Tuesday morning open thread

As is usually the case for me after a long weekend, my brain is a gray mush, and my paper inbox is piled high.  Between the one and the other, it takes me a little bit to regroup for blogging.  Until then — It’s Open Thread Time!  Yay!

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    The Tax Foundation has created a “migration calculator” based on data from the Internal Revenue Service, tabulating the number of individuals moving between states each year, and income affected by the shifts.
    The calculator shows that 612,520 people renounced their citizenship in New York State and moved to Florida in the 10-year period, taking with them $19.7 billion in adjusted growth income.
    Between 2009 and 2010 alone, 40,195 New York residents moved to Florida, taking $1.3 billion in income.
    Sadie here with a couple of questions. 
    Interesting stats. Some we know and we know why, too. Under what circumstances either by choice or by necessity would it take for more Americans to be on the move. Not included in the migration calculator link, the number that have “immigrated” out of the country. Some “threatened” to do so if Bush was reelected and I’ve heard the same said if Obama was as well.
    My question of the day is: What circumstances would it take for you to move? Where? Why? What events?

  • CollegeCon

    Planned gendercide. Margaret Sanger would approve.

  • MacG


    Sanger you say?  I say Singer, let’s cull the whole lot off…how could they disagree?

  • Mike Devx

    What circumstances would it take for me to move?  If a Western Civilization country came out with a Constitution that enshrined individualism, freedom and dignity, the free market, property rights, and some guarantee of very limited and small government, I’d start taking a serious look.  The deeper into trouble we get here in America, the more closely I’d look.

    Unfortunately, I see no signs of that actually happening.  So it’s FIGHT THE FIGHT right here in America instead!


    Mike Devx

    “The Buck Stops Here” the sign that once rested on the desk of Truman has moved to SCOTUS, where it seems to me that the big decisions will be decided. Sometime next month, expect High Noon at the SCOTUS Corral decision to adjust everyone’s holsters. Since it’s the court of last resort or chance, I wonder what happens when Madame Ginsberg is replaced with the (dis)likes of someone like Eric Holder and Obama has a sign on his desk: The pen is mightier than the sword. Damn scary thought.

    MacG – Seems like PP sang’er praises. Punterrific “cull the whole lot off” 😉     

  • Mike Devx

    “Gentlemen and Ladies!” thundered the Zombie Convention Chairman as he pounded the gavel furiously.  “Welcome to South Beach!  Now, settle down, it’s time for us to begin!”  (The hundreds milling about on the convention floor settled down.)  “The first order of business is the traditional poll by acclamation.  This year, the question is, if you’re going to eat someone’s face, what’s the best part to begin with?”

    He listed the parts, one by one, and noted the strength of the applause for each.  “No need to count!” he proclaimed, “The winner, just like last year, is obvious.  The Eyes have it!”

    After the raucous applause died yet again, he smiled broadly at his audience.  “I love this enthusiasm!” he shouted. “I’d like us all to give each other a great big hand!”

    At that point, all the seven-footers in the audience got a frightened look on their faces, and quickly dashed for the exits.

  • Old Buckeye

    What circumstances would it take for you to move? Where? Why? What events?
    Sadie, I’ve been contemplating leaving the country in the event of zero’s re-election. The problem is that, as Mike Devx points out, there’s nowhere else on earth with the foundational principles we have here. So now I’m figuring I’ll get proficient with a firearm and fight on my own turf.

  • jj

    I’ve sort of given up on “foundational principles.”  I’m at an age where I just want to be left the f*** alone. I no longer have the time or the energy to help other people with their rectal-cranial conditions.  If that’s the way they’re determined to be, I can’t help ’em.  (And if that’s the way they’re determined to be, I’m no longer interested in helping ’em.  Life isn’t long enough.)
    Sadie, I don’t much like the Big Court.  They’re already convinced they can defecate strawberry ice cream, for a bite of which the rest of us peasants should be grateful.  I’m not grateful.  I hold to the old-fashioned opinion that if the people anywhere decide they want something – or don’t want something – the opinion of nine retired ambulance-chasers is entirely irrelevant.  Too many of them have been demonstrable assholes; Hugo Black was an outstanding one; William O. Douglas couldn’t get his pants off fast enough to chase the latest secretary around her desk; Ruth Buzzi Ginsberg clearly doesn’t have the nous or the wit to adjudicate anything relating to the Constitution of the USA, which she apparently holds in slight  regard.  (I doubt if she ever read it; or if she did, she didn’t understand it any better than the old Constitutional law professor who occupies the white house does.)  I don’t care what – or if – these people think.  If they’re the last line of defense, God help us all.  Lawyers have damaged this country enough, I’m disinclined to listen to nine of them burbling about what they think about how we should live any more.  If those nine clowns are what you’re counting on to help you decide whether it’s time to go or not – wow!
    I’ll stick with Hunter Thompson’s remark: “The Supreme Court of the United States has been reduced to the level of a piss-poor bowling team from Memphis.”  The only thing I’ll question about that statement is the “has been reduced” part.  Whaddaya mean “has been reduced,” Hunter?  As far as I can see they pretty much always were, right from Day One they started out to slip their Constitutional bounds.
    Not something on which to depend, Sadie.      


