The more you know Chelsea Clinton, the less you like her

Obama is so bad, the Clinton era starts to look good.  And Obama’s crude use of his children is so bad (dragged out when they’re presence is useful, off-limits when it’s not), that one really has to appreciate how zealously and effectively Bill and Hillary shielded Chelsea from the public.  I wish that Bill and Hillary would continue to hide Chelsea from the public.  Now that she’s become a public figure, she’s gone from bad (being the world’s most pointless and boring television host ) to worse (shilling for CAIR).

When will this Clinton nightmare ever end?

Hat tip:  Sadie

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  • Ymarsakar

    The Leftist alliance is composed of family dynasties as well as interest groups and ethnic factions. If you expected the Left to simply be bad in one generation, and not the next, you don’t really understand the true nature of the evil in play here.

    They create and generate foundations, such as Wilson’s semi fascist policies, in order to collate power and transmit that power, and wealth, to the next generation. Not specifically your children, but their children. In the same fashion that married couples combine their wealth and genes and pass it to their children and heirs. Like a royal dynasty.

    This is why Leftist evil has yet to be eradicated even though the US Constitution has several ways of stopping their policies and many have been used over the last 100 years. Many have not, but that does not change the fact that even if you used the full power of the US Constitution, the Left’s legacy would still be left unchecked. And people think elections are going to solve their problems? As if.

  • Libby

    Disgusting, but not surprising, considering that she had her lavish wedding at the home of Soros’ daughter.

  • Tonestaple

    Chelsea Clinton’s nonsense reminds of me a chart I found in the World Book Encyclopedia when I was in 6th grade.  This chart was a list of terms and what they meant to Communists and what they meant to Americans.  (This chart made me the conservative I am today because I instantly realized that Commies lie.)  But the one I most remember was the term “peaceful coexistence.”  To us, it supposedly meant exactly what it said, but to the Commies, it meant just resting up for the next assault.

    This is exactly like Chelsea’s dissembling on the subject of jihad.  Yes, the word means struggle, but what’s the meaning behind the meaning?  Struggle against who or what?

    Peaceful coexistence and hudna are exactly the same thing:  to us, they mean (or are translated as) “truce.”  To them, they both mean resting up to regather strength, at which point the alleged truce vanishes to the shock and dismay of the West.

    I’m just never going to understand the willful blindness of the left.

  • Ymarsakar

    The Left is allied to Islamo fascists. Case closed. I mean, why would anyone be surprised Germany worked together with Russia? Or that England was supported by America in WWII? That’s what allies do.