While Bookworm is on the road, I’d like to recommend a pit stop at Hope n’ Change. Stilton Jarslberg, writes a nice snarky paragraph or two to compliment his cartoons. Can’t go wrong with a “cheesy” name like this. 😉
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  • 94Corvette

    This is kind of an I5 story – I have a 13 year old Cocker-Beagle mix (looks like a 35 lb golden retreiver) and her name is ‘Southbound’.  She was named after the ‘official’ CHiP’s motorcycle barn dog that Ponch and Jon found on the southbound side of I5.  When I adopted her, I was traveling frequently and took her with me all the time.  To this day she is the best traveling dog I have ever owned. 

  • Charles Martel

    I know this is out of the blue, but I’d like to share this obituary with you. It ran in the May 27, 2012 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle. It was obviously written in haste by somebody in deep mourning. It is not at all polished and in places ungrammatical, yet it is one of the most heartfelt and revealing obituaries I’ve ever read.
    (The photo accompanying the obit was of a formidably pretty Asian woman in her late 30s or early 40s, with high cheekbones, her black hair cut to medium length into a pompadour-like crest above her forehead and pulled back, like ebony wings, on the side. She looked very intelligent and very determined.)
    Blanca McGee
    “Died May 25, 2012 of cancer of the pancreas. She did not suffer she had ice cream at 3 that day and died that night at 1 am. Blanca had an unusual life born in the Philippines 1931 one of six sisters. Father a journalist in Manila was told by a Japanese colonel a Harvard graduate during the occupation in 1942 to leave Manila. So 6 girls had hair cuts and became boys. They traveled 500 miles into the mountains, farmed the land feed the American guerillas, and lived near the head hunters, she could ride bare back and shoot, in several encounters with males she never lost. She was the real superwoman. Her main talent was a gourmet cook and mother to everyone. Her husband Joe and 3 daughters, 7 grand children 4 great grandchildren will miss her and never eat well again.”
    RIP, Blanca McGee.