se.  A Meccan coalition which was not prepared for seige warfare marched on Medina and discovered that the Medinans had dug in behind an impassable trench.  Eventually, after an attempt to turns the Jews in Medina to their side, the Meccan encampment was disrupted by a severe winter storm. And that was the end of that.

    Mohammed  did not espouse violence while he was in Mecca because he would have been assasinated; had nothing to do with his old lady.  Once he was established in his own power base, he became exceedingly bolder.  But then again, once Mo established a power base right on Mecca’s vital caravan route, war was inevitable.  So you can’t really say the Muslims were the aggressors here.  But once the Meccans lost face at the Battle of the Trench, Mohammed did indeed became much more aggressive and violent.   

  • bizcor

    I can neither confirm nor dispute the facts that Lenny or Congressman West put forth but I can damn sure tell you I think Allen West is the closest thing to what the founders had in mind for Cogressmen currently serving today. I love the guy. He is also backing that young woman from Utah Mia B. Love so I think she may be someone who will do her constituents proud too.


    Nezar Hamze couldn’t confirm or dispute the facts.  I’d say Hamze is Cair “less”.  

    East is East and West is West and …..Allen West is wonderful! 


    Here’s a little current islamic history….

        Israel National News – Egypt has confirmed Christians’ fear of Islamic rule and has sentenced 12 to life in jail for their part in warding off Muslim mobs last year. The court acquitted eight Muslims.
    The Christians were found guilty and sentenced for killing two Muslims and for causing a disturbance in the April 2011 riots south of Cairo when a Muslim bus driver, angered by aspeed bump in a Christian neighborhood, began to fight with security guards.

  • MacG

    Call me Lennie  It is always good to be correct as possible.  GIven that I’d say Allen West has earned a solid B+ for accuracy but I still give him a solid A for carisma.