• bizcor

    Jay Carney has his hands full right now and I love it.

  • jj

    Why not laugh – he’s laughable.  He’s one of those fairly rare people who looks like a twerp and, upon closer inspection, lo and behold – he actually does turn out to be a twerp!  His childhood must have been interesting – I can guarantee you that none of the kids in his neighborhood liked him.  The fact that he was born with one of those faces that – to boys, anyway – screams “punch me” is not his fault; that he acts so predictably in accordance with that is.  Robert Gibbs looked like a not-very-successful-but-in-there-hustling Madison Avenue ad man, and the first time I laid eyes on Carney I thought “wow – you managed to find somebody worse!”  That was the impression instantly conveyed by looking at him, and by God, he’s managed to live right down to the first impression.

  • Danny Lemieux

    You mean “Bagdad Jay” Carney.


    Can you imagine the conversations between Jay and Claire. Claire Shipman, as you may know, works for ABC. I’ll leave the “how was your day dear” to the gifted writers here, who have mastered the art of “he said, she said” scripts. 😉

  • http://ymarsakar.wordpress.com Ymarsakar

    When the media gets a spike through their eye, that’s the right time to laugh. Not before.

  • Tonestaple

    They may laugh at some of Carney’s sillier assertions, but Obama is still their boyfriend.  The press is just a locked-up girlfriend, invited to spend time with their boyfriend, but completely willing to be left in the boyfriend’s dorm room the whole time so as not to interfere with boyfriend’s fun.