It’s not that I don’t love you; it’s just that it’s hard to sit upright at the moment

As I’ve mentioned here before, one of the legacies of my pregnancies is chronic (mostly) low-grade back pain that periodically decides to make itself known.  I’m in one of those painful cycles right now.  I’m certainly not in agony, but sitting upright for any extended period of time is painful.  More than that, even though the pain is fairly tolerable, I keep worrying that I’ll do something — some movement or lack of movement — that will instantly transmute tolerable pain into complete immobility.  I’m therefore constrained more by fear than by discomfort.

The net effect of this problem is that I’m able to sit at the computer only at brief intervals throughout the day.  This wouldn’t necessarily preclude reading and writing (in byte-size chunks, you might say), but for the fact that I’ve got the whole family at home.  I’m usually hauled away from my self-indulgence within mere minutes of sitting down.

After two days, I’m beginning to feel a bit more stable, so I’m getting more optimistic about computer time.  It won’t be until the end of August, though, that I’ll have the house back to myself for periods greater than ten or fifteen seconds.  I’m counting the days….  I think the dog is too.  While it’s lovely that the neighborhood kids congregate here, she feels that the safest place is huddled in the furthest corner under my desk.

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  • IndyGirl

    Hope your back gets better soon!

  • Old Buckeye

    Back injuries are tricky. You’re right to be cautious. I’d recommend lots of massage, warm soaks in the tub, and other soothing, self-indulgent therapy. I think you need a spa day! :)

  • jj

    If you’re really suffering a jones to be posting, check out the latest iteration of Dragon.  I first got it fifteen years ago, and have watched it become steadily better, to the point where it very nearly is as good as most would wish it to be.  Set it up on your computer, put on the headphone/microphone – and you can blog while lying on your back in the hot tub.  (Set it up wirelessly, and you can blog while riding the lawnmower.)  Good for the avoidance not only of sore backs, but also carpal tunnel.

  • David Foster

    Kevin Meyer on the wonderfulness of stand-up desks