Romney needs another top adviser; this one is too dumb to live

Think about what’s wrong with this picture (emphasis mine):

Romney campaign senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom defended Mitt Romney’s call to arm opposition forces in Syria, saying it would create “a level playing field” this morning on “This Week.”

“They are brave, and they’re not going away,” Fehrnstrom said of those opposing the rule of Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. “What they need is the capacity to wage a fair fight. So what Governor Romney would do is encourage the United States to work with our partners to identify, organize, and arm the opposition.”

“They’re going up against vastly superior forces in Assad’s army and have suffered 10,000 losses, just slaughtered by the government,” Fehrnstrom added.


When Will asked “How do you stop once you engage?” Fehrnstrom said that Romney is not calling for direct intervention, but arming the opposition “so that there’s a level playing field.”  Will replied, “That’s an intervention.”

War is not a sport.  After it ends, the two sides don’t walk off the playing field, shake hands, and have a beer together.  War is a winner take all game.  If a government picks a side, it’s not trying to create “a level playing field” with a “fair fight.”  It’s trying to get its side to win.  This doesn’t mean having your side engage in brutality, mass slaughter, etc.  It does mean arming your side so that it beats the other side.  All Fehrnstrom is proposing is an endless war between two fairly wall-matched combatants.

We’ve seen those wars before:  the Civil War, World War I, World War II.  I prefer wars like the Grenada War back in the 1980s:  beat them fast, beat them clean, walk away the undisputed victor.

I’m worried here.  I do believe Romney will win, but having a campaign adviser who has no idea what war is or how one picks a side, and having a transition adviser who supports ObamaCare tells me that Romney is not vetting his closest people as well as he should.  I understand that Romney cannot know or control everything that his people think and say, but really!

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  • Earl

    I hadn’t heard about this guy yet….only his transition leader who has profited off of the state exchanges, and thinks the GOP should KEEP that part of Obamacare.
    Romney CANNOT keep these people on after this type of ridiculous bungling….if he does, there will be no discipline, and voters will be wondering where Mitt’s head really is.
    I’m with you, BW……this concerns me, and not in a good way.

  • Libby

    This is the etch-a-sketch comment guy, right? He needs to be cut loose.