Google observes July 4th in its own special way

JoshuaPundit caught Google observing July 4th in its own special way.  I’m willing to attribute their decision to sheer ignorance.  Most of us learn the song they reference as a simple ode to America with a very catchy tune.  However, one would think that the Google guys could look it up.  Either they did, and liked what they saw, or they figured that, if ignorance is bliss, ’tis folly to be wise.

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  • Earl

    Product of government schools, I’m guessing.
    And this explanation fits either of your suppositions, too — just depends on whether the teachers were commies, or just incompetent.  Neither sort can be fired, so they tend to gather and drive out anyone of quality.
    Separation of education and state, baby…..we can change our country back!

  • pst314

    The people at Google are mostly leftists. Most of them would approve of those commie verses–and some probably grew up hearing them sung.

  • Libby

    Hard to give them the benefit of the doubt with their poor track record of special Google logos. You see this everywhere in the media now,such as Starz devoting a channel to only showing “Psycho” on Mother’s Day, Amazon making “Capitalism: A Love Story” as their instant video special on July 4th, Wash Post magazine cover story on sperm donors on Father’s Day (this was a few years ago). It’s like they can’t let a holiday be celebrated without cynicism or political statement. So tiring.