1. JKB says

    I disagree with his suggestion of moving the UN to Tehran.  I suggest Somalia.  Located there it would be amidst many of the states that need its concern saving trillions of CO2 releases just in travel alone.  Plus, the UN bureaucrats could be examples for the people of Somalia.  

    Really, who thought it a good idea to place the UN Hq so remotely from the nations in need of its concern.  And yet it was placed in the Northern portion of the Western Hemisphere close to only two countries.  Countries that are well developed first world nations.  Moving the headquarters to Africa would not only cut down on travel by diplomats from poorer nations, the UN bureaucrats themselves would seek to transform the location with modern amenities, thus raising the living standards for at least on nation of people in an area in dire need of such government employer prosperity.

  2. says

    The UN was originally constructed to serve the same purpose as the League of Nations. It was ostensibly for America to keep a check upon Soviet power and to deal with the Soviets in a fashion that didn’t involve proxies wars in the Middle East, Afghanistan, or Vietnam. Although proxy wars still happened.


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