The difficulties for America in having a truly black president

Morgan Freeman, a man who lets his periodic acting roles as God and other authority figures go to his head, has now announced that it’s okay to castigate Barack Obama, because Obama isn’t really black.  Instead, he’s half white.

It seems cavalier at this junction to point out that Morgan Freeman’s pale coffee skin puts him in the same situation as Barack Obama:  Freeman obviously has white DNA floating around in there too.  Guess we can knock him off the list of “African-American actors.”  He’s a somewhat-white American actor.

The truth that no one the so-called black community, or in most of the white community, wants to acknowledge, is that American blacks aren’t black in that way that, say, African blacks are.  I’m not talking about culture, either.  I’m talking about genetic legacy.  You only have to look at American blacks to realize that, somewhere in the bloodline, there’s white DNA.  It’s a pathetic commentary on the systemic rapes black women experienced in America’s history, but it’s also a genetic fact.

If you want a “black-black” president, you have to get a first generation American kid, both of whose parents came from Africa — and who can prove that no white genes ever touched their family trees.  That’s easier to do in Africa than America.  But then you have to ask — how “authentically” black is that young person going to be in the house of those sort-of-black, somewhat-white Americans who populate the halls of the Democrat party?

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  • Earl

    You do realize you just kicked the yellow-jacket nest, right?

  • Danny Lemieux

    When some of my black, Liberal, fellow-parishioners started waxing euphoric over Obama during his first presidential election campaign, my question to them was …”yes, but what if he is a failure?”. Unfortunately, a lot of black (and white) people judged him by his skin color rather than by the content of his character. 

    There are many black people who are presidential material (Allen West, Colin Powell …even if I don’t agree with him on a lot of things), but Obama isn’t it.

    Hopefully, black voters will see beyond skin color this time. 

  • Kevin_B

    It’s not a good idea to just look at characteristics like skin color when voting for someone. Sadly, community loyalty or group thinking may bypass reason and investigation in many instances. Which seems to be true about the election of Hussein Obama. 
    Also, people who criticize Obama are still often placed in the racism camp. Nonsense. Hussein Obama is rightfully criticized because he is a bad president, doesn’t do any good for America, because he is an appeaser towards the islamic world and because he is way too friendly with dictators and terrorists. Not because he is black. I think most would say the same things if the president doing this was white.
    Lastly, I’m a little bit surprised about the amount of black and white mixing? Didn’t the USA have anti-miscegenation laws until well into the 20th century?

  • Danny Lemieux

    Kevin_B, there are a lot of mixed marriages in the U.S. now. It’s really no big deal. Interestingly, I suspect the military had a lot to do with it. Black, white and Hispanic  men and women got to meet each other in highly respectful environments and actually found the liked each other…a lot!

  • gpc31

    Danny:  You asked the right question to your fellow parishioners.  The freedom to fail is important.
    Frank Robinson, a great baseball man, was the first black to be hired as a major league manager — a nice milestone against racism.  He was also the first black manager to be fired, which in my opinion was an even greater strike against racism, because it meant that he was being judged by his performance, like everyone else.  Since managers are hired to be fired, this routine act deracinated the position and opened it up for everyone.

  • cerumendoc

    Having grown up in Chicago, I happen to know some of the geography.  Our half and half president could have easily explored his white half by joining the Willow Creek Church in the suburb of South Barrington, northwest of Chicago.  Only, I’m not aware that it’s pastor ever uttered the words G-D America.  

    Anyway I’m confused especially after having my mind addled by Zimmerman the white Hispanic who is part black who killed a thug that the half-breed Bam said would have looked like his own son if Michelle gave it a third try.