    Old Buckeye and jj

    Thanks for your input. The old cigarette tagline: “I’d rather fight than switch” has the votes so far. I was really wondering within my questions initially, how invasive into our personal lives would government edicts begin to affect our day-to-day living and choices.  

    Mike Devx

    I read the story. OMG – the new drug of choice, “bath salts”. I liked your write-up of it better than the original. :)       

  • Mike Devx

    Hoo boy.  I’m sure most of you have read the story elsewhere, but here’s the headline:

    Obama Tells Jewish Leaders He Knows More About Judaism Than Any Other President

    Yes, and most of what he “knows” he learned from:
    – His pastor for decades, Jeremiah Wright (Mr. “God Damn America”)
    – Bill Ayers
    – Louis Farrakhan
    – Rashid Khalidi, longtime Obama friend and Palestinian “scholar”; the videotape of their dinner at which Obama spoke is hidden under lock and key by the LA Times.  What’s so controversial about what Obama said at this Palestinian-friendly dinner such that it must be kept hidden away?  One must wonder…

    Let’s not forget that Obama grew up as a child in Indonesia, a country permeated with so much love for Jews…  (oh hell, that’s too subtle: you might not know that Indonesia refuses to allow Israelis to enter their country.)  Wonder what Obama learned in Indonesia about Israel during his formative years?

    I wonder if Obama’s main book source for information on Israel is ‘The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion”?

    It stuns me that there is even one Jew that thinks Obama is friendly towards Israel.  Obama is not even an effective liar.  It’s that damned Pied Piper of Hamelin effect again.  He can say *anything* and some people continue to let him get away with it.

  • Mike Devx

    I found a copy of Obama’s vocabulary quiz on Israel recently:

    Israel:  “A country with no morally defensible borders and that should not even exist.”
    Hannukah: “A holiday for Jews in which they celebrate thousands of years of oppressing other people.”
    Passover: “The correct decision to make when contemplating hiring an Israeli”
    Bar Mitzvah: “The ceremony in which a young Israeli is recognized to have become an adult and aka also an official oppressor, and thus now a legitimate target for noble freedom-loving Palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers.”

    Extra Credit:
    Benjamin Netanyahu:  <Here Obama drew a stick figure with a knife in its back, and in large capital block letters wrote, “HATE HIM! HATE HIM! CRUSH HIM! CRUSH HIM!>

    After calming down, Obama then wrote: “The so-called leader of the Israelis, leader of a country so small I should have no trouble completely controlling him, but for some reason every time I try to make him dance to my tune, he keeps on defeating me.”


    Mike Devx

    I read the article at Weasel Zippers. Unlike at Gateway, there is no self-editing in comment section.:)

    Obama Tells Rabbis He’s Being Vilified By Republicans Because Of His Muslim Name…   

    Mr. Chutzpah will now tell the congregation that he’s taking summer courses at the closest yeshiva. He’ll slap a yarmulke on his head, which will have the Team Obama logo and a link to his “give me money” website.

    Speaking of the scumbag/Fart-in-a-can   Farrakhan: Allah Will Bring Down Skyscrapers, “Take Out Cities” If America And Israel Stop Iran From Building Nukes…




  • Beth

    My husband and I have said for quite awhile, “Where would we go?”  I just don’t see things looking up anytime soon.  Does anyone even feel that there will BE an election if there is a chance that BHO doesn’t win?  I don’t.  The way I see it, all hell will be unleashed in this country, backed by the muslim brotherhood, if there is even a slight chance that Romney could take the election.  Looks like a hot summer to me…
    My husband’s reaction to the ‘bath salts’ problem–“Which is why we need guns.”  That whole thing just creeps me out to no end.  Lord, today would be a good day! 

  • Mike Devx

    Beth said:
    > My husband’s reaction to the ‘bath salts’ problem–”Which is why we need guns.”  

    Beth, aren’t you the one who said in a comment recently that you were homeschooling your six children? 

    And now your husband is the one to say thisL “Which is why we need guns.”

    I want you to be my neighbor, your family has got it going ON!  In fact, I want to clone you all and have you be all my neighbors!