Anti-bullying is simply another way of saying “paralyzing political correctness.”

Dan Savage made a name for himself as the face of the “anti-bullying” campaign sweeping America’s schools.  He’s gotten lots of money, lots of media face-time, and lots of access within the Obama administration because of his “peaceable” message.  Savage’s own behavior, though, makes clear that his anti-bullying message is just another Leftist scam, meant to silence those with whom he disagrees.  It’s not about civility, it’s about denying free speech to opposing political views.  Savage’s latest bullying attack is on members of the GLBT crowd who dare to deviate from his Leftist orthodoxy.

Fellow Watcher’s Council member Dan Blatt (aka The Gay Patriot) has more about the Cone of Silence the left has erected around this uber-bully.

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  • Leah

    Yes, being a bully is a one way street – you are only a bully if you attack people and ideas on the left.
    I’ve seen this in real life – where a lovely lefty LGBT activist is demanding respect for her side while cutting Black churches to the bone. Her openess and acceptance go in only one direction. There is no room for respecting other opinions or ideas.  Of course she gets nasty about it, though if you point it out to her, which I have done – she finds every excuse in the book why she is entitled to blast these Churches and the people who attend them.

  • Ymarsakar

    When a sniper blows Savage’s head into the gutters, that’s the time for me to have a toast. Just coincidentally.