I don’t get anything done. I’m just busy.

Honestly, my days just spin by at a frantic pace and, when I look back, I can count my accomplishments on the fingers of one hand.  Time management is not my forte lately.

And that’s the reason, though not the excuse for my blog’s slow pace lately.  There is no excuse.  I’m desperate to sit down and write, but never get the chance.  And when I do manage to collect my thoughts, I forget them before I reach my keyboard.

And, honest to God, if I hear my name (either “Mom” or my given name) bleated, hollered, called, or whined one more time, I’m going to break something!

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  • Beth

    I feel your pain, Bookworm!  I am amazed at what you turn out with the demands on your time.  Thanks for what you do–it is my sanity break in my noisy world.

  • Call me Lennie

    Here’s my epic song parody tribute to Andrew Breitbart and all you female bloggers in the conservative blogosphere, based on Led Zepellin’s “Heartbreaker/Living Loving Maid”  It’s called “Breitbarter/Writing Blogging Maid”  And just for a hoot and a holler, I’ll change the last line just for you — after all, you are my favorite little worm Bookie

  • http://bookwormroom.com Bookworm

    Thanks for the kind words, Beth.

    And that’s a very clever song parody, Call Me Lennie!

  • Alix

    Book — I know exactly what you mean with the kids and the “Mommy” yelling.  I have told my kids a thousand times not to call my name from another room unless it is an emergency.  I say “if you want me, come into the room where you can SEE me.”  And the tone of voice that bothers me the most is when they say “mommy?” — with the intonation going up at the end…that is the “I need money to buy something” tone… kids, gotta love ’em though  : )