Is it me, or is this a very bad picture for an advertisement?

When I checked out Hot Air today, I saw this side bar advertisement:

My very first thought was “I didn’t know T.G.I. Friday’s made condoms.” My second thought was, “Why the heck is T.G.I. Friday’s offering condoms as part of its entrees, appetizers, or desserts advertising. It took me several passes before I realized that the picture shows a cardboard coaster bearing the watermark of a glass.

Do I have a dirty mind (which is entirely possible) or is that a really bad image?  Or maybe it’s a good subliminal image.  Those of us who are a certain age remember a famous book that assured the American public that every single advertisement contained subliminal images, usually of naked ladies in ice cubes.  Madison Avenue didn’t sell either sizzle or steak, said the book, it sold secret sex.  Maybe that’s the message here:  Come to T.G.I. Friday’s and get lucky!

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  • oneredthread

    Gotta say, I didn’t see it.  And do get accused of having a dirty mind…..

  • neocon hippie

    It’s not just you. I thought it was one of those little butter packs, but coaster makes more sense. And it’s not even subliminal. I mean, why wouldn’t they use a new, flat and clean coaster?

  • skullbuster

    You guys don’t drink much; do ya.  I immediately saw it for what it was and my OCD wondered why they didn’t center the glass when they put it down.

  • Don Quixote

    I’m with skullbuster.  Condom never occurred to me.  Maybe it’s off-center because they’ve already had a few.


    “… it sold secret sex”

    The secret is safe. I must be condumb, it never crossed my mind. 😉   

  • Earl

    I’m not terribly experienced, I guess…..
    I even went back and looked at the ad again before I got to the part about the ring from the glass – trying to figure out where the condom came in…..  So, I not only didn’t notice the condom reference, I couldn’t even find it when looking for it!!

  • michal

    I thought it was a mouse pad, then I remembered that TGIF is a restaurant.

  • Caped Crusader

    Not a dirty mind, but to even an untrained psychiatrist, a definite sexual Freudian mind slip. See p, 214, “Psychopathology of Everyday Life” – (S. Freud). The chapter dealing with unintended apparitions at T.G.I.F.

  • Simplemind

    Book, and those of you who saw condom instead of coaster . .  

    You need to get some.

    I’m not saying the interpretation wasn’ there, I’m saying you got there because — you need to get some.

  • SJBill

    My Dear Bookie,

    Better find yusself some double strength brain bleach. You must be hanging out with too many sailors and such.
    Sailors? We see strange things like panty lines and bra straps everywhere we look, especially when she’s walking away from us.  😉