Your government at work, hiding important information

No comment — this is just another irritating story:

The worst outbreak of tuberculosis in Florida in 20 years was kept  hidden from the public for months.

In early February, Duval County Health Department officials were so worried about the surge in the number of cases that they asked the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to become involved. The health officials felt that if they informed the public, the public would avoid the homeless. “What you don’t want is for anyone to have another reason why people should turn their backs on the homeless,” said Charles Griggs, the public information officer for the Duval County Health Department. The health agency recommended that the A.G. Holley State Hospital in Lantana, where tough TB cases were treated, be closed six months ahead of scheduled.

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I will say that, during my years in San Francisco, I always gave the homeless a wide berth, as I operated under two assumptions:  (1) they had lice; and (2) they had TB.  Nothing the government could hide would have changed my assumptions.

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  • DirtyJobsGuy

    I’ve noticed the ‘greening’ of Public Health over the years such that environmental issues take precedence over disease control.   Going along with that is the ‘multiculturalization’ factor.    Homeless (Bums) or immigrants (both legal and illegal) are not to be feared or shunned, so traditional public health practices are to be avoided.  This is a direct consequence of the AIDs avoidance of classic disease control practices to avoid stigmatizing homosexuals.
    We have had a rapid spread of West Nile Virus from ground zero in NYC.  At the time Mayor Guiliani responded rapidly and dosed NYC with insecticide, but in Connecticut green agitation about spraying for mosquitoes kept the response small and delayed.   I’m not sure this would have stopped the outbreak as it affects birds who can carry it a long way, but it would have given us a fighting chance to control it.   Malaria was controlled in the US by draining swamps well before DDT.  Now we want wetlands and refuse to admit there are drawbacks to otherwise good environmental actions.
    Since we don’t allow public health officials to really control contagious disease, they create trouble worrying about obesity and private gun ownership.

  • Cheesestick

    So the CDC doesn’t actually protect the public’s health any more?  They just protect the feelings of the homeless